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Panel presentation at BbWorld14. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


<ul><li> 1. #BbWorld14Badges: New Currency forHigh-Value CredentialsAnne Derryberry (Sage Road Solutions),Carla Casilli (Badge Alliance), BernardBull (Concordia U.), Veronica Diaz(EDUCAUSE), Megan Raymond (WCET)</li></ul> <p> 2. #BbWorld14Introduction to BadgesCarla Casilli, Badge Alliance2 3. #BbWorld14 4. Open Badges act asrepresentationsof achievements, learning, skills,interests, competencies, etc.#BbWorld14 5. They map learning pathwaysconnectingformal &amp; informal learning#BbWorld14 6. Earned across a lifetime,open badges become apersonal portfolioof what you know and can do 7. #BbWorld14The core tenets of openbadges:interoperable, flexible, digital,granular, transferable,connected 8. #BbWorld14Made possible through ashared infrastructure:a universal metadatastandard 9. #BbWorld14Badge metadata spec+ Issuer API 10. #BbWorld14badge imagebadge namebadge URL (description)badge criteriaissuerissue daterecipientalignment (standards)expiration dateevidence URL 11. #BbWorld14A network of organizationsand individualsbuilding and enhancing anopen badges ecosystem 12. #BbWorld14Leveraging theconstellation modelfor social change 13. Uniting multiple groups andsectors intoworking groups#BbWorld14 14. #BbWorld14open badges standardendorsementworkforcehigher edmessagingglobalizationpolicydigital / web literacyresearchcitieseducator badges 15. #BbWorld14Join us! 16. #BbWorld14What Do Badges Offer Higher Ed?Bernard Bull, Concordia University16 17. #BbWorld14M.S. in EducationalDesign &amp; TechnologyDr. Bernard 18. #BbWorld14EDT 970 - 3 CreditsEDT 889 - 3 CreditsEDT 908 - 3 CreditsEDT 892 - 3 CreditsEDT 893 - 3 CreditsEDT 890 - 3 CreditsEDT 885 - 3 CreditsElective - 3 CreditsElective - 3 CreditsElective - 3 CreditsElective - 3 CreditsPort 1 - 0 CreditsPort 2 - 0 CreditsPort 3 - 0 Credits=M.S. in EducationalDesign &amp; Technology 19. #BbWorld14EDT 889 - 3 CreditsLearning ObjectivesUnits of InstructionRequired Learning ActivitesAssessments 20. #BbWorld14EDT 889 - 3 CreditsFlippedClassroomStrategies forInteractiveLectureLearningExperienceDesignEssentialsDigitalStorytellingGamification &amp;Game-based LearningProject-basedLearningDigitalDiscussion-basedLearningInquiry-basedLearning 21. #BbWorld14Competency introductionand instructionsBadge HostPractice exercises to helpreach the competencyAccess to content andresources about PBLOpportunities to connectand collaborate on PBLWorked examples of PBLCriteria for earning thebadge 22. #BbWorld14=M.S. in EducationalDesign &amp; Technology 23. #BbWorld14=M.S. in EducationalDesign &amp; Technology=M.S. in Teaching &amp;LearningGraduateCertificatein AssessmentStrategies 24. #BbWorld145 Badge Design Tips Beware of badges as biscuits. Create great criteria. Make the badges mean something. Make the badges mean something beyond yourclassroom/school. Value OBI.24 25. #BbWorld14The Open Badges EcosystemAnne Derryberry, Sage Road Solutions25 26. No badge is an island.Open badges existwithin a complex#BbWorld14ecosystem. 27. badges.coursesites.com27 #BbWorld14 28. #BbWorld14 29. #BbWorld14 30. #BbWorld14 31. #BbWorld14 32. #BbWorld14 33. #BbWorld14 34. #BbWorld14 35. #BbWorld14 36. #BbWorld14 37. Anne #BbWorld14 38. #BbWorld14The EDUCAUSE Badging InitiativeVeronica Diaz, EDUCAUSE38 39. #BbWorld14 40. #BbWorld14BADGING AND THEPROFESSIONAL 41. #BbWorld14PD and Badging Signaling and tracking engagement Wayfinding and career pathing The personal brand (developing and showcasing new areas ofcompetence) Leadership signals 42. #BbWorld14EDUCAUSE BADGECONSTELLATION 43. #BbWorld14Community Service 44. #BbWorld14Leadership Awards and Development 45. #BbWorld14Communication 46. #BbWorld14Subject Matter Expert 47. #BbWorld14Mastery 48. #BbWorld14 49. #BbWorld14 50. #BbWorld14 51. #BbWorld14 52. EDUCAUSE BADGING INITIATIVE#BbWorld14 53. Veronica Diaz, PhDAssociate Director, EDUCAUSE Learning InitiativeDirector, EDUCAUSE Online ProgramsEDUCAUSE#BbWorld14@drvdiazvdiaz@educause.edu 54. #BbWorld14Badges as Alternate CredentialsMegan Raymond, WCET54 55. WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) Founded in 1989 for WICHE states. Now 332 members nationally, all sectors of higher ed,nonprofits, corporations. Members include technology innovators from U.S. andCanada.#BbWorld14 56. #BbWorld14 57. #BbWorld14What exactly is competency-based education?Educause: Competency-based education (CBE) allows studentsto advance based on their ability to master a skill orcompetency at their own pace regardless of environment. Thismethod is tailored to meet different learning abilities and canlead to more efficient student outcomes. 58. #BbWorld14CBE Cont Increases access. Increases completion. Flexible. Meet Presidents 2020 Goal America would once again havethe highest proportion of college graduates in the world. Prior Learning Assessment - enables learners to gaincredentials for work/military experience. 59. #BbWorld14Why Badges for CBE? Badges represent knowledge/skill attainment that employers are looking for. Verify that a competency has been achieved. Badges are an increasingly accepted form of credential. Badges rely on competency frameworks and use industry standards. Valid assessment strategies Portable - the student can bring their badges to different institutions andemployers. Valuable to the student, inst., and employer because the metadata shows whatlevel of competency has been achieved. Demonstrate competencies and substantiate with evidence. Empowers learners. 60. #BbWorld14Accreditors Views Pat OBrien, NEASC Is credit involved? Accreditation is concerned with credit-bearingexperiences, link to financial aid. Quality - Is the ed. experience for what is being earned of high quality?How do you know? Who awards the badges/accepts prior learning credit that a studentbrings in in the form of a badge? Oversight and faculty participation arefundamental in assessing the quality of the educational experience. 61. #BbWorld14Accreditors views cont. What about the student who brings badges to my institution? Most accreditation agencies leave to the institution the number ofcredits that can be transferred in that are credit for experimentation ornon-collegiate sponsored learning. Student must demonstrate academic content is tied to the experience. Transparency- students need to know clearly what will happen to thebadges, i.e. credit acceptance, credit limits. 62. #BbWorld14Megan RaymondManager, Events and 63. #BbWorld14Comments and Questions63 64. #BbWorld14Thank you!64 Please provide feedback for thissession:1) Select Schedule icon inBbWorld14 Mobile App2) Find Badges: New Currencyfor High Value Credentials3) Click Tap here to take a survey. </p>