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Post on 22-Jul-2015


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  • For centuries

    Weve been pioneers

    Weve built things that modernised the world

  • We invented milk chocolate

    Sir Hans Sloane from Killyleagh

  • We invented the ejector seat

    Sir James Martin from Crossgar

  • We invented the portable


    Prof. Frank Partridge from Hillsborough

  • We revolutionised world-wide farming

    Harry Ferguson from Dromore

  • We discovered pulsar neutron stars

    Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell from Belfast

  • Fast forward to 2015

    And were still at it

  • Weve built a name for ourselves on the world stage...

    in every sector, from Arts to Business.

  • Oliver Jeffers, artist, illustrator and writer from Belfast

    Belfast-born Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird

    Alan and Gary Keery from Belfast owners ofCereal Killer Caf

    The Brewbot (Worlds smartest personal brewery) is the product of Belfast-based Cargo

    Jonathan William Anderson from Magherafelt fashion designer

    Michael Lennox Belfast Director. Bafta winner and Oscar nominated.


    Weve a growing reputation for world-class film production

  • Dracula untold

  • Were the second fastest growing knowledge economy in the UK.

    Knowledge Economy Index 2014

  • With a rapidly growing ecosystem of creators, inventors and entrepreneurs.

  • Farset Labs

    Young Influencers Invent Awards

    Potting Shed

  • So all is well for ni?

    Well not quite...

  • Lack of connection

    Two-thirds of our young people see their future outside of NI.

    67% say NI is a generally backward place

    Bele Tele 2014 / NIA 2014

  • lack of opportunity

    NI employees have the lowest weekly earnings in the UK.

    The Guardian 2014

    NI has the lowest labour productivity, highest

    unemployment rate and lowest Disposable Income. ONS UK Figures 2014

  • what actions are being taken?

    We must provide our young people and workforce with the skills and attitudes to succeed.

    DETI Innovation Strategy 2013-2025

  • It will require changes in culture and behaviours that must be embraced across all levels of society.

    DETI Innovation Strategy 2013-2025

  • We know NI is a place with huge potential

  • so how do we realise that potential?

  • We need a central space that allows talent and opportunity to collide relentlessly...

    to inspire the whole city.

  • There are ALREADY catalysts in place.

    ...NI Science Park

  • Creative Hub, Belfast

  • D-School,Stanford

    As well as international role-models

  • 1776, Washington DC

  • The geography of innovation is changing

    10 years ago, you needed to drive to a research park, work in

    isolation and keep ideas secret.

  • today proximity is everything.

    People want to be in urban places that are walkable, bikeable,

    caffeinated, to bump into other workers and share ideas


  • Deposit ideas

    Lend talent

    Invest in connections

  • We are building a team

    to bring the Bank of Invention to Belfast

  • Wanna be in our team?

    To brainstorm ideas To help with research

    To provide great contacts To connect raw talent

    To advise on business models To work in it

    To do anything that needs done

  • Then come talk to us

    Wed love to have you on board