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Professor Joe's Barber Bootcamp


  • 1. Professor JoesTips, Techniques & Tacticsto make you more successfuland profitableLose your training wheels,Your Clients areNOT a number!Joe GrondinLicensed Barber,Cosmetologist,Instructor,Educational Director,and FranchisorFounderRoosters Mens Grooming CenterGrondins Hair CentersHairacy CollegesJoseph.Grondin@att.net810.441.5859Training Costs Classes at your site are designedto fit your group and primaryconcerns.Pricing Available for* Student Training On-Site Training Personal Training@ Cedar Park, TX Location*Plus travel and lodging expenses

2. 1. Add professionalism toyour service.Get rid of the training wheels.2. Cut effortlessly andprecisely.Where to start and when to stop.3. Proper Use of Tools.Saving your back and addingspeed.4. Add value to the service.How to up-sell the service.5. Dont be afraid of whatyou dont know.How to practice and help others.As a hands-on educator, I have never foundanyone that came across so well to students,staff or other educators as Joe Grondin.Berry ShaichFounder of Woodys/ Egg Beauty LabsJoe taught us all a lot but when it came toteaching how to do a professional facial shave,he was amazing. He made it so doable to all ofmy new staff who, by the way, had never shavedanother human being in their lifeTo this day, all of my stylists know how to do afacial shave using the safety razor.Ron RowlettRoosters MGC Brentwood, TNI would have given up and closed my store inthe first year if not for your encouragement,constant contact and unselfish sharing with mystaff that created the right environment forsuccess. Everything you said would happen, if Istayed with the program, has come true.Julie WalkerRoosters MGC Greeley, COJoe works with your staff and shows them tipson giving great services every time, within thetimes set aside, and how to work with customersto develop long lasting relationships.Dub NelsonRoosters MGC Mason, OHTraining Testimonials6. Shave like a Master.Seven steps and twenty minutesto a great service.7. Becoming a team player.Youre only as good as the peopleyou work with.8. Time ManagementDoing the same steps -but do them only once.9. Dress for respect.Look the part.10. Learning cuttingtechniques, not styles.Cutting procedures, holdingangles, clippers over comb.Key Points of a Successful Stylist