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SKETCHING WEB DESIGN PLANBACK TO BASIC:Sketching in Web Designing?More and more agencies and startups are going back to the most basic way of designing, because apparently using the paper and pen has shown advantages.Why not!Sketching gives you the flexibility to finesse and generate iterative, evolutionary designs without blowing the budget on fully realized spec work and digital comps.Its portable, approachable, creative and time-tested. nothing simpler than paper and pencil or pen.Most clients will likely be comfortable suggesting changes when presented with a sketch. digital drawings looked done already, thus, they may hesitate to suggest alteration.Use opportunities like UX testing, UI elements or trying typography ideas to practice this basic skill. You might even appreciate it more when you find clients being impressed with how to you can easily put ideas into sketches right at the moment that those ideas are being relayed to you.Sketching your DesignGet the vital contents for the page youll be designing.Draw out possible ideas for each of the contents. Collaborate with your colleague to improve ideas and designs.You can alwaysDRAW AGAINInstantly!eraseso be equipped with Pens Portable whiteboard Big sketchbook flipchartTHANK YOU!For more web design ideas, visit us at


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