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  • Welcome to the Big Bluean endless expanse of water that covers most of planet Earth. A million mysteries lurk within these murky depths. Lets see what your underwater sea-scape looks like.

    A n O C EA nAC t i v it y!


    un dEr t hE


  • in st ruC tOrs PAgE

    A n sWE r KE y

    Answers will vary. Check Basher characters labels and facts from Basher Science: Oceans.

    undEr thE sEA-sCAPE

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    Star Fish


  • un dEr t hE sEA-sCAPEChoose at least five of your favorite Basher characters from Basher Science: Oceans and create an under the sea-scape drawing in the space below.

    Be sure to title your drawing, as well as label and provide one fun fact about each Basher character you choose.

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    ColleCt all the books in the basher sCienCe series

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    roCks and mineralsA Gem of a Book!PB 978-0-7534-6314-7POB 978-0-7534-6614-8

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