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1.1 BackgroundSisneri is a place located in Makawanpur district where most of the people of Nepal are unaware of. It is located 55 km from Balkhu, Kathmandu and 20 km from Hetauda. Basically, it is the route for the travelers connecting Kathmandu and Hetauda on the way to Dakshinkali. It is a location where thousands of people travel from the route where the route is one of the shortest routes connecting Hetauda and Kathmandu. The place is surrounded by the hills and it is mainly preferred by the tourists as they are very fond of trekking and hiking. Kulekhani Hotel and Resort shall be located at Sisneri offering lodging for vacations, weekends, and over-night trips along with fooding for the travelers who travel on the route. The guests will find the resort very peaceful along with the easily noticeable facilities that provide a comfortable and valuable time for the customers that simply lasts in their memory. The Resort will be well equipped with solar; every room will be well furnished and ventilated. Around the Resort there will be attractive garden and the rooms will have outdoor terrace. The Resort also provides rooms for the travelers in the form of cottage. The Resort provides comfortable rooms, considerate and friendly environment to the travelers who may be single or with family and friends. The Resort will be focusing on middle class family, youth couple and youngsters within most of the major cities of the country who rarely have time for holidays which they want to spend in a precious manner and also the travelers outside the country who wants to visit places within limited budget. The Resort will be located near the Kulekhani Dam that will also help to attract the customers for the location. As the Resort is located near to the River bank, the guests can easily walk up to the river and have a pleasant time and beautiful scenario as well.

1.2 Location The Resort will be located at Sisneri V. D. C. Ward no. 8, Makawanpur district. This place is one of the major place connecting Hetauda and Kathmandu. The place is also significant on from the future perspective that sooner in the future the Fast Track is going to be opened. It is also one of the places that highlights tourism that attracts the tourists as a destination for trekking and hiking. The resort also provides the transportation facilities for the customers when they are in need. The Location of the Resort is also said to have a sacred connection and the local people are religious and traditional.

1.3 MissionMission statement of Kulekhani Hotel and Resort is to exceed customers expectations in every sense by turning moments and to provide an exceptional hospitality experience, in spectacular surroundings, by delivering quality service in an atmosphere of comfort, openness and friendliness. 1.4 Objectives Kulekhani Hotel and Resort will provide accommodation and fooding to both internal and external tourists in affordable price. For this, certain objectives are to be achieved: To provide healthy and safe stay for the guests. To provide quality food and beverages. To help guests get various other facilities available at Sisneri in terms of trekking, hiking, conference meetings, cycling, etc. To achieve customer satisfaction and get the repeated customers in our Resort. To make profit and to maximize the owners equity.

1.5 Keys to SuccessKey to success of Kulekhani Resort and Hotels will be to make effective implementation of the business plan. The concept of the Resort is to provide safe stay, quality food and valuable service which eventually will grab attention of most of the tourists and the travelers. This ultimately will help the owner to establish its brand image and to earn profit to lead the business success. Location of the Resort will also be appealing to the travelers with peaceful environment and at the same time proximity to the Kulekhani Dam and Dakshinkali Temple. Also the key to success for the Resort is undoubtedly the revenue generated by providing quality service to the customers by optimum utilization of the capacity available. We excellence in what we promise and we have enthusiasm in whatever we do.


2.1 Business OwnershipKulekhani Resort and Hotel is a partnership firm owned by four persons who shall be investing 31.88% and remaining 68.12% will be on debt. This will help the partners to utilize and properly allocate the resources accordingly. Although all the partners are from different fields, they are well experienced and are working in the field of legal and business aspect.

2.2 Organization structureKulekhani Hotel and Resort will be established by a four partners and will have a hotel manager for its operation. The organization structure for the Resort can be illustrated as

Proprietors Manager

AdministrationMarketingOperation Kitchen/Restaurant

-Accountant -Marketing -Cleaner -Head cook-Store keeper Manager -Gardener -Cook helper-Receptionist -Room boy -Waiter -Peon -Security guard

2.3 Human ResourceThe Resort will be well staffed with 1 manager, 2 marketing manager, 1 accountant, 2 receptionists, 3 room boy, 2 peon, 2 security guard, 2 gardener in administrative, marketing and operation department and on the side of Kitchen and Restaurant department there will be 2 head chef, 3 cook helper, 4 cleaner and 10 waiter. These staffs would be sufficient for the operation and management of the Resort.

2.4 Legal FrameworkKulekhani Hotel and Resort is a partnership firm registered at Gharelu Tatha Sana Udyog Office, Hetauda. It will also be registered at Inland Revenue office with PAN number.

Chapter IIIProduct and Services

In this competitive environment there are many hotels and resorts providing best services to their customers. The Kulekhani Hotel and Resort will also differentiate itself through the cutting edge facilities and services provided. The Resort will expertise on Market research related to the travelers category, competitors and services preferred by the customers. The Resort will also make the marketing and business plan and also conduct Cash flow analysis on a timely basis. Regarding the service to the travelers the Resort will maintain the relationship with travel agencies in Kathmandu and Hetauda and various major cities of Nepal so that it can provide early booking facilities to the travelers from various places.

3.1 Product descriptionKeeping in mind about the internal and external travelers who prefer to travel on budget for a short period of holidays, the Resort will be providing AC and non AC rooms at reasonable price. There will be 20 AC rooms and 20 non AC rooms. The rooms will be spacious and luxurious as well along with outdoor terrace. The Resort will have its own restaurant for the guests located inside with various tastes of food and beverages which will be hygienic and tasty as well. Food will contain veg and non-veg items with dishes like Nepalese, Chinese, American and Continental. Along with this the special dish of the Resort will be Kulekhani special Thali, served with whole fish.

3.2 Service descriptionKeeping the increasing trend of internet accessibility and users, there will be free Wifi, internet and e-mail facilities for the customers. The next best facility for the customers is that the Resort will be providing halls for conferences and fishing facilities are incorporated where customers are free to fish and can have them at various costs. Similarly, the Resort also has a facility for trekking, hiking and cycling as the route is a perfect location for the same. It will also make the customers available with useful books, newspaper and novels for alternative time pass. The Resort has also a cafeteria that encourages couples and youngsters to pass by and spend some time. The staffs will also be trained in such a way that they will be very polite and friendly with the customers.

3.3 TechnologyThe Resort will be equipped by e-mail and internet facilities. In the long run it is planning to have its own websites for its advertisement and online booking system. Free wifi, internet facilities is its current program for the customers.

3.4 Future planFor the expansion of the Resort and thinking about the changing preference and tastes of the travelers, the Resort will be diversifying its facilities in near future. There will be a website of the Resort so that travelers can study about it and make online bookings and payments from any place, any time they wish. On long run, the Resort will not only book the events for travelers but also organize those events and schedule the plan for the customers accordingly. The Resort will also purchase its own tourists buses for to provide better transportation facilities to and from various major cities to the.


Market for a Lodging and Fooding industry at Sisneri is not competitive. There are no any resorts located at Sisneri which will be one of the greatest advantage for the business and deliver superior services to its customers. As there is no any resort nearby, there is a most probable chance that a customer if satisfied will visit the resort again and again. So, the resort focuses on targeting those potential customers who are repetitive customers and could be retained. Similarly, we focus and target both the internal and external tourists who could be one of the major sources of income. Since. Similarly, the Resort can target the business persons who frequently travel through the route.

4.1 Market SegmentationThe market for lodging industry in Makawanpur is limited