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Discover your Lake Baikal! 6 days/5 nights November 2011- March Bear hunting tour

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  • 1.Bear hunting tourNovember 2011- March6 days/5 nightsDiscover your Lake Baikal!

2. Bear hunting tourMeeting with Baikal taiga reserve and its inhabitants is waiting for you during theunique trip Bear hunting tour. It is a hunting tour with a guaranteed trophy. Duringthe whole trip you are in good hands of professional hunting guides with years and yearsof hunting experiences.Suggested dates of your trip start from the 20th December and finish on the 20th ofMarch. During this time bear hunting is officially allowed .The greatest advantage of the trip is that it is an exclusive tour that can be made onlyone time per year.During the tour you will accommodate at a comfortable tourist resort, also you will haveeverything a hunter needs: 3 meals a day, transport, guns and professional service. 3. Talovskoe hunting lodgeRouteIrkutsk 4. Hunting areasDay 1 5. Day 1Meeting at the airport or train station in Irkutsk with Siberian hospitality . and a little . :surprise. Transfer to the Talovskoe hunting lodge (transfer duration 4 hours).Accommodation at the, , Hiking tour along Buguldeika river. , , cottage for hunters. Lunch. , , ( , , ).Gun shooting, instruction on the bear hunting specifics. Dinner. Russian banya.Meals included: lunch and dinner. 6. Talovskoe hunting lodgeTalovskoe hunting Lodge is located 200km from Irkutsk in the vicinity of Lake Baikalat the Primorskiy Mountain Range. It is a comfortable hunting lodge for 10 people and anideal place for tourists dreaming of adventure activities.At Your disposal: cafe for 20 pax, wine vault, Russian Banya , picnic area, snowmobiles,outlanders (ATV Yamaha, Bombardier) 7. Cottage for huntersAccommodation at a comfortable wooden cottage. There are 4 rooms, a living-room witha fireplace, shower, two toilets. There is a nice canteen, Russian banya at the territory ofthe tourist center. 8. Siberian banyaTalovskoe hunting lodge is famous for its Siberian banya, which is made of pine. Fromthe steam room you can go outside and rub yourself with clean snow. It is reallyunforgettable! Siberian people use a switch of green birch twigs and beat each other withit, because it is very good for skin and health. There are special sauna caps, sheets andslippers in the banya. After banya you will enjoy having some tea with Siberian herbs. 9. Bear hunting Days 2-4 10. Days 2-4You will get to the place of hunting by car. Bear hunting with huskies. During the timeyou hunt you will stay at winter huts or at the tourist lodge (it depends on the place of hunting and the time you hunt). During these days you get the darling trophy.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 11. Hunting specificsHunting a bear is one of the most exciting types of a game a hunter can go after.A hunter-tourist and huntsman cautiously approach the den which was found in advance.The huntsman make a gorge, i.e. block the possible output from the den by the cut downpoles, then wake the animal up. At this time the hunter has an opportunity to fire a shotat the excited bear who is trying to escape from its den. In this case the hunter canobserve the animal in half of its body as the bear is gorged. The shot is fired at a distanceof 3-4 meters. 12. Fabulous taigaDay 5 13. Day 5Breakfast. Check-out from the hunting lodge. Transfer to Buguldeika settlement.Excursion to the marble career. Horse riding tour in taiga. Lunch. Transfer to Irkutsk byminibus. The transfer takes about 4 hours. Arrival to Irkutsk. Accommodation at thehotel The Star in twin or double standard rooms. Dinner at the restaurant of the hotel.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 14. Hotel The StarHotel The Star is a cozy three store building, which is located in the park area ofIrkutsk near the city center. All standard twin or double guest rooms are equipped withItalian furniture and necessary stuff a tourist might need, such as a wardrobe, bed,setelite TV, mini-bar, telephone, WC. The hotel offers different services, such as a goodsauna, massage, a swimming-pool, restaurant and bar. 15. Flight Day 6 16. Day 6Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Transfer to the airport of Irkutsk. Flight back.Meals included: breakfast. 17. Tour price Tour duration: 6 days/5 nights The number of people: till 4 The number of people in1234 the group Tour price per person, 7 775 4 325 3 9753 300Tour price for the group, 7 775 8 650 11 925 13 200 18. Tour price includes- Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk;- Seeing off at the airport of Irkutsk;- Guide service during the whole tour;- Hunting instructor service during the days of hunting;-All transfers as per itinerary: transfer Irkutsk Talovskoe hunting lodge - Irkutsk, car rentduring hunting, transfer to Buguldeika settlement, transfer to the airport;-Accommodation at Talovskoe hunting lodge at the cottage for hunters for 4 nights;-Accommodation at the hotel The Star at twin or double standard rooms for 1 night;-Meals as per itinerary: day 1 - lunch, dinner ; days 2-5 - breakfast, lunch, dinner; day 6 breakfast;-Excursions as per itinerary: hiking tour along the river Buguldeika, excursion to the marblequarry, horse riding tour in taiga;- Hunting license;- Guns rent;- Warm clothes rent;- Trophy;- Banya in Talovskoe hunting lodge (3 hours);-Health insurance in case of emergency. 19. Siberian cuisineFrom the ancient times till nowadays Siberian people were engaged in cattle breeding,hunting and fishing. Therefore, traditional Siberian cuisine is a combination of meat,poultry, fish and unique taiga spices. You will taste the traditional dishes of Russiancuisine, such as soups, pelmeni, pancakes, and Siberian native dishes - a variety of wildgame, pelmeni, mushroom soup, and, of course, a variety of dishes from Baikal fish! 20. Extra servicesThese services are not included into the price and should be paid extra:- Flight or train tickets to and from Irkutsk;- Alcohol;- Extra excursions and services- Meals not mentioned at the itinerary- Banya- Taxidermist work- Sitez- Documents for the trophy export abroad preparing 21. Contact information Experts for the recreation at Lake Baikal: Office in Moscow: +7 (495) 287-40-17Office in Irkutsk: +7 (3952) 500-689 e-mail: [email protected] 22. Quality AssuranceBaikalov is the only tour operator in Eastern Siberia that operates on the tour qualityassurance programm (Quality Assurance).The basic principle of the tour operator Baikalov is to guarantee the quality of a turn-key journey at the most beautiful and sacred sites of Lake Baikal. We are constantlyworking on to ensure that you are overjoyed at your vacations on Lake Baikal! Wecooperate only with the best guides. We offer only comfortable hotels, ships, boats andyachts. We guarantee the high quality of tours organization!Tour Quality Assurance applies to all itineraries tour operator Baikalov makes. Wecommit ourselves to organize your rest at the highest level. These commitments aredocumented in the section number 7 of the contract, signed by the tour operator and atourist. The guarantee extends to the category and class of a hotel, transfer conditions,ship characteristics, the number of meals and other qualitative and quantitativecharacteristics, reflected in the tourist contract.