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Infrared Digital Thermometers

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Fluke offers the latest in non-contact infrared (IR) thermometers (sometimes known as infrared pyrometers) and contact thermometers, probes, accessories, and application expertise for a complete range of temperature applications. Fluke backs all of its handheld thermometers with a no-hassle 2-year warranty and the highest level of customer service.


  • Infrared Digital Thermometers
  • Infrared thermometers are designed for applications requiring users to instantly measure temperature in hard-to-reach areas
  • Temperature measurement Contact Type Thermometers Uses temperature probes / thermo-couples Highly accurate, good for Lab / calibration work Non-Contact Thermometers Uses Infra Red beams to measure surface temperature Moderate accuracy for day to day work
  • Why IR thermometers - 3 main reasons Safety From high temperature objects From high voltages (temperature at circuit breakers terminals, bus-bars) Moving objects - Rotating motors, conveyors, belts Hard to Reach Object mounted at heights Object mounted inside safety perimeter Objects at hard to reach places Convenience IR thermometer is easy to use Just point-shoot-measure
  • Important Parameters IR Thermometers Emissivity A numerical value between 0 and 1 which indicates the ability of an object to emit infrared energy. Emissivity is determined primarily by the material from which an object is constructed and its surface finish. Examples: Polished brass: 0.03 Roughly polished copper: 0.07 Black lacquer paint: 0.96 Circuit boards
  • Important Parameters IR Thermometers DISTANCE TO SPOT RATION Ratio of the distance from the measured object vs. sampling spot size EXAMPLES: - 4:1 optical resolution: 4 away from measured object 1 diameter - 12:1 optical resolution: 24 away from measured object 2 diameter OBJECT SIZE Know your application! An IR device with a 4:1 optical resolution can not effectively be used to measure a diffuser temperature 15 away.
  • Important Parameters IR Thermometers FIELD OF VIEW - Field of view refers to the target size relative to the IR thermometers spot size . - Ideally, the target surface to be measured should be twice the size of the spot . - If the spot size is larger than the surface to be measured, measurement errors are increased . - Spot size calculator www.Fluke.Com
  • HOW DOES IR THERMOMETER WORK Infrared thermometers measure the surface temperature of an opaque object The thermometers optics sense emitted, reflected, and transmitted energy, which is collected and focused onto a Detector The units electronics translate the information into a temperature reading which the unit displays
  • IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS FOR SELECTION OF RIGHT IRTHERMOMETER Temperature range Measurement accuracy Distance to Spot Ratio Rugged & Reliable Response time Display resolution Battery life
  • OPERATING THE IR THERMOMETER To measure temperature, point the thermometer at an object and pull the trigger. Laser pointer to help aim the thermometer To find a hot or cold spot, aim the thermometer outside the desired area. As the distance from the object being measured increases, the spot size of the area measured by the unit becomes larger For accurate measurements, make sure that the target is larger than the units spot size The display retains its last infrared measurement for twenty seconds when the trigger is released, with HOLD appearing on the display The stored data can be downloaded to a personal computer (PC) via the included USB cable and the included Fluke View Forms Documenting Software
  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Before using the thermometer inspect the case. Do not use the thermometer if it appears damaged. Look for cracks or missing plastic. Pay particular attention to the insulation around the connectors Disconnect the thermocouple(s) from the thermometer before opening the case Replace the batteries as soon as the battery indicator appears. The possibility of false readings can lead to personal injury Do not use the thermometer if it operates abnormally. Protection may be impaired. When in doubt, have the thermometer serviced / calibrated at authorized labs. Reflective objects result in lower than actual temperature measurements. These objects pose a burn hazard Do not operate the thermometer around explosive gas, vapor, or dust
  • Company Name : Fluke Corporation - India Website: Address: Division of DHR Holding India Pvt. Ltd. 10th Floor, Sigma Hiranandani Business Park, Powai Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076 Contact Number: 1 800 209 9110
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