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  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI


  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI


    3 S E F 2 0 1 3 : 6 : 4 4 OIC HQ 966 4 6 5 1 2 2 8 8 NO. 931 0 : I N D O N E S I A



    No.OlUST-l6(37)f2013 8 85 8 1 1 a SEPTkp General Sccrctdat of hc Organhaion of Islwtic Cooperation OIC) smmplin~enbo the OIC Mmk Gt&s IC 1Wd univmilities andhorlour to an n owe the $mmus o @a of paduate and pent-graduate schalarslwell as opparhrPlitiaa fbr Fallawsbigs, Sabbadeals, Faculty E x o h g o , Consultar:] esearchProjcat.e, by the 111ternadod11ldeURivmity of Malaysia IWMJ urOTC E d u a t i o d Esrob@ Brog~mmie,

    Under-graduate scbolambipe: HUNI is offering 3evm 7) scholarships at Magraduate level for the y m 014. These saholarships are baing o H w d in selecbincluding eoonomics, huaranities, engineering, ICT etc (medical sciences and exprograms are exdudad).Details regarding IKJM Upldagmdute progmimes may be accesaed at the fo:link-

    ,\pplication deadlines f i r undergraduate suholarehigs are as foUows:--- - - -1''~ere er 2013 - fOr ~ e 2014 semester);

    la April 2014 (for Jwe 2014 afmesliter)1 July 2014 for S~pternber014 Sarmetibr],The candidates must fin li the c demic requiremeats of the mspective faCUltprogrammes (excellent grrildss). ,A c m b muat M ngUsb pficiefcigncyrequiremats for the respectivep r s g r a e a b re ehtwhg tk university, The clashould notbe receiving any atber form of scholwshipor PmanciaI assistance.Qeneral admission requirement8 for undergraduate studies and other details Iaccessed at the f o l l o ~ ~ g

    Details about admitision p r o d w ~ s ay be accmsed he fo Iowing link:-

    Post-gn~duate ebolerabips; IWM is offering thrbe sekolwahips at the ppst-glove1 for the y o u 2014. These soholmhips we being effer~dn selected flel is

    POBox:170, legdah21411,Klngdom olSaudlArebb I I:+PBB GI 5 92 Fax+BaB2651 22awwwaklloellarg


    Rs itas the)S, 9r and3r the


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  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI


  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI



    2 S E F 6 3 1 6 : 4 5 O I C H Q 9 6 6 2 6 5 1 2 2 8 8

    The final approval and rejection of apy application r proposal i s the ~xclusive i ht ofIIUM tOnce the candidates have been accegad by the INM the oandidates will be njtifiedthrough the OIC Oeneral Secmmiat and asked ts amt other admission md immigrationformalities of IIUM and Malaysia respectively. INecessary certification of the sending and w i v i n g gwements will be required k r allexchange arrangements.Post-Dactorrtl Program4 IfThe post-doctoral program will oovu science techology and engineering as wall shumanities, social ~s~imoesnd Illamio s t u f i ~ s .Th ost~cctopprlprogram i s ely aresearch oriented program which angagas succcs6fi.d candidates in research and rb~atedactivities.There re three 3) positions allocated yearly at IIUM,

    Candidate must be a PhD h o l b n any ~elevrsnt iscipline. IThe applicationshould be submitted within rhe fmt years after graduation.Cmdidate must have ti record of rmcarch and publioatio~ n internationalindices (ISI,Saopus, etc)Candidate should not be e m l l d in an post-doctoral scheme s the;a stime ISubject to the availsbfl i~ f a supervisor. candidate can be recruited for aperiod of 1 ye rThemonthly allowance upon successMlyjoining the p r o p s RM5,000.00

    All applications through this program shall bc submitted to the cf c he +utyRector Internatiornalisatiou Industry sad Community Relations) b r coordination andfollow-up. Copiesmay a h e marked he OIC General Secretariat,Fellowj~hi~.abbaticals and Bacultv Excha+eUnder this oomponent of the pragranrsle k e an be both short-term and lonarrangements for faculty wehm~awkaeby higher education institutions botbpublic and private seetoss will be enoouraged to make ofPers for the facultywith IIUM on miprocd or unilateral h i s amordance with their nceds andThe OIC General ecretariat wilJ m int in a roster of offers and needs bylecturers and researchers and will cinulate thisinfo o all Member States.All applications through MI mgram shall be submitted to thc office of the pputyRector hernationalisation Iadwtry d Community Relations) for coordinati n andfollow-up. Copies may also be marked to the OIC General Secretarbt.


  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI


    2 S E F . 2 i 3 6 :45 O I HQ 9 2 6 5 2 2 8 8

    This component will involvs the exoharrge of oonrmlm and mearehen for on o n ~ gprojects of interest or nidation of a m oint pro)c*s, During the e x ~ h g e, iod,researchers can work o their reaectreh projoote, organize seminar8 and worksl~qpsnselected topics along with reaapulohesof the E ~ Bubjects, and attand courses in relevantsubjects being aught at IIUM The U n i v d t y will identify viable and marketableprojects (cornmemiabtion of IP D) by linking such projectswith interested industriesnmember states

    All applications through this program ahall be submitted to the office of the ~ k ~ u t ~Rector (Internationalisation t Industry anel Cornunity Relations) for coordin~tion dfollow-up. Copies may dso bt matked to the OICOmera Smetariat,

    OIC Membr States are ~ w u ~ a g e do stmd eotwert~ ad locearchm to IIUM for tri/iningcoursestspecialIzedprojects to cater ta the spciflc needs of the requestingmember s tates.Such specialized requests can be d d t with ona case-by-case basis.~ ppliostionr through t6is p r o mW bc sutmitted to tiw office of the ~ k ~ u t yRector (Tnteraationdisbtion Industry nd Community Relations) for coordlnstioh andfollow up. Copies may also be marked to the OIC General Secretariat.The esteemed Member States and OIC affiliated universities are requested to widelypublioizc thc above idonnation for enefit of the interested students thou h alla\v~ilablechannels including print and eleatronio media, l e d universities aad re evanteducational institutions.and the OIC a i a t e d universities the rzsswancea of its highest consideradon. ihe General Secretariat avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Member StatesTo

    AU OIC Member State1(11) PI Aftlhated Unintersitiq

    I . nternational Islamic Uaivcrsity Malaysia2. Islamic University ofNiger3. slamicUniversity of Technology (IUT), Dhaka Bangladesh4. Islamic Udva~si tyn Wgaade

    1. COMSATS nstitute of InformationTechnology (CIIT), slamabad2. National Univereity sfScience and Technofagy (NUST), Islamabad


  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI


    3. S ~ F r3 6 :45 OI HB 966 6 5 2 2 8 8

    3. Udvmity of P m W y d e4. Udv~rsity f KualaLupw UdKL),Wrayaia5 W e asmT doal Udvm~ityMETU), NosPfne;PCypwCaaDpw6, baijrtn Diglwtitt Acacbny (ADA)7. Istanbul Aydin Ui$vtrsity, btmbul, Turkey8 TheCyprur In4t~~~ anal&efeity eK1) I9. The l lmaIaWterr-m Univmity (EMU), TRNC10. Tha E m p ~ r e n d d t y efLefke @WL)11 The im Am Ualv&ty (OAV), TRNC12,TheNear Udverskyo RN


  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI





    l t~ lanva l iu~ l s lslamic University Malaysia announces several schularshipsundcr the OICEdamtionrl Exchange ProgrammeS ' I C lr~lsn~ni.ionalslamic Ur~iversilyMalaysia (IIUhl) has offeed a range of under-$rudu:ttc,?oa graduate arrd PlbD scholarships for students rom OIC Member States undet thc Ed' c ~ t i u ~ l x lI.sclim~gcProgratn. It addition tllc lIUM has offaed the p h c e m a t of student.. in its Past-)octt~lalI ro~~sm here interested students can engageinresearch and related rlctiv~tics~

    II IN I I LJMs also rcady for short-tcrm a i d long-term mmgc.ments far hculty exchange whmebyh i ~ h c r clucation institutions both in the public and private sectors in the 01C Member States arecnmuragzd to make offers for faculty exchange wlth IICJM on reciprocal oc rinilarcr:al basis illat.l.unk~~icr:ith Llicir rt eds and priorities. The OIC &nerd Sccrebriat will tnuintiiin o'rostcr ofr>ffi:rs and needs by IIIJM tor lecturers and resmrchers, and will circulate this informnt on to a11hlcmbcr States.I lr: Il(i lr4 offer nlrn includes arrangements far exchange af consultants and rcrearcheJs for on-going pr~ i~c t sf i1~tvrcstor the initiation of new joint projects. During thc oxehaneb p n o d ,rvsc.ilrchors can work on their research projects, organize seminars wd workshops in scloctccltopics along with researchers of the same subjects, and attend oitrses in relevant subjetts beingt ~ u g h l t IICM. Thc UrJvcrsity will idcntify viable and marketable projects (ct~mm ercializatioi~r)t'Ii LI) hy linking such projects with interested industries in Member States.O I I : Member States are alro encouctged to send lfcturar arid researchers to l lUM for trainingc:ui~rsw/sl~ccializcdrojecrs to c.ater to the specific needs of thc rcquwtirrg Mcrnbcr Stales. S u cl~specialized rsqllests t n be deal1with on a caw-by-case basis. r.iktails 01 tfi: llllM offer are being shared with a l 1 1 ~ Member States by the GeneralSecrctarint ~Rrough o f i ch l diplomatic channsls; Interested students, rcsol-ll~cl~c~s~aculty: l l ~ f l l \ ~ c l ~all also directly access these details at thc OIC yebsite ( ww.oic..oci.o~y,nder tl~crd I :docrltional Ex~hangu 'rogramnle).[ai-ticipation of ihl: tiUM an 01C affiliated university o f high international sfanding, i" tlbc OlCl,rl~~m\tionaIxchange Progrorr~rne u p r s w~ell or promo ti or^ of greater cooperation in highcr~ ~ [ l u r a t i c ~ r ~tid strengthening of academic linkages behveen the O1C Membcr Srntes ;whiclr is~~npt'rativeor Lhc advancement of knowledge in the Muslim world. III he 01C Educational Exchange Programme: Solidarity through Acadcn~ia n rhe; Muslir~~World' is dr~wingncreasing interest and participation Wrn Member States and their public andpriv te sector universities. h significant number of students is currently bcncfiting from thehi gl~cr edllcation s~ }l ola rsh ips ffered uncler the Programme by high ranking univcrsitics in8.naric usMcrnbe~States and lnAny more offers are n the pipeline.

    PCJ PAX: 178 Jcddah 2141 1, Klngrlornof Saudi Arabia I rel: 966 651 5222 Fax + I662 651



  • 8/13/2019 Beasiswa OKI


    l ltr. lC ducational Exchasgc Programme is based on the recognition of thekno~vlcder:, higher cducation. research and science and technology in thej:rorr;r,lion of cooperation between the OIC countria in thesc fields.J,tuslinl wt>rId. A c c ~ ~ d i ng l y ,he OI Secretary General has parliculorl~ i , c ~ ~ s;exiil~S enriching the ducational oxpr:rience o f the students as well is f;sculLy and encouragingt-~chan e rr knowledge and idcas among them, th Programme o n play nposilivo rolq tc>wardspl ori~otlnfi ol ida r i~ nd fisrcringunderstandingand tolorancc among thc Mcmber Stat . cnwihr- Pf i~~~ i in jmencorpurclies Islamic solidarity both as a me ns as well si , n t r ~ h ~ L ~ sowards firthesing one of the fiu~damentalbjectives oftheDIC