Badging Questions - Tuscaloosa Area Black Chamber of NEBR Fill...Badging Questions How long do badges ... requires current Classified Visit Authorization Letter ... please use BPI-4606 to conduct an export evaluation to

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<ul><li><p>Badging Questions </p><p> How long do badges sit in your inbox before they get submitted in for </p><p>processing? Badges are printed in the order they are received to the badge </p><p>office so allow 5 days for processing. </p><p> How long before an application will be deactivated while they are in </p><p>processing? An application will not be deactivated as long as it is in the </p><p>processing stage in the system. </p><p> Once approved how long will the badge office keep them before they will be </p><p>deactivated? New secure badges will expire in 6 month if not picked up once </p><p>approved. </p><p> How long do they have after a badge has been renewed to pick it up before it </p><p>will be deactivated? Badges that have been renewed will expire in 30 days if </p><p>not picked up. </p><p> If someone was not renewed, how long do they have before they have to re-</p><p>apply for a new badge? If the badge is not renewed, they will need to resubmit </p><p>an application immediately. </p><p> If someone has been denied how long do they have to wait before they can </p><p>resubmit a new application for processing? Applicants can reapply after 18 </p><p>months from the actual denial date. </p><p> Prior to expiration of a badge, when can a renewal of a badge be submitted? It </p><p>is recommended that a month prior to the badge expiring that an email be </p><p>sent to Danniell/KBR badging personnel. </p></li><li><p>Visitor Badges </p><p>A visitor badge is for a 3 day period that is meant just for that, a visit </p><p>to the site. When applying for a visitor badge they need to be </p><p>submitted 24 hour in advance, we understand there are certain </p><p>circumstances that may give you less time but for the most part they </p><p>need to be sent in 24 hours in advance. When a visitor badge is </p><p>submitted you need to make sure you have an escort listed, it is not </p><p>on KBR to find one for you. </p><p>Temp Badges </p><p>At this time, KBR processing will not be accepting any applications </p><p>for temporary badges without prior approval and review. If a </p><p>circumstance arises where a temp badge may be needed, please </p><p>submit a written request for what work will be performed and after </p><p>review a decision will be made. </p></li><li><p>Badging Process </p><p> Make sure you ALWAYS copy Missy and myself. (This will make sure if I am out badges </p><p>will always be submitted.) </p><p> </p><p> Use the form that is sent to you in your welcome email. (There are things already filled in </p><p>and it will save a few steps.) </p><p> ALL APPLICATION MUST BE TYPED OUT. </p><p> Everything that is highlighted on the example must be filled out before being submitted. </p><p> If the applicant does not have a middle name, have them put N/A. </p><p> If the applicant does not have a contact phone number, have them put the companys </p><p>phone number. (All applications have to have a contact number of security cannot process </p><p>the application.) </p><p> NO P.O Box addresses are accepted. </p><p> NO electronic signatures are accepted. (All application must be hand signed or security will </p><p>not submit the application for processing.) </p><p> Make sure the applicant lists all convictions, no matter how minor they think it is. If there </p><p>is anything found on an applicants background that has not been disclosed they will </p><p>automatically be denied. </p><p> Take the time to look over each application and make sure everything is filled out before </p><p>sending it. (Everyone is on a schedule and this takes away from the processing time when </p><p>we have to send anything back.) </p><p> Make sure when you scan them in they are clear and there are no smudges. </p><p> Badging is now mandating, if you have more than one application that you are submitting at </p><p>a time, to please send them all on one PDF. (You can get about 4 applications to an email.) </p><p> If you have more than one applicant on an email, all names need to be listed in the body of </p><p>the email. (This will also give you the chance to make sure all applications you intended to </p><p>be submitted are attached.) </p><p> When you get an approval, make sure the applicant knows he/she needs to bring one of </p><p>the following: </p><p> Driver License/Residents Card and an Original or certified copy of U.S. </p><p>birth certificate or </p><p> Current Passport </p><p>(The badging office will not accept any other form of identification) </p><p> If anyone has been denied and they believe they should have been approved, the applicant </p><p>needs to call the number at the bottom of their denial letter. Please make sure you give </p><p>them the information. </p><p></p></li><li><p>BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management Company</p><p>Start Date: (mm/dd/yyyy) Exp. Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)</p><p>Non-Employee SecureBadge New Request 2. Renewal</p><p>Not to exceed length of contract or Classified Visit Request Maximum - 3 years for U.S. Persons Maximum - 1 year for Non-U.S. Persons</p><p>New Request Renewal</p><p>Start Date: (mm/dd/yyyy) Exp. Date: (mm/dd/yyyy) Not to exceed 30 daysCheck with local badge office for site requirements</p><p>Non-Employee Temporary Badge</p><p>Full Legal NameLast First Full Middle</p><p>BEMSID - required for SecureBadge only 4. BEST Code - if applicableYes</p><p>Smart Chip Required?</p><p>No</p><p>Sponsor Page</p><p>6. EMPLOYER - full company name </p><p>Company Represented - if different from employer</p><p> 7. Country of Incorporation</p><p>State</p><p>Country of Incorporation</p><p>Zip Code</p><p>1.</p><p>3.</p><p>RELATIONSHIP (check one only)</p><p>Supplier Construction Government Customer Airlines Purchased Services</p><p>Service Visitor Other:</p><p>Individual Consultant - Agreement #: Exp. Date (mm/dd/yyyy):</p><p>DOD Clearance Indicator - requires current Classified Visit Authorization Letter (See instructions page for exemptions)</p><p>Government Confidential Secret Top Secret NATO Indicator Yes No</p><p>Escort Privileges Required YesNo - requires justification letter</p><p>ACCESS TO EXPORT CONTROLLED DATA -A badge grants access to Boeing facilities per Boeing internal policies. It does not grant access to exportcontrolled technology. If the Boeing badge sponsor has any questions regarding a non-US Person non-Employee requiring access to technology ortechnical data, please use BPI-4606 to conduct an export evaluation to confirm if a license is or is not required </p><p>CURRENT Technology Control Plan (TCP) ON FILE Yes No - applies to Non-U.S. Persons only </p><p>PRIMARY WORK LOCATION - required for *both U.S. and **Non-U.S. Persons</p><p>*State: *City: **Bldg: **Floor: **Column/Bay/Room:</p><p>Additional facilities to which access is requested, if applicable. Please list specific sites below. Security concurrence required when requesting SecureBadge for Non-U.S. Persons at restricted facilities.</p><p>Boeing Sites:</p><p>DAYS AND HOURS REQUESTED </p><p>Mon - Fri Sat Sun Holidays Other:</p><p>MANAGER SPONSOR RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENTAs the authorizing manager sponsor requesting a Non-Employee badge and BEMSID (assigned through the Non-Boeing Administration Registry-- N-BAR), I agree to inform the Non-Employee of company rules and regulations for which access has been granted. Boeing reserves the right to deny or rescind a badge at any time. Loss or misuse of the Boeing Non-Employee badge will be immediately reported to Security. I will obtain Security concurrence when requesting a badge for Non-U.S. Persons at restricted facilities.</p><p>Signature of Sponsor or delegated signature authority: Date:</p><p>BEMSID Manager Sponsor Printed Name</p><p> Contact Printed Name - if different from Sponsor</p><p>BEMSID</p><p>Hours:</p><p>AM PM</p><p>9.</p><p>11.</p><p>8.</p><p>10.</p><p>12.</p><p>13.</p><p>NON-EMPLOYEE BADGE REQUEST</p><p>Page 3 of 7</p><p>5. </p><p>Phone</p><p>Phone</p><p>Street City</p><p>F70158 REV (13 SEP 2011) </p><p>Badge Requests must be received in the Badge Office five days prior to the start of the assignment.Non-Employee must report to Badge Office within 6 months or the request will be canceled and new paperwork required.</p><p>Approval determined by local security management. Escort training Required per PRO-2777.</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p></li><li><p>BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management Company</p><p>Non-Employee PageNon-Employee: This form must be filled out completely by you - do not leave any area blank. Please print legibly in black ink</p><p>Have you been a direct employee of The Boeing Company within the past 12 months? Yes No</p><p>Have you ever had a photo badge issued to you by The Boeing Company? </p><p>Have you ever had computing accounts with The Boeing Company? </p><p>Yes No</p><p>Yes No</p><p>If Yes, enter BEMSID: </p><p>Full Legal NameLast First Full Middle</p><p>Fully list any other names used (first and last), including nicknames, name changes or assumed names.</p><p>Preferred Name for Badge DATE OF BIRTH (mm/dd/yyyy)</p><p>Street</p><p>HOME ADDRESS - P.O. Boxes are not acceptable</p><p>City State Country Zip Code</p><p>Contact Phone Alternate Contact Phone Email Address</p><p>EMPLOYER - full company name COMPANY REPRESENTED - if other than employer </p><p>CITIZENSHIP - Verification and original proof of export status citizenship documentation required at time of initial badging. Contact your sponsor if you have any questions.</p><p>Country of citizenship Select One</p><p>U.S. Citizen Permanent Resident </p><p>Non-U.S. Person</p><p>Representing a Non-U.S. Entity?</p><p>NoYes</p><p>ATTACHMENTS Required unless prior exemption granted</p><p>Is your Non-Employee Criminal Information Disclosure form attached? (F70132) NoYes</p><p>Is your Non-Employee Disclosure and Authorization Regarding Use of Consumer Reports form attached? (F70240) NoYes</p><p>CERTIFICATION STATEMENT</p><p>I hereby certify all the statements and answers set forth above are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.</p><p>Non-Employee Signature: Date:</p><p>Security Use Only</p><p> Cleared Y/N Initials Date</p><p>Authorized by SBS(if applicable)</p><p>BSO Submitted</p><p>Order #:</p><p>Data Entry Completed</p><p>Classified Visit Authorization Letter NoYes</p><p>Clearance Level:</p><p>Expiration Date: </p><p>Other Security Approvals</p><p>Printed Name: </p><p>Signature: </p><p>Date: Notes:</p><p>14.</p><p>15.</p><p>16.</p><p>Enhanced Controls: Contains Sensitive Personal Information When Completed </p><p>Online Renewal Authorization</p><p>NON-EMPLOYEE BADGE REQUEST</p><p>Page 4 of 7</p><p>Please print legibly in black ink</p><p>I agree that while on Boeing property and/or acting on behalf of The Boeing Company I will comply with Boeing policies and procedures and also agree that I will not divulge or otherwise share Boeing information unless I am authorized to do so. </p><p>F70158 REV (13 SEP 2011)</p><p>kbb0635Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p></li><li><p>BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management Company</p><p>Note: If you fail to disclose criminal information or pending charges, your will be denied access to Boeing property. Disclosure of criminal information will not necessarily result in denied access to Boeing property.</p><p>Full Legal NameLast First Full Middle</p><p>Fully list any other names used (first and last), including nicknames, name changes or assumed names.</p><p>Please read the following questions carefully before answering. Failure to answer the questions truthfully and accurately will result in failing the background screening. (Note: California applicants may qualify for certain disclosure exemptions as described in the California Non-Employee Disclosure of Criminal Information form).</p><p>1. Under your current name or any other name, have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic </p><p>List both misdemeanors and felonies.</p><p>Some examples of crimes that need to be disclosed include: Driving under the influence, minor in possession, evading lawenforcement and disorderly conduct.</p><p>"Convicted" means you were declared guilty by a judge or jury or you entered a guilty plea in a court of law, whether criminal, civil or military.</p><p>You do not need to disclose criminal cases that have been vacated, sealed, dismissed or expunged. If legally permissible, the nature of the crime may still be held against you.</p><p>Yes No</p><p>2. Have you been charged with a crime and been ordered by a court to participate in a diversion program, such as</p><p>Yes No</p><p>Yes No</p><p>If you answered YES to the above questions, please fill out the information below for each criminal case.</p><p>LIST ALL CONVICTIONS, CURRENT CHARGES, AND OUTSTANDING WARRANTS</p><p>Date of Incident</p><p>Example: 11/2009</p><p>City and State</p><p>Biloxi, MS</p><p>Name of Charge </p><p>DUI</p><p>Offense Type</p><p>Misdemeanor</p><p>I hereby certify all the statements and answers set forth above are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.</p><p>Signature: Date: </p><p>Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)</p><p>Enhanced Controls: Contains Sensitive Personal Information When Completed </p><p>infraction or moving violation? (Before answering this question, read explanations below)</p><p>deferred prosecution, stipulated order of continuance, alternative adjudication or suspended sentence? </p><p>3. Do you have any arrest warrants or criminal charges pending (this includes pending trials, sentencing and dispositions)? </p><p>Name Used</p><p>John L. Doe</p><p>NON-EMPLOYEE CRIMINAL INFORMATION DISCLOSURE</p><p>F70132 REV (13 SEP 2011)</p><p>Page 6 of 7</p><p>kbb0635Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p><p>kaf9915Highlight</p></li><li><p>BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management CompanyF70240 REV (13 SEP 2011)</p><p>NON-EMPLOYEE DISCLOSURE AND AUTHORIZATION REGARDING USE OF CONSUMER REPORTS</p><p>Disclosure Regarding Use of Background Screening Reports </p><p>I understand that The Boeing Company ("Boeing") may obtain a background screening report (otherwise known as a consumer report or investigative consumer report) comprised of public records regarding me for purposes of access to Boeing property and/or access to Boeing computing networks (hereinafter included in "Boeing property"). A background screening report is a communication by a consumer reporting agency that bears on a consumer's character and general reputation, and may include, but is not limited to, criminal background information. For purposes of this background screening report, a credit check or credit report will not be included.</p><p>Furthermore, I understand that during my authorized access to Boeing property, Boeing may obtain additional background screening reports for continued access. </p><p>CA, MN, OK only: If you reside in, or are seeking an access credential in one of these states, and would like to receive a copy of any background screening report concerning you, as received by Boeing, please check the box. All other U.S. States: If you want to receive a copy of any background screening report concerning you, as received by Boeing, please send request to: </p><p> </p><p>Authorization for Release of Information</p><p>I authorize Boeing to procure a background screening report from Verifications, Inc. and I authorize Verifications, Inc., and its agents, to retrieve necessary information and prepare such background screening report. I understand and a...</p></li></ul>