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The Why & What of Search Engine Optimisation

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The Why & What of Search Engine Optimisation

Its complex yet simple: 60 Trillion Pages but Google sorts them in a fraction of a second

Its complex yet simple: Google crawls page after page & sorts them out

Google uses 200 ranking signals & tend not to disclose what are all these signals

200+ factors but they can be themed in thematic clusters to allow a focused approach

Based on these factors Google showcases the search results across platforms

And its no longer just abut the top keywords, but a range of long tail keywords

For simplicity we shall tackle them as On Page SEO & Off Page SEO

On Page SEOWhat Google Wants: On Page SEO

Example of content designed for users

Viewable by Google Need to ensure the Robots.txt is not blocking CSS & JS files

How users see the website should be how Google sees the website: Use Google Webmaster to check this for your website

Some Terminologies of On Page SEO

Advanced SEO like Rice Snippets can be taken up in the next session

Off Page SEOThe essence of Off Page SEO is creating good quality links for your site

What Google Wants: Off Page SEO

Some Terminologies of On Page SEO

Use Google Analytics to track the growth of Google Organic Traffic over a period of time

Also look at what pages are driving this Google Traffic to the website

This way you can track which blogs are growing & which are declining

More importantly focus on the users & the revenue that they have generated for you

Who are they?

How are theygetting to your site?

Are they buying or enquiring about the products ?

When are theyvisiting?

Digital Marketing. Focus on Results. Thank You

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