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DESCRIPTION Backyard Weddings. Whether it is your own home or a yard where one of you grew up playing, a backyard makes a perfect location for a very unique I do. I would highly recommend hiring a wedding planner so you can walk down the aisle stress-free. However, if you really want to do it all yourself, remember to delegate and always have backup options. Here are three things that are very specific to a backyard wedding that you will need to add to the big list of wedding planning to-dos - 1. Landscaping - Plant your trees and plants so they are in full bloom on your wedding day 2. Back-up Power Supply Rent a generator and also hire a service professional who knows to work it. 3. Permits Get permits from city and fire departments well in advance. Below are some beautiful backyard wedding images to inspire you.


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  • PHOTO CREDITS Isabelle Selby Photography Chelsey Boatwright Photography Desi Baytan Photography Josselyn Peterson Photography Christopher Luk Photography Gaby J Photography Lauren Fair Photography Gia Canali Photography Anna Jaye Photography Soli Photography Josh Gruetzmacher Photography Hazelwood Photography
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