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Do you get grouchy? Do you snap at people?

Hey listen, its OK to answer yes

It is completely fine. Everyone gets grouchy. Its natural. It is probably a biological & psychological necessity

So, go ahead. Be grouchy if you need to be.


dont be nave. Know that your grouchiness has implications

When youre grouchy, you emanate negative energy - with words, body language, pheromones, facial expressions

If youre lucky, this negative energy dissipates because those exposed have mechanisms to disperse it

Other times, the grouchiness is shared less destructively like a bitch fest about a common co-worker

however, most of the time, your negative energy has victims - employees, coworkers, family members, friends, strangers, or even small animals.

Sometimes your grouchiness actually hurts the people around you

Other times it infects them with their own grouchiness

It has happened to you. So you know what Im talking about

So heres my advice

When you are grouchy, be grouchy. Im not telling you to, stop being grouchy. Thats not possible.


Accept that you have responsibilities

First, you have the responsibility to recognize that you are grouchy

once you recognize that youre in a foul mood, you have the responsibility to try to stay away from others, or at least dissipate the grouchy energy on something inanimate

Finally, when you cant protect others, you have the responsibility to apologise once you regain composure

Apologise whether or not they were hurt, because people may not tell you & because being grouchy is bad manners

Better yet, if you are grouchy and you know it, acknowledge it. Im just so grouchy today! Sorry in advance. That, in itself, may help.


Be Grouchy,But

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