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Bask Blade LED Utility Lamp August 2011

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Bask Blade

LED Utility Lamp

August 2011

Powerful & Versatile LED Utility Lamp

• Cool running

• Lightweight and durable

• Brilliant lighting for illuminating any environment

• Ultra-long battery life of up to 50 hours

• Support for four lighting modes

• Emergency strobe mode

• Ideal for an almost unlimited variety of indoor, outdoor, and emergency applications

Bask Blade Overview

� On/Off Button� Function Button� Reset Button

• DC-In• Charge • Full

Two integrated hooks

30cm Long

Bask Blade Specifications

Item Specification

Dimensions 300mm (L) x 35mm (Ф)

Power 5W

Battery Internal battery

Control Buttons On/Off; Reset; Function

Power Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; DC 5.4V=2A

Lanyard 1 attachable wrist lanyard

Certifications FCC, CE, EMC, IAF

Warrantee 1 year

Brilliant Lighting Performance

• Superior output

– Max 450 lumen output

• Superior luminosity

– 1 meter: 115 Lux

– 2 meters: 33 Lux

– 2.5 meters: 22 Lux

– 3 meters: 6 Lux

• Wide lighting angle

– 240°

Long-Lasting Battery Life

• Up to 50 hours of battery life on a single charge

– Full Mode: 1.5 hours

– Three-Quarter Mode: 3.5 hours

– Half-Mode: 9 hours

– Quarter Mode: 50 hours

– Strobe Mode: 3 hours

• Convenient recharge

– 2 hour recharging time

– Car charger available

Environmentally Friendly

• Energy-efficient

• Long-life

• Internal Li-ion battery

• No need to buy replacement batteries

• No mercury

Bask Blade Retail Pack

• Contents

– AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; DC 5.4V=2A power adapter

– LED utility lamp x 1 300mm (L) x 35mm (Ф)

– Integrated Lithium Battery (non-removable) x 1

– Wrist lanyard x 1

Bask Blade Accessories

Lamp Stand (Standard)

Lamp Stand (Large)

Claw Grip Stand


Magnetic Claw Grips

Magnetic Claw Grips

Bask Blade Outdoor ApplicationsCamping



Outdoor Parties

Bask Blade Indoor ApplicationsReading

Garage Projects

Home Projects

Temporary Internal Lighting

Bask Blade Emergency ApplicationsDriving Natural Disasters

Power Outages

Ultimate Portable Lighting Solution

Brilliant Lighting Performance


Long Battery Life

Environmentally FriendlyReliable