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    BE INSPIRED Ideas and tips on how to fund our lifesaving work

    You probably already know that we save the lives of people with blood cancers or disorders who are in desperate need of bone marrow transplants.

    What you might not know, however, is that for every person we can find the right donor for, there’s another we can’t. Which is why your help is so important.

    By raising money, you’ll help make sure we find more precious donors, make more precious matches – and save even more precious lives.

    And the great thing is, however much time you can spare, whatever you’re in to, there’s a way you can get those lifesaving pounds pouring in.

    Got any questions? Then we’d love to answer them. Get in touch on 0303 303 3002 or

    HELLO, LIFESAVER First things first – thank you so much for choosing to raise money for Anthony Nolan.

    Ella, bone marrow recipient pictured with her mum, Jacqui


    Set up a fundraising page online An online page is a great way to let supporters know what you’re up to, and makes it quick and easy for them to donate.

    And the good news is setting one up is a piece of cake. Just visit anthonynolan or anthonynolan and follow the simple steps.

    Matched giving A lot of companies match what their employees raise, pound for pound. So make sure you ask yours.

    Gift Aid it Believe it or not, we love the taxman. Why? Because through Gift Aid, for every £1 someone donates, the government will chip in an extra 25p, at no extra cost to you. Simply ask any supporters who are UK taxpayers to tick the Gift Aid box on your online page or paper form.

    Get personal Tell your nearest and dearest all about why you’re fundraising in aid of Anthony Nolan and how they can get involved. Your enthusiasm will be sure to rub off on them.

    Keep it safe and legal! We’d hate for you to get into any bother while you’re raising money in aid of Anthony Nolan. So make sure you follow the guidelines available to help you keep it all above board.

    Make some noise Tweet, blog and inspire your followers – and don’t forget to include a link to your online fundraising page.

    Using Vine to create short videos and uploading them to your Facebook and Twitter is a great way to inspire your friends and followers to donate. Don’t forget to tag us @anthonynolan and

    Say thank you People love to know they’re making a difference. So be sure to let them know how grateful you are for their support, and keep them posted on how your fundraising’s going.

    Don’t be a stranger We’d love to keep in touch and hear what you’re up to. That way we can make sure we give you all the support you could possibly need. Get in touch by calling 0303 303 3002 or emailing

    Here are our top tips for making sure you get the most out of your money-making mission.

    Whether you’ve got a morning or a month, we have a money-making plan for you.


    Budget Make sure you’re spending this wisely. Could the prizes be donated? Could you borrow materials?

    Publicity Making use of social media is the best, as it’s free. Contact your local press too.

    Paperwork Ensure your risk assessment, insurance, licences and first aid cover are all sorted. And don’t forget the online fundraising page!

    Materials We’ve got plenty on offer, including collection tins, t-shirts, posters and banner roll. More materials can be found at resources.

    Volunteers Get all hands on deck for the organisation and the event itself.

    The notes of a lifesaver Here’s a space to jot down your pearls of wisdom. Have a think about location, guest list, date, time…

    Raja, after completing the Virgin Money London Marathon, with Alex from our Community Fundraising team

    ‘Our amazing suppOrtErs gO aBOvE and BEyOnd. i LOvE HELping tHEm acHiEvE tHEir gOaLs’. Alex, from Anthony Nolan’s Community Fundraising team


    Reg charity no 803716/SC038827 140FR/0214/3000

    ‘pEOpLE wiLL dOnatE morE if tHEy gEt sOmEtHing Back. EvEn if it’s just a LaugH at your ExpEnsE.’ Bruce, Anthony Nolan fundraiser

    Sending in your money

    Online You can pay in the money you’ve raised at Or, if you’ve raised money through an online fundraising page it automatically comes directly to us. So you can have a well-deserved sit down with a cuppa.

    By post Please make cheques and CAF vouchers payable to Anthony Nolan and send them to us along with the enclosed ‘Sending in your donation’ form to Anthony Nolan Fundraising, 2 Heathgate Place, 75-87 Agincourt Road, London, NW3 2NU.

    Cash Please don’t send cash in the post. If you’ve made cash donations, please either send a cheque for the equivalent amount or make a card payment. Which you can do…

    Over the phone We accept all major credit and debit cards. Please call 0303 303 3002 to make a payment.

    After you’ve raised all that lifesaving loot – thanks very much! – what happens next?

    So whAt’S NExt?

    Planning for the future

    Now you’ve saved some lives, fancy saving some more? There are loads of ways to keep curing blood cancer.

    • If you’re aged 16-30 and in good health, become a lifesaver yourself by joining our bone marrow register

    • Inspire others to sign up and become potential lifesavers

    • Set up a regular donation and save lives all year round

    • Get the blood pumping with a physical challenge

    • See if your workplace, school or community group will fundraise for us

    Want to have a chat about what else you can do? Give us a call on 0303 303 3002 or email


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