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Baldwin Community Schools May 2018 Bond Proposal Update January 30, 2018

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  • Baldwin Community Schools

    May 2018 BondProposal Update

    Janua ry 30 , 2018

  • May 2018 Bond Program Review

    Financial Considerations

    Preliminary Schedule and Next Steps

  • May 2018 Bond Program Review

  • Baldwin Community SchoolsBond Program Cost Breakdown

    Site Work ‐ $560K Remodeling/New Construction ‐ $5.96M

    Contingency ‐ $1.16M Loose Furniture/Equipment ‐ $595K

    Architect/Engineer Costs ‐ $538K Construction Manager Costs ‐ $461K

    Owners' Representative ‐ $318K Election/Issuance/Interest Earnings ‐ $302K



    May 2018 Bond Program Identified $9,910,000 worth of need

    District needs to address in the next 5 years

    Approximately $3.2M at Baldwin Elementary

    Approximately $6.7M at Junior-Senior High

  • Bond Costs (breakdown by scope)


  • Bond Features: Interiors


    • Renovate Junior High School science lab for modern learning• Renovate Senior High School science lab for modern learning• Build fitness center addition• Replace worn flooring in multiple locations• Replace worn ceiling tiles• Replace and upgrade doors for enhanced security

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    • Replace and upgrade lighting in parking lots and emergency and exit locations

    • Add energy-efficient temperature controls• Replace boilers• Upgrade fire alarm systems• LED Lighting

    Bond Features: HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical

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    • Repave deteriorating parking lots and sidewalks• Replace roofing• Build covered walkway connecting band room to HS• Replace doors and hardware • Install energy-efficient windows (Jr./Sr. High School)

    Bond Features: Exteriors

  • Bond Features: Furniture, Technology, & Equipment 


    • Replace worn, unusable classroom furniture• Replace cafeteria tables• Update computer lab equipment• Update weight room equipment

  • 10

    • Upgrade playground site and equipment• Install lighting at football field• Add bleachers and irrigation to football field

    Bond Features: Playgrounds & Athletic Fields

  • Financial Considerations

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  • Preliminary Schedule and Next Steps

  • Key Dates (May 2018 Election)

    • Friday December 8 • Treasury application provided to Thrun Law for filing with Treasury

    • Mid‐December• Treasury meeting with BCS, PMC, and Thrun Law

    • Tuesday December 19• Regular school board meeting to approve Treasury Application

    • January 2018• Special or rescheduled regular school board meeting to adopt the 

    resolution calling the election for May 2018

    • Early February, 2017• Forward ballot wording and resolution to Election Coordinator

    • February through May• Ballot Information Campaign – Ongoing Efforts

    • May 8th, 2018 – Election Day

  • Questions / Answers