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A history of Balanced Team presented at the Balanced Team LA Salon February 12, 2013 @ Kluge


1 LosAngelesSalon ickr: markusnl/5558708984 2 Balanced Team is a global movement made up of people who value mul--disciplinary collabora-on and itera-ve delivery focused on customer value as a source for innova-on. We're a self-organizing group that learns from each other as we explore processes and methodologies to create great things. We welcome people who wear many hats (design, development, tes?ng, product management, marke?ng and sales, to name a few). 3 Where did Balanced Team come from? 4 Aug 2009, Chicago Agile Evolu+on at @ Agile 2009 5 2008 6 7 Lets have a summit! 8 Jan 2010, San Francisco Agile / UX Retreat @ Cooper 9 10 Visual thinking 11 Fishbowls 12 13 ...there was a strong feeling among us that we are moving toward (or have already entered) a Post-Agile Paradigm, meaning that what we really are talking about here is not the Agile your grandparents knew and loved, er, I mean the Agile which the original signatories (of which one of them, Ward, was aVending) arWculated in 2001. Remember, Agile in its original form is largely silent about UX. Our conversaWon was about a paradigm in which the voice of UX plays an equal role in the project chorus. Anders Ramsay h-p:// 14 No more US and THEM thinking 15 Agile UX Retreat in London Two day workshop... Anders and Johanna hosted Agile UX event in Boca Raton Evening event at Agile 10... Desiree hosted 16 Jul 2010, Grand Rapids Agile / UX Retreat @ Atomic Object 17 Community 18 Visual thinking 19 Break-outs 20 21 ...the idea that what we were really discussing was a post-industrial approach to collabora+ve, interdisciplinary, crea+ve team work was given serious debate. Carl Erickson h-p:// 22 We need a name! 23 We need a blog! 24 Dec 2010, New York Agile /UX Retreat @ Pivotal Labs 25 Community 26 Lightning talks 27 28 We need a conference! 29 Feb 2011, during IxDA DeLUX Boulder 30 31 Community 32 Lightning talks 33 Sep 2011, San Francisco Balanced Team @ Hot Theme: Geing PracWcal 34 Community 35 Lightning talks 36 Fishbowls 37 Hands-on acWviWes 38 The highlight for me this year was to hear reports from such a wide breadth of contexts. This style of work is spreading, in fact, its on its way to becoming the new normal. In our closing reec+ons, one young designer said, Im afraid Ill never be able to go back to working any other way. Josh Seiden h-p:// 39 Mar 2012, during SxSW DeLUX Aus+n 40 Lightning talks 41 Jun 2012, Chicago Balanced Team @ IDEO Theme: Welcoming the Business Perspec+ve 42 Community 43 Invited speakers 44 Fishbowls 45 Open Spaces 46 Apr 2013, New York Balanced Team Brunch @ Neo 47 Open Space 48 Fishbowls 49 Jun 2013, London 50 November 2013, SF Balanced Team @ Carbon Five 51 Balanced Team SF 2013 Invited Speakers Fishbowls Lightning talks Open Space Community 52 53 LosAngelesSalon ickr: markusnl/5558708984