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DESCRIPTION This site brings you the review of the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror, the likes and dislikes and also the best prices online.


  • 1. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Here we will be giving you a review of Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror which is a new product for girls aged 6 and above. Product Overview: This Barbie digital makeover mirror by Mattell will be loved by tech savy girls who are conscious about their makeups. This is a virtual . console that turns an ipad(not included) into a digital makeup mirror. This will allow the girls to try out different makeup features like the lipsticks, different kinds of eye shadow, without actually applying them. This will save the parents from the hassles of cleaning up the dressing table. The power of digital world allows the girls to play around and have fun with the virtual make up mirror.

2. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Product Features: Enjoy a make-up free makeover with the Barbie Digital Makeover Transform an iPad into a digital mirror by sliding it into the vanity frame Simply look into the mirror and select options like eye shadow, lipstick, color and glitter Facial tracking technology keeps the digital makeup in place as the girl moves, just like shes really wearing it Girls can make a digital scrapbook of their favorite makeover looks 3. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Other Usage Other than being a toy for the girls to play with you can think of other application for this product. The adults also could benefit from this new innovative product by trying out different make ups without actually trying out. This could benefit both the store owner and the customer by making a choice of actual makeup kits without wasting samples and messing around. You can think of other uses as well. 4. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror How much is the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror? This can be purchased for a retail price of $69.99. As this toy becomes popular you can expect to get some good discounts from your favorable stores. What We Like Most about the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Definitely this is a value for money for the girls as well as the parents. The face tracking technology of this toy follows the childs movements and the makeup gives a real life feeling. This gives a child the experience of real makeup session. 5. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror What We Like The Least about Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Though most girls are Barbie fans there is potential risk of the iPad getting damaged as the technology is not designed exactly for small children. Guarantee? Mattell does not offer a warranty with the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror. 6. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Is the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Worth Buying? Our recommendation is definitely yes. It is definitely worth the price you are paying. This keeps the young girls engaged and they will love to play with. It also helps you cut down costs on actual makeup products and cleaning materials. Where Can I Buy The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror? The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror can be bought online on sites such and in other major stores, such as Toys R Us. 7. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Customer Reviews For Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is gaining increased attention by parents as a viable alternative to physically supplying their childs makeover desires. More and more people are buying this toy and so far there has been no negative reviews. Chech at rror for more information.