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  • Department ofArabic

    Faculty ofHumanities & Languages

    Jamia Millia IslamiaNew Delhi-110025

    B.A. (Hons. & Pass)

    SYLLABUS (w.e.f. 2008)


    Arabic in Jamia Millia Islamia has been one of the subjects which were introduced at theunder graduate level at the earliest stage. However, its teaching at post-graduate level stated in1976 as one of the three disciplines of the erstwhile Department of Islamic & Arab-IranianStudies. The Department of Arabic as an independent unit was established only in 1988. Atpresent the Department conducts different courses such as B.A. (Pass) and Honours, M.A. andPart - Time Evening Courses namely Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in ModemArabic, Besides, it also enrolls scholars for Ph.D. Course on variety of subjects relevant toArabic language and literature. Till date 30 scholars have been awarded Ph.D. Degree.

    One of the unique features of the courses designed for various levels of study is the specialthrust on the need to create considerable efficiency in writing and speaking in Arabic amongthe student. Translation/ Interpretation from English into Arabic and vice-versa is anotheraspect which is given special attention at various levels of teaching.


    Professors:Z.A. FarooqiAuthor of

    Recipient ofEditedPublished

    Recipient ofPublished


    R.I. FaynanAuthor ofS.M. Khalid Ali


    Fazil-e-Deoband, M.A. (Delhi), Ph.D. (Jamie).(I) Contribution of Darul Uloom Deaband to Arabic literature.

    Teach Yourself Arabic.Ek Ilmi wa Adabi Mutala'aArabi Shaeri ki Nal Awazen (co-author).Arabic Lessons for Beginners (Certificate Course for NCPUL)

    (6) Arabic Reader for Secondary School Students of National OpenSchooling, New Delhi (co-author).

    President's Certificate of Honour.Arabic Journal "Thaqafatul Hind" of ICCR for five years.Articles/translations on various topics.

    an NadwiMA., D.W.A.S., PhD. (Alig), M.A. TANA. (Khartoum).(/) A complete course in functional Arabic (4 volumes), sponsored

    by N.C.P.U.L., Ministry of H.R.D. (co-author in 4 volumes).Basic Arabic For Non-Arabic speakers. (co-author in 3 volumes)Arabic Reader for Secondary School Students of National Institute ofOpen Schooling, New Delhi. (co-author).

    President's Certificate of Honour.Articles on various topics related to Arabic language and literature as wellas Islamic culture.Journal of Arabic Literature; Dept. of Arabic, (2002).

    M.A. (Delhi)Essential Arabic: A Learner's Practical Guide.Alimiat, Fazilat (Jamiat-ul-Falah), M.A., Ph.D. (Jamie).(I )Arabic Language and literature: A Historical study.(2)A short review of India's contribution to the scienc+ of Hadith.Articles/Translations on various topics.

    Shafiq Ahmad Kh

    Author of

  • Farhana Siddiqui M.A. (Jamia, PGDTA., M Lit (CIEFL, liyd.) Ph.D. (Junta).Author (I ) Nazik al Malaika: Her Literal) and Poetic works.

    Contribution of Women To Arabic Literature.A complete course in Functional Arabic, sponsored byN.C.P.UL. Ministry of H.R.D. (co-author).Role of Women in the Development of Arabic language & literaturethrough the ages.Arabic Lessons for Beginners sponsored (aaa r14-al 74.9.r-11 ua.i...t ) byNCPUL (co-author).

    Published Articles/Translations on various topics.

    Mohammad Ayub Nadwi:M.A. (English) (Jamia), M.A. Arabic, M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi Univ.).


    (I) Arabic Journalism in IndiaAl-Mujtanta-u1.1slami.Mohammad El-Hasani: Life & Works.Modem Arabic Poets and Poetry.Naguib Mahfouz: A Novelist.Arabic Reader for Secondary School, N.1.O.S. (co-author).Basic Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers (co-author).


    Articles/Translations on various topics.

    Reader:Habibullah KhanAuthor of


    Recipient ofNasim Mum Mad


    LecturerFauzan AhmadPublished

    Fazil (Nadwa). M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Aligarh)(I) The Artistic Merits of Quranic Style(2) Arabic I twins for Beginners sponsored (045-174.11;.-ht."-110.J.t) by

    NCPUL (co-author).Articles/Translations on various topics.

    President's Badrayan Vyas SammanwiM.A., Phil., Ph.D. (J.N.U.).(I) 4th Volume of Functional Arabic, sponsored by N.C.P.U.L,

    Ministry of H.R.D. (co-author)(2) Basic Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers (2 Volumes) (co-author).Articles/Translations on various topics.

    M.A. (J.N.U.). Ph.D. (Lucknow).Arabic Translaiion in India After Independence.Teach Yourself Arabic.A complete course in Functional Arabic, sponsored by N.C.P.U.L,Ministry of H.R.D.ArabicLessonsforBeginnerssponsored (awl: n-WIALYB.r1) by NCPUL

    Articles/Translations on various topics.

    Alimiat (Jamia Salafia) M.A.. Ph.D. (Jamia).Articles on topics related to Arabic language & literature.


    Senior Lecturers:Abdul Majid QaziAuthor of



  • B. A. (Honours) Arabic

    There v4I1 be nine written papers of three hours' duration and one paper of Oral

    Expression with Viva-Voce according to the following scheme:

    1st Year Paper 1 : Grammar andTranslation 100 marks

    Find Year Paper II :GrammanTransiation 100 marks

    Paper III : Prose and Poetry 100 marks

    Mrd Year Paper IV :Translation 100 marks

    Paper V : History ofArabic Literature and

    Arab Culture and Civilization 100 maths

    Paper VI : ModernArabic Prose: Fiction and Drama 100 marks

    Paper VII : Contemporary & Modem Arabic Poetry100 marks

    Paper VIII : Rhetorics 100 marks

    Paper IX : Written Expression 100 marks

    Paper X : Oral Expression and Viva-Voce 100 marks

  • B.A. (Honours) Arabic


    Paper 1: Grammar and Translation

    A. Grammar: 40 Marks

    ' Unit 1: Nominal Sentences etc: 15 Marks

    01a41 ;.i .:)?1 .1

    et) ulsAi 4./11 e4 i frail .2. uy,.pJ sytll .3

    _Ala .4

    ;41-41 &La .5

    J.4.11 _, 11.141 .6

    (sia 4:6 JO .7J14 til ..)c.) .8

    titic.)er .9

    _frscal .10

    ki-71 e--11 .11) 441......0 .12

    4411 isktali sk,...1% .13

    .).4.4.-41 .14


  • Unit 2: Verbal Sentences etc: 15 Marks

    ait%Al Pr& Jai .1541/2"ai craI Jail .16

    J.3143 data!' .174-446.,) t_.?"31 LSO .18

    JAY Jai .19Jai .20

    LrisAll Jag .21Jai .22

    arell Jan .23

    astil .24

    Unit 3: Preposition & miscellaneous: 10 Marks

    ulyalh el/11,W Glyl .2Ja? kl4,43. "ii)--11 .3

    Jai e .4t .5

  • B. Translation: Simple sentences based on the above-mentionedgrammar and exercises. 60 Marks

    Unit 4: Arabic into English: 30 Marks

    Unit 5: English into Arabic: 30 Marks

    Books Recommended:

    csaa3 41-411 Ala (JiYI 0_341 ) cusp els...

    c ia )

    CSAI csa",i e.)-4 via Ais JAI uoia.,,i)

    usA _A 4 4,,is 4.04.11 WI .3

    yi .1..3-14% .4

    C a.fil C.1--s) (Jill ja)

    C./-0 .111-%.3 (alit cia)"lili Will .5

    CPO atAall Ws) 41.."11 it eJ3 L .6

  • A. Grammar:

    Unit 1:


    Unit 2: Paper II: Grammar and Translation

    B.A. (Honours) Arabic

    as-% 4 .L4 J1A14,% titsli:os &AP _r.i& .14

    dzual trIti (le al u.s_P-AD Jain .3

    k1.43 .rte .13

    PART- II


    14,15.1 3 t.sa:%.11 01-4j . 8il

    iyisal tali data rill .6


    cis (.3111 Jag .2

    cil5A1 .3 341 .11

    urn it t

    0,411 Y .9

    ri V1 .7


  • Unit 3: 15 Marks

    ..1521411 .16

    (1511sAl1 i9.1.411 .17.18

    32)1 ..19

    .14,0 .20

    salt .21.77

    allt...11 .1.1.3 .23.24

    B. Translation: Simple sentences based on the above-mentionedgrammar and exercises. 60 Marks

    Unit 4: AMbic into English: 30 Marks

    Unit 5: English into Arabic:

    30 Marks

    Books Recommended

    4,11 *Was,


    LA/5A -4,Fic

    01-4_311 4.1si


    (J,Sti 4.30 ) eka

    (412 .5 J,Y1 0341 )&Loa ("J-141)

    cil: alaiyii Zia(iPlc>31 ) -0,15i1;




  • B.A. (Honours) Arabic

    Part II

    Paper III: Prose and Poetry

    A. Prose 50 Marks

    Book Prescribed.The following lessons:


    (UP I 9.341)43-14 c.sia &wall : Lrul tai5s-:;41. 2 ("JAI

    Unit- 1:

    1.)o.) SF. Cilia .1

    et-P' AA Jr) an.. .2

    cra jails 45e. Aa Le:zi t:at. .3

    Unit - 2:

    Ball jyl ea co .1'ua 3114 laata .2

    JAA.111 4oz* Lt .3crile-gM c .4

    jail 4,11)&4 .5

  • .1





    50 Marks

    Unit 3:

    (.4zU"Al Cbul

    B. Poetry

    rook Prescribed:The following Poets:

    LILA Scsaa

    *LA )

    ekal Sal :tc,fra+a

    Unit 4:


    C'14 9 ejai 3.}..C. .1

    (`i 4 1:IE 12 larli C.J4 .2

    (4)c-44 7 teic. .3

    (5kai) 11 4_,;" cigi v ()La> .4

    (3LLC)tE 14 .5

    11.4 20 3 a _bill .6

    (3LAS)Cipi 10 a .7J.?1_111 el:11 .8


  • B.A. (Honours) Arabic


    Paper IV: Translation

    Marks 100

    A general introduction to the art of translation and use of selected

    oaterial from English and Arabic newspapers on a variety of

    subjects. It will be covered under five units as per details below:

    Unit-1: English-Arabic (Political) 25

    Unit-2: English-Arabic (Socio-Economic) 25

    Unit-3: Arabic-English (Political) 20

    Unit-4: Arabic-Eriglish (Socio-Economic) 20

    Unit-5: Scientific & Technical terminologies(English & Arabic) 10


  • Unit-1:Geography, history, society and culture of Arab.

    Unit-2:Pre-Islamic and Islamic Periods:

    Unit-3:Umayyad Period:

    Unit-4:Abbasid Period & Andalus (Muslim Spain).

    Paper V: History of Arabic Literature & Arab

    Pre-Islamic PoetryMuallaqat


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