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  • BCMS Brag Board

    March 2017

    Spellebrity Video Contest

    THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for our video! IF you have not yet voted,

    PLEASE, PLEASE do so before noon Saturday 3/25!

    We are currently in 5th place and need to stay in 1st-5th place until noon tomorrow

    to become a NATIONAL FINALIST and go to Washington DC!

    Here are the directions to vote, it takes a few minutes to complete the process with

    email verification, but WE REALLY APPRECIATE your time and SUPPORT for students in


    1. Go Spellebrity website

    2. Click LOGIN on the right side.

    3. Click REGISTER HERE

    4. Fill in the registration form with an email address and choose an easy 6 letter


    5. Go to your email and click the email from Scripps National Spelling Bee.

    6. Click VOTE UNDER Adventures in Reading to support The Innovators video! The

    thumb should turn red and the word votechange to undo once you have voted.

    The Innovators video team really appreciates your vote for the Spellebrity Video Contest so that they can premier their video at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington DC.

    Voting closes NOON tomorrow, 3/25, and we have to stay in the top 5!

    https://spellebrity.skild.com/skild2/spellebrity/viewEntryDetail.action?pid=90729 https://spellebrity.skild.com/skild2/spellebrity/viewEntryDetail.action?pid=90729 https://spellebrity.skild.com/skild2/spellebrity/loginPage.action https://spellebrity.skild.com/skild2/spellebrity/loginPage.action http://spellingbee.com/

  • Art Achievement

    Various pieces of artwork from Miss Russo’s and Mr. Kupcha’s classes were

    selected to be on display at the Somerset County Youth Art Month Exhibit

    at the Center for Contemporary Art in

    Bedminster, NJ.

  • Enrichment Day 2

    Students and staff participated in Enrichment Day 2 and it was a great success! Over

    180 students were on ten different, small group field trips, 150 students participated

    in our a Spring Pop-up Gallery with displays of art from artistic activities and 40

    students from four performance enrichment groups showed their work at the Gallery .

    It's truly inspiring to see so many students and staff collaborating on activities that

    magnify their strengths and interests or trying something totally new!

    The Spring Enrichment Day included trips to a Kissimmee Pottery Studio for clay on a

    pottery wheel, rock climbing at Defy Gravity and Rutgers University for a study of

    physics, nutrition and growth mindset, Washington's Crossing State Park Museum and

    Vanderveer House for historical reenactments, Strength & Honor Fitness for exercise

    and nutrition, Sophie's French Bistro for French culture and crepes, geocaching at

    Duke Farms for orienteering and problem solving, Pinot's Palette for painting, math

    and OJ, and the Branchburg Police Department for police explorer training.

    Some students chose to participate in service activities like Ziti for the Needy and

    Supporting SHIP as well as Blankets for a Cause making fleece throws for hospitalized

    children. Others pursued their interest in science or history through Trebuchet Toss

    Engineering, The Science in Science Fiction or Presidential Trivia while artists and

    performers chose topics such as Zentangling, Guitar Lessons, Lego Animation movie

    making, Fold it Like Origami, Doodles and Designs, Creating Electronic Music, and

    Calligraphy. One of the most popular options was again Cupcake Wars! complete with

    challenges, twists and guest judges.

    Puzzle and problem solvers worked together in Breakout!, Can you Say It Fast?, Chess

    Dynamics, Cracking the Rubik's Cube, Diplomacy, and Storytelling Games. Athletes

    who didn't go on a trip could choose from Field Hockey, Baseball Trivia, or The History

    of the Yankees.

    Performances by four enrichment groups were highlighted in our Pop-up Gallery at the

    end of the day. Cheerleading performed a new routine with stunts, Actors Unite! did

    an improv skit about superheroes and not so supervillans, Write a Team song

    premiered a potential BCMS alma mater and Color Guard gave a performance with

    flags, sabers and dance moves choreographed by the Somerville color guard coach.

  • An Enrichment Day trip to defy the laws of gravity at the Gravity Vault in Chatham,

    quickly turned into a lesson on resilience and perseverance. Students were

    encouraged by Gravity Vault coaches to set goals, respond to coaching in developing a

    growth mindset on the spot.

    Students engaged in trust activities and they went as far as to climb blindfolded.

    Many students participated in a 3-legged event where they had to climb with their

    one leg banded to their partner’s one leg. This encouraged tolerance and


    Instruction was differentiated based on interest, ability and a desire to push


    Thank you Mrs. Updegrove for an amazing opportunity to educate students this way!

  • March Mathness!

    Most of the BCMS math teachers jumped on the band wagon to get their

    students involved in a Math March Madness competition. They are using

    the ALEKS technology program and have students complete as many

    topics as they can each week. Some created pairs and teams to help

    motivate one another. Winning teams from each grade and also a handful

    of MVPs will get a celebration of some sort.

    The 6th graders took off in the first week with having some students

    completed over 70 topics!!! Mrs. Jordan shared this with her 7th and 8th

    grade resource students to light some fire.

  • Access Lenses

    Students in Language Arts and Social Studies explained how the Bill of

    Rights would have made a difference in people's lives during the

    Holocaust, Japanese Internment, and the Jim Crow period. Students used

    access lenses to examine different photos from these time periods as

    well. Here is a video of a student explaining her photo using the access



    Canstruction creations are being completed this week. Over the next

    week or so students will have a chance to vote for their favorite

    structure. 6th grade has built Pac Man destroying hunger, 7th grade has

    built the Snapchat App Logo and 8th grade has built a NASCAR track,

    (pictured). Thank you to all the teams for your hard work!


  • Animals of the Future

    This week in Mrs. Heaney's science class, students used their

    understanding of adaptations to create an animal species of the future.

    Students were given a choice of 4 planets on which their species could

    live. They designed their species giving it at least 5 adaptations to help

    it survive. They created drawings of their species and wrote paragraphs

    discussing how these adaptations were useful. Students truly enjoyed

    this project.

  • Drama Club

    The BCMS Drama Club performed The Humor Games on Friday, March

    10th and Saturday, March 11th, after almost 5 months of preparation!

    The students studied character development, memorized and learned

    how to deliver lines, practiced blocking, attended workshops on physical

    comedy, worked in costumes and props, learned how to use lighting and

    sound, designed beautiful sets and logos, and much more. We are so

    proud of the hard work, talent, and dedication shown by each and every

    actor and crew member in the final product!

    Here is a review of the performance from Mrs. Emmons:

    Congratulations!! Such an entertaining show!! The cast and crew did the most amazing job. I

    laughed out loud the entire show!!! The set, lighting and costumes had me laughing before

    the jokes even began!! I know I have to give the playwright credit for providing the script,

    but that script came alive last night. I love it when the acting is so good that you forget they

    are our students and you just think of them as those characters. I don't ever recall the

    lighting being more effective. The set was perfect, and it changed so seamlessly.

    The students were surprised and delighted to learn that Dean O’ Carroll,

    the playwright of The Humor Games, was present in the audience on

    Friday night’s performance! He also came backstage after the show to

    meet the cast and crew, which gave them the opportunity to ask

    questions about the script and characters.

    Almost every seat was full on both nights, thanks to the wonderful

    support of family members, teachers, students, and community members!

    Here are a few photos from the performances:

  • NJAMLE Presentation

    On March 10th at Kean University, these six students presented @NJAMLE

    on our reverse inclusion program, Be-A-Buddy.

    They inspired a middle school principal from Nutley to bring her team to