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Key children's authors available for events in 2016.


  • Childrens Author Availability Brochure


    Jan RutherfordPublicity and Marketing Director

    Birlinn Ltd 10 Newington Road

    West Newington House Edinburgh EH9 1QS

    Tel: 0131 337 9724

    Mob: 077 1047 4308 E:mail: jan.ppw@janrutherford.co.uk

    CO N TAC T

    Anna MarshallEvents Manager

    Birlinn Ltd 10 Newington Road

    West Newington House Edinburgh EH9 1QS

    Tel: 0131 337 9724

    Mob: 078 3577 3083 E:mail: anna@birlinn.co.uk

    BC Books

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    KEY TITLES 2016Iain McIntosh

    Alexander McCall SmithBenedict Blathwyat

    Tim ArchboldDebi Gliori

    Scoular AndersonAllan Burnett

    James RobertsonKate Leiper

    GEMS OF 2015Ron Butlin & Jim Hutcheson

    Tom PowStephen White & Fin Cramb

    Joan LennonJoe Friedman






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    IAIN MCINTOSHIain McIntoshs publishing work includes illustrations, book jacket designs, newspaper and online illustrated daily novels the 44 Scotland Street and Corduroy Mansions series - for best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith.

    Iain uses both traditional and digital techniques. His work has appeared in award-winning packaging, advertising, design, direct marketing and digital publishing. Newspaper and editorial work includes illustrations for The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Times Educational Supplement, Good Housekeeping, Readers Digest, The Sunday Express Magazine and mastheads for several newspapers.

    Iain lives in central Edinburgh, two minutes walk from 44 Scotland Street.

    Illustrator based:Edinburgh

    Willing to travel: UK and beyond.

    Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals

    large and smallLive Literature Funded: No

    Meet the Illustrator

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    Author based: Edinburgh

    Willing to travel: Anywhere in the world

    Happy to do:In-discussion or solo events;

    festivals large and small.2016 limited availability

    Live Literature Funded: Yes

    www.alexandermccallsmith.com@McCall Smith


    June 2016: The Sands of Shark Island (School Ship Tobermory Series Vol. 2)October 2015: School Ship Tobermory (School Ship Tobermory Series Vol. 1)

    Also available: Precious and the Mystery of Meerkat Hill (pbk); Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion (pbk); Precious and the Monkeys (pbk)

    An hour in the company of Alexander McCall Smith is an hour of sheer delight!

    Who is Alexander McCall Smith?Alexander McCall Smith is one of the worlds most prolific and best-loved authors. His career has been a varied one: for many years he was a professor of Medical Law and worked in universities in the United Kingdom and abroad. Then, after the publication of his highly successful No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, which has sold over 20 million copies, he devoted his time to the writing of fiction and has seen his various series of books translated into over 45 languages and become bestsellers across the world.

    About School Ship Tobermory (9-12 years): Follow the exploits of the children who go to a most unusual school the sail-powered training ship Tobermory. When a film crew arrives in Tobermory Bay, Ben and Fee are invited to be extras. But their suspicions are soon aroused is the film crew genuine, or are they up to something sinister? Ben and Fee soon discover the truth when they uncover a dastardly plan masterminded by a South American businessman.

    About The Sands of Shark Island (9-12 years):After successfully thwarting a dastardly plan to steal rare marine animals from the sea around the Scottish island of Mull, Ben and Fee MacTavish feel they can relax and con-tinue learning all about nautical life on board School Ship Tobermory. But its not long before their everyday routine is interrupted by an extraordinary event. Ben, Fee, their fellow students and the crew of the Tobermory find themselvesembroiled in another adventure that leads them thousands of miles from Mull to a small island in the Caribbean, where they learn extraordinary details about Captain Macbeths past and come face to face with modern-day pirates.

    Praise for Alexander McCall Smith:

    Perfect escapist fiction The Times

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    June 2016: Ferry May 2016: Bears AdventureAlso available: Tig and Tag,The Little House by the Sea

    Who is Benedict Blathwyat?Benedict Blathwayt started as a painter working from his own studio at the age of seventeen, and held a number of successful exhibitions. Since then he has worked in the Hebrides as a dairyman (which accounts for the Scottish scenery in Little House by the Sea) and in Wales as a wildlife artist for Nature Conservancy. Now living in Somerset, he is the well known writer and llustrator of over thirty childrens books, and author of the best-selling Little Red Train series and Dinosaur Chase and Dinosaur Disaster! Married to an artist, Ben Blathwayt lives in Somerset on the edge of Exmoor and has two sons.

    About Ferry (0-5 years):

    Find out what happens when Captain Kit welcomes his passengers aboard his ferry in this charming board book.Benedict Blathwayts award-winning illustrations are full of detail which are guaranteed to stimulate the interest of very young children (ages 0-5 years) and help develop their powers of observation. About Bears Adventure (5-7 years):Bear is one of the family. He goes everywhere with his young companions. Then one day, somehow, Bear is left behind at the seaside. As the sun goes down, the tide comes in, and Bear begins his great adventure. Find out how he gets home in this delightful story written and illustrated by one of Britains favouite childrens authors.

    Praise for Benedict Blathwyat: These books are so much more than your usual picture book - Mumsnet.com

    I loved this book. Mummy renewed it a few times for me from the library. I knew all the story and would try to tell it to others - Malachi (2 years 2 months), Goodreads.com

    Author based:Somerset

    Willing to travel: UK and beyondHappy to do:

    Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small

    Recent events:Edinburgh International Book Festival

    Live Literature Funded: No

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    June 2016: Clarty Jim McCloud Tappety Tam Fairley

    Who is Tim Archbold?Tim wrote and illustrated his first childrens book in 1988 and he hasnt looked back since! Picture books, young fiction, non-fiction, illustrations for magazines, posters, graphic design for exhibition and display; Tim usually works in pen and brush with ink and his style is spontaneous, quirky and usually humorous. He particularly enjoys writing and illustrating funny stories for children.

    Tim Archbolds work will be instantly recognisable to millions of parents and children because of his work on the Read Write Inc and Oxford Reading series, used in schools throughout the UK.

    About Clarty Jim McCloud (5-7 years):

    Every day Clarty Jim McClouds granny makes him sandwiches. But not ordinary sandwiches; these sandwiches are so truly terrible that every day Clarty Jim feeds them to a hungry catfish on the way to school.One day Jim gets a job at Shove & Bargeworth Ironwork Company and no longer passes the river where his fishy friend lives, so the catfish gets hungry and searches for other things to eat. Find out what happens when he swims up river and arrives at the Shove & Bargeforth Great and Grand Garden Party. There are lots of tasty cakes to eat, but what attracts his attention is something altogether different . . . WillLady Margery Bargeforths baby really be eaten by a catfish? Will Clarty Jim save the day? About Tappety Tam Fairley (5-7 years):Tappety Tam Fairley is the odd-job man in High Hope village, where he keeps everything neat and tidy. So much so, in fact, that High Hope wins the Best Kept Village competition every year much to the annoyance of the inhabitants of Low Hope Village, who have never wonanything at all.As the annual competition draws near again, the High Hope village committee meets to give Tam his list of odd jobs to spruce up the place and ensure that High Hope wins the award yet again. But who is the mysterious Mr Tallboy who also attends, and why does he want to change the items on Tams list? Should the street really be filled with elephants, and the pond filled with fresh custard?

    Praise for Tim Archbold:Plenty to pour over and chuckle at - Lovereading4kids.co.uk

    Different to any other book weve read before - Amazon.co.uk review

    Author based:Scottish Borders

    Willing to travel: UK and beyondHappy to do:

    Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small

    Recent events:Edinburgh International Book Festival

    Live Literature Funded: Yes

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    DEBI GLIORIJune 2016: A Hebridean Alphabet

    Also available: The Tobermory Cat; Tobermory 1,2,3

    Who is Debi Gliori?A master storyteller and brilliant entertainer, Debi Gliori was born in Glasgow and studied at Edinburgh College of Art. She is well known both for her picture books and her novels for children, and has been shortlisted for all the major prizes, including the Kate Greenaway Award (twice) and the Scottish Arts Council Award. Debi was the Shetland Islands first Childrens Writer-in-Residence, and the Edinburgh Book Festival Illustrator-in-Residence in 2015. She published her first book in 1990 and since then has published so many successful books that she has lost count. She has written and illustrated No Matter What, The Trouble with Dragons, Stormy Weather and, most recently, The Scariest Thing of All.

    About A Hebridean Alphabet (5-7 years):This is a beautifully conceived picture flat in which Debi Gliori describes and illustrates all kinds of things you might see over the course of a single day in the Hebrides. Inspired by the landscape, seascape, weather, animals and birds, this is not simply an exquisite alphabet book, but also a wonderful celebration of some of the most magnificent scenery in Britain.

    Praise for Debi Gliori

    Full of detail , allusion and charm [it] can be returned to time and again.

    The Scotsman, Childrens Books of the Year 2012

    Author based:East Lothian

    Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK

    Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and

    libraries,festivals large and small

    Recent events:Wigtown Book Festival, Waterstones

    UK tour; Edinburgh International Book Festival, libraries, Lennoxlove Book

    Festival, Aye Write, Borders Book Festival, Durham Literature Festival, Dundee

    Literature Festival.Live Literature Funded: Yes

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    SCOULAR ANDERSONScoular Anderson is an author and illustrator. He has worked on over 100 books, including all Allan Burnetts And All That series. As a child he spent most of his time writing stories and illustrating them. He later studied graphic design at Glasgow School of Art, and has been working as an illustrator ever since.Illustrator based:

    Dunoon, ArgyllWilling to travel: UK and beyond.

    Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals

    large and smallLive Literature Funded: No

    Meet the Illustrator

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    ALLAN BURNETT July 2016: The Celts And All That The Vikings And All That

    Also available: The Story of Scotland: Inspired by the Great Tapestry of Scotland; World War I: Scottish Tales of Adventure; World War II: Scottish Tales of Adventure; and the All That series of history books for young readers: Robert Burns And All That, Macbeth And All That, Mary Queen of Scots And All That, Bonnie Prince Charlie And All That, St Columba And All That, William Wallace And All That and Rob Roy And All That.

    Who is Allan Burnett?Allan Burnett is an author, journalist and historian with a passion for bringing the past to life through exciting talks and workshops that mix the serious with the very silly. As well as regular festival appearances, he works with schools and libraries across Scotland. He believes that history gives children a sense that they are part of something, that their own lives are the latest chapter in the greatest story ever told - and its a great tool for improving their reading, writing and speaking skills too.

    About The Celts And All That (8-12 years):Celts and All That is a book bursting with blood-curdling battles and dead important details about the ancient Celts. Everything you need to know about human sacrifice and headhunting is all in here plus a recipe for making your own Celtic bog butter. Packed with incredibleillustrations of everything from iron-age jewellery to timber fortresses, this is an essential guide to a brilliant bunch of ancient Europeans whoshaped our world. About The Vikings And All That (8-12 years):Vikings and All That is a skull-splitting saga about the wild, seafaring warriors who burst into history in the 8th century and looted, plundered, pillaged and burned their way from their native Scandinavia to the British Isles and much of Europe. Packed with fantastic, fun illustrations of everything from the Vikings warships to their favourite board games, this is the book that answers all the key questions youmigth have. If you want sensible answers, packed with historical facts and thoughtful revelations about the Vikings civilised side, then this is the book for you. But if you want boatloads of bearded, shield-biting maniacs bearing down on defenceless, sandal-wearing villagers, then this is DEFINITELY the book for you!

    Author based:Sweden/EdinburghWilling to travel:

    Happy to consider anything in the UK and beyond. Visits the UK several times a year.

    Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and

    libraries, festivals large and smallRecent events:

    Edinburgh International Book Festival, Borders Book Festival, National Library of Scotland

    Live Literature Funded: Yes


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    JAMES ROBERTSON August 2016: Book of the Howlet (English Edition) Buke of the Howlat (Scots Edition)

    Also available: Robert the Bruce: King of Scots

    Who is James Robertson?James Robertson is one o...


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