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Small GROUP EScORtEd tOURS Summer 2011 austria ⊕ czech Republic ⊕ England ⊕ France ⊕ Hungary ⊕ Ireland ⊕ Italy ⊕ Scotland ⊕ Spain ⊕ Wales Valid until November 2011 SMAll grOuP TOurS 3 BACK-ROADS DIFFERENCE Hotel Cellai, FlorenceHotelCellai,Florence 5 Low Wood Hotel, Windermere Low Wood Hotel, Windermere Broomhall, Stirling



    Valid until November 2011

    Summer 2011austria czech Republic England France Hungary Ireland Italy Scotland Spain Wales

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    Our TOuriNg PhilOSOPhyWe believe travel is not just about seeing a new destination, it is about experiencing it. We believe famous landmarks are just the beginning of the itinerary, that meeting locals, exploring quintessential villages and simply relaxing in street-side cafes are equally important. We believe a traveller should be able to indulge in their own sense of adventure with a flexible tour that leaves time for personal interest stops, and that a traditional inn filled with the aroma of country cooking is far superior to a mainstream hotel. We believe you can learn more about a country in 15 minutes on the back roads than you can in two hours on the freeway!

    SMAll grOuP TOurSBack-Roads Touring Company is a UK based tour operator which has been running high quality small group tours in the UK and Europe for over 22 years. There are a plethora of travel options available in the UK and Europe, however, few tour companies offer the experience of travelling in small, intimate groups of no more than 16 passengers accompanied by a professional guide. A Back-Roads tour is a unique touring experience. We not only take you to well known historic cities, castles and popular sites but we are also able to access lesser known regions, taking you behind the tourist facade. A small group is a less intrusive way to travel and offers a more authentic cultural experience. We avoid the motorways wherever possible and prefer to travel through smaller villages and towns so that you may engage with the locals and experience their way of life. Our tours are regionally focused and designed to be more leisurely in pace with no long travel days or early dawn starts. There is always time for another glass of wine or unscheduled stop! We have included most entrance fees and lots of meals to offer great value for money. Whether you are travelling solo or with a partner or friend, we can assure you that once you have experienced a Back-Roads tour you, like so many of our guests, will want to travel with us again.





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  • Hotel Cellai, FlorenceHotel Cellai, Florence

    Low Wood Hotel, Windermere

    Low Wood Hotel, Windermere







    ACCOMMODATiONYou will notice a significant difference in the quality and individuality of our accommodation from those hotels utilised on a typical coach tour. The Back-Roads team have hand-picked a range of hotels which are more personable, smaller in size and yet possess a special charm, local style or unique history. A hotel is more than a bed at the end of the day, it is a home away from home where you should be made to feel welcome and comfortable. We have therefore chosen properties that are inviting and are of a superior standard ranging from traditional inns, country manor houses, family run guesthouses, hotels in period buildings and even a few castles! For this reason the rooms may vary in size, not all will have lifts and the bathrooms might be smaller than those you are used to at home. However, we can assure you that you will love their warm ambience and fantastic locations.

    ChArMiNg &DiSTiNCTivE

    Broomhall, Stirling

  • rElAXiNg iTiNErAriESUnlike large coach tours, Back-Roads Touring has specifically designed these itineraries with plenty of free time and flexibility. Each day varies, however, our touring day typically starts at 9am and we usually arrive back to our nightly accommodation early in the evening so there is time for you to relax before dinner. We also include free days on our longer itineraries so you have plenty of time to unwind, relax and really absorb your fantastic surroundings. We believe a tour should be a stress-free holiday so we take our time to explore the local regions we travel through.

    grEAT FOODOne of the best things about travelling to new destinations is having the opportunity to experience the local cuisine. As you travel with like-minded companions through some of the best gourmet destinations in Europe, there will be ample opportunity to taste the local specialities. We include a delicious breakfast daily and several dinners at the hotel or a locally recommended restaurant so you can enjoy the experience with your travelling companions. Try the paella in Spain, pasta in Italy and seafood in Cornwall we can guarantee our meals will whet your appetite and will be one the highlights of your tour.

    TrAvEl AWAy FrOM ThE TOuriST FAADE Travelling in a small mini-coach means that Back-Roads is able to access pretty country villages and medieval city centres the large coach groups just cannot access. We can typically go anywhere a car can so you will be transported to

    areas away from the usual tourist masses and discover the real country. We endeavour to avoid motorways wherever possible and travel down smaller country lanes and along the scenic route. If you fancy a diversion from the mainstream then let us take you away from the tourist faade!

    PErSONAl EXPEriENCESA Back-Roads tour is a truly unique way to experience Europe. Travelling in a small group and getting behind the tourist faade is only the beginning of your experience. We will not treat you like just another number and will take the time to get to know your interests so the occasional detour or change in itinerary is possible to add that certain wow factor to your holiday. Visit the local farmers market, stop in at a traditional inn for lunch, take the scenic route or meet a local character or two! All this is possible on a Back-Roads Tour. Our itineraries offer a degree of flexibility and our guides the personal touch. Is there any other way to travel?

    SAFE & SECurE TOuriNgIt is important to know that you are travelling with a reputable touring company and that you will be taken care of whilst on tour. Back-Roads is a British company that has been operating in Europe for over 20 years. During this time we have maintained an impeccable record for customer safety. All our vehicles meet the strictest EU regulations and all driver/guides pass the relevant EU driving examinations and go through training with Back-Roads before they lead a tour. Once you book a tour with Back-Roads you can feel safe and secure knowing that you are travelling with a company that takes your health and safety very seriously and maintains an excellent reputation within the industry.





    BACk-rOADS TOur guArANTEEOnce we have accepted your booking, we are committed to operating the tour as long as there are a minimum of four passengers. You have invested your dreams in us and we want to make them a reality. If, on the rare occasion, we are forced to cancel a tour, we will advise you at least six weeks prior to departure and offer a suitable alternative at no additional cost or a full refund.

    Low Wood Hotel, Windermere

    Andalusian Scenery Honfleur

    The Cotswolds

  • Your guide will often make the difference between a great tour and a fantastic experience. Back-Roads Touring works with guides who have an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for our style of travel and possess expert knowledge of the local regions to ensure you will unearth local gems that would otherwise be missed. A Back-Roads guide will organise every aspect of your tour and ensure you enjoy a fulfilling and stress free experience. They hail from a wide variety of backgrounds botanists, policemen, geologists, ex-military personnel, business owners and are your expert travel companion, philosopher, driver and friend.

    Tour Discounts

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    Travelled wiTh Back-roads Touring Before?If you have enjoyed the Back-Roads style of travel, we would like to welcome you back with the following tour discount: 5% off the brochured price of your next Back-Roads tour.*

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    before 15 December 2010*SAVE 7%

    *Conditions: Discounts apply to the basic tour price. Discounts cannot be combined with each other or other special offers. Tours must be booked and paid for in full by the deadline listed for discount to apply. For 'Multiple tour discount,' tours must be booked at the same time for travel during the same season and the 5% discount will be deducted from the price of the cheapest tour (maximum one discount per booking). For Past Passenger Discount, passengers must show proof of having toured with Back-Roads Touring on a previous occasion for the discount to apply.







    Guide: Derek SmithGuide: Gian Paulo

    Guide: Gian Paulo dellOrto Italian Specialist

    Guide: Mark Banning Battlefields expert

    Our guiDES... yOur EXPErT TrAvElliNg COMPANiONS

    Guide: John Adams UK & France specialist

    Guide: David Brookman UK specialist

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