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Trade show

Hoops for Hope presents BasketPongBy Cong Phan, Maria Garcia,Michelle Min-Hsi Tsai & Mike Bui

Team GoalProfessionalismTeam dressed in uniform Right to Play sweatersCovered details from location of our event and position of game stations to securing numerous sponsorship and a fabulous sign displayFunWe had fun while working on the event despite how stressed each member were we work hard and play hard!Took selfies while working togetherOur fun energy showed through our game ideaUniquenessNot just an ordinary game idea, it was modified and utilized two different sports ping pong and basketball

Team Dynamics - ProsTeam SpiritWe were able to work as a team effectively and efficiently to achieve our goal and objectives. We were all on the same page and collaborative on all tasks that were assigned in preparation for the event. We gathered prizes from numerous sponsors and had all promotional flyers and displays printed and in place. Everyone was enthusiastic and had fun while working on the event. A recap of all details regarding the day of the event and duties were in place to ensure smooth delivery of our event on time.Professionalism We knew from the beginning that we wanted to deliver an event that did not just meet the requirements and guidelines. We understood that working professionally would enable us to do a great job as a team and that would set the bar high for any upcoming projects that we would be engaging in. Our banners and posters were professionally put together and printed. The station setting was well planned to attract student traffic from all directions and large and high enough to be seen from afar. And most importantly, the team had also dressed to support our chosen charity, the Right to Play organization.

Team Dynamics - ConsTime ManagementEven though our event delivery was exceptional and excellent overall, we believe that with more time management the group would have been able to get more sponsorship. Sometimes not all members of the team were able to attend the meetings but Facebook chat was used to resolve any inquiries.

DonationsEven though we thought our profit during our event was surprising well, if students had change in their pockets or maybe recognize a familiar charity, then our sales would most likely have been higher. We considered this and decided to approach the faculty staff and other employees at Sheridan to support us as well.

Team RolesCong PhanImplementerBuilt on existing ideas and expanded to create a variety and showed creativity to our eventHad posters approved in time to promote around campusNetworked and brought traffic to our eventMike BuiResource InvestigatorProposed our storyboardTested out game to set guidelines and pricingEncouraged participation at the day of the eventCompletes individual assigned work on time and asks to help others

Team RolesMaria GarciaPlanner and ShaperGenerated plenty of ideas regarding design and function of the gameFocused at task on hand and completes all assigned workKeeps members on trackOrganized and delivers results with work and event dutiesMichelle TsaiTeam Lead and CoordinatorAssigned necessary work to complete and edit before submittingSecured numerous sponsorsFinalized event and ensure everything went smoothlyCreated props for game stationHosted meetings and check off agenda tasks

Raised $312.40

Financial Analysis

Proposed BudgetPost-Event FinancialsSales Revenue $50 Cost of Goods Sold $40 Gross Margin $10 Operating ExpensesPing Pong balls (x6) $6 Cups $1 Rules board $1 Display board $5 Total Operating Expense $13 Operating Margin ($3) Funds $100

Sales Revenue $323.40 Cost of Goods Sold $0 Gross Margin $323.40 Operating ExpensesPing Pong balls (x124) Sponsored Cups $0 Printing (rules & posters) $1 Display boards (x2) $10 Total Operating Expense $11 Operating Margin $312.40

Key Learning OutcomeHow to perfect Plan A, predict possible flaws and have a Plan B in placeTake responsibility for our own parts along the way to paint the big picture of the whole eventTeamwork is essential for these types of events gathering sponsorsWe learn to adapt the fastest way no matter how quickly the situation changes managed and demonstrated during Dragons Den PitchHard work and dedication was our way to success promotional items distributed on campus and through social mediaCommunication skills enhanced by encouraging participation at our eventLearned to communicate and coordinate with sponsors professionallyWithout each members skills the event would not have been as well put together

The Hoops for Hope Team!!!Planning Meetings

Creation of our poster to post and advertise

Styling red and blue party cups with fruit nets for the basketball net illusion

Team working hard brain-storming and putting the event together

Meeting to finalize on posters to advertise

150 ping pong balls sponsored by SPiN Toronto Thank you!!!

Rough idea of basketball lines on ping pong balls

Being creative with the ping pong balls giving the illusion of basketballs

Our Instagram page is full of exciting stuff!Promotional Work

One of our postersfor advertisement on campus and social media

Posting our posters up around Sheridan campus to advertise our event!

Another poster design to spread the word of our event

A total of 4 movie tickets sponsored by Cineplex

These amazing Kappa sweater jackets are a courtesy from the Right to Play charity organization

Watch out for this $50 gift card redeemable at all the participating restaurants sponsored by SIR Corp.

Rocking these Right to Play Kappa sweater jackets!

Your chance to win 2 gift cards to The Apricot Tree Caf worth $25 and $50!

We have a ton of Right to Play sweaters for everyone!

Goodies at our event station!Event Highlight

Modeling these Right to Play sweaters!

Our event station

Making sure everything is in place before we start

Work station and play station

Everyone working hard to support Right to Play!

Your chance to win 2 gift cards to The Apricot Tree Caf worth $25 and $50!

A little behind the scene work

This piggy bear bank got heavier and heavier!

Were not just all work, we manage to squeeze some fun out of it!

Yes, two thumbs up!

We got chocolate, candies, prizes and sweater jackets!

Encouraging participation around school and other classmates

Action shot!

Its not that hard

Explaining rules and prizing details

Professor John Cooper supporting us and Right to Play!

Ready, set, shoot!

Play stations all ready to go

You aim, you shoot!

Everyone wants to try some BasketPong, even Professor John!

Explaining our game

A total of 4 movie tickets sponsored by Cineplex

The more balls you purchase, the higher chance at winning some amazing prizes!