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Want to go backpacki ng? There is no better

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Now is time to backpack to africa. And there is only one thing you should do before you backpacked. Pick up this book and read it. Backpacking Africa for Beginners is a book by a girl who backpacked Africa alone.


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Want to go backpackin

g?There is no better place than Africa!

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“I spent 7 months backpacking Africa by myself using only public transportation, and LOVED it! I found African countries to be full of raw adventure, beauty, & rare experiences.

And they’re not too hard or dangerous to travel!

All you need is some personal, practical, and helpful information from someone who has done it before.

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The E-book Will Help You: • Stay out of dangerous areas,

• Avoid Malaria & other diseases in Africa,

• Cross borders easily & take public buses in any country,

• Get the right vaccines & medicine,

• Save money (and even make money) while traveling,

• Pack the RIGHT Africa backpacking gear,

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: My ReasonsChapter 2: Your Reasons Chapter 3: Their Reasons

(and how to face the critics)

Section 1: Deciding to Go

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Table of Contents Continued…

Chapter 4: The Elevator SpeechChapter 5: 5 Things You NEED to Know about AfricaChapter 6: What is Backpacking Africa Like?Chapter 7: Overview of My Trip

Section 2: All About Africa

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Table of Contents Continued…

Chapter 8: Vaccines, Drugs, & Staying Healthy Chapter 9: Passport & VisasChapter 10: Get that Money: Accessing Your FundsChapter 11: Staying in Touch Chapter 12: What to PackChapter 13: Who? What? Where? When?Chapter 14: Gaining the Courage

Section 3: Before Your Trip

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Table of Contents Continued…

Chapter 15: Backpacking MindsetChapter 16: What to Eat & Food Safety Chapter 17: Transportation & Immigration Chapter 18: How to Stay SafeChapter 19: Cultural Rules Chapter 20: How Much Does it Cost?Chapter 21: Travel Blunders Chapter 22: Everything Else

Section 4: During Your Trip

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Table of Contents Continued…

Chapter 23: Returning Home

The hardest part about traveling Africa is coming home. You’ll find yourself

homesick for a continent you only just traveled.

Section 5: After Your Trip

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Table of Contents Continued…

• Guide to Female Travel • Guide to Volunteering or

Working Abroad• What Other Backpackers Say• FAQ• Recommended Resources• Packing List

Section 6: Bonus Material

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Need More Help? Get the Book + 4 More Guides

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25 Page Guide on everything you need to know to

climb Africa’s tallest mountain.

5 Sample Itineraries

Not sure where to go?

Here are my top 5 recommended

backpacking routes


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Traveling Ethiopia

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(where I live) + my local phone # in case you need help while you’re


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The best backpacking gear that keeps you safe from pick-pocketing & thieves!!

Book includes: 15% off Coupon for My favorite Travel Gear ...Only with complete edition!

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What are Readers saying?“I was reading your book until late last night, and I have to say that I really love your writing. You’ve convinced me beyond doubt that I definitely want to go!” –Embla V. (USA)

“Your book is an outstanding read! One of the few I’ve ever read cover to cover.” –Robert B. (USA) “Your book was the best way for me to stop worrying like crazy about traveling solo to Africa.”-Valerie D. (France)

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Thanks for reading! Interested in learning more about backpacking Africa?