badges: game, reward, professional digital credentials?

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Badges: game, reward, professional digital e-credentials?Mara J. Garca San MartnMoodle MOOC 5: Teaching with Technology and Moodle Training CoursesOctober 4 2014


Badges: Get recognition for skills you learn anywhere.

Quoted from

And what about awarding recognition?3

Badges: rewarding gamification4

5Inside Moodle: step by stepStep 1. Plan a brief learning mission, announce it with a label:

Step 2. Provide clear instructions, allow a few days for students to craft the mission. Disseminate with a Twitter hashtag. Foster sharing and interaction, e. g. a forum:

6Inside Moodle: step by step

7Inside Moodle: step by stepStep 3. Set up forum to meet needs: ratings, access, activity completion.

Step 4. Edit a hidden label withcompletion conditions.

8Inside Moodle: step by stepStep 5. Award the rewarding badge to the successful crafters.

Fun, motivating, supportive, informal!

Badges: professional e-credentials9

Your badges talk for you!They verify competencies, levels,achievements, where you learn and teach.

Badges: professional e-credentials10Your badges prove gained skills!They empower connected trainers and learners.

Badges are evidence ofdigital identities.

Badges: professional e-credentials11Earned and issued for lifelong learning, open teacher training, MOOCs, blended education ...

Unlock school!

Connect Moodle to Open Badges12If a manager

Describe the badge in detail: achievements and competencies gained by those the badge is awarded to!

Connect Moodle to Open Badges13If a manager Design the badge image: include issuer, name of learning context. Use your imagination!

Open Badge Designer:

Build a learning community with badges:

Badges for missions and classes:

Give credit with badges:

Award badges to students:

Connect Moodle to Open Badges14If a manager Decide on the criteria for the badge to be issued.

Spread the word &Customise your message.

Connect Moodle to Open Badges15If a student Connect your Moodle Profile to Mozilla OpenBadges Backpack.

Connect Moodle to Open Badges16If a student Set up your Backpack.

Connect Moodle to Open Badges17If a student Proudly show them on your Moodle profile page.

Your Backpack18

Organise your Backpack! Create collections and share them with the world!

Your Backpack19

Your Backpack is Your e-Portfolio20

Thank you for your attention!Mara J. Garca San MartnStop and Learn English


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