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Beatles Digipack Deconstruction

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  • Beatles Digipack Deconstruction

  • DigipakThis is the digipack for The Beatles Greatest Hits album. The mise-en-scene of the digipack remains the same throughout. The overall look of the digipak is that of a retro, 60s rock and roll style record that is unique and retro for an audience nowadays. Although this design may have been modern and contemporary at the time of production, technology and creativity has blossomed since then and this digipak now has a retro feel that would attract an audience because of its individuality. As vintage-esque clothing, decoration and promotion is now extremely popular with the target audience that I will be targeting (12-18 year old females), I believe that the target audience would enjoy this kind of style and I will try to take inspiration from this when creating my own product. The retro use of dark colours/light creates a vintage feel also and apples directly to the genre of pop/rock.

  • The CD Impression

  • Front Cover

  • Back CoverThe back cover of the disk is mainly for delivering important information for the audience. I think that the reoccurrence of the apple image (as seen on the record) works as a strong background image and has tenuous links to the apple of Isaac Newton- a changing figure in the way that the world is viewed. I therefore feel that this inclusion of this image is a clever way to create a positive life changing connotation for the band. The genre is included too as the sepia colouring is still maintained on this back page to suggest it is retro and vintage and unique, such as the pop/rock genre with origins of rock and roll suggests. The apple is also the representative logo for the record label (Apple Records).Therefore, when the audience would see the apple logo they would automatically think of The Beatles who were most famously attached to the label.Essential details include: Disc Title, Track names and numbers, barcode for selling the product, distribution companies and credited people involved in the production and distribution of the pack. The label is included, EMI

  • ConclusionIn conclusion, this CD digipak is a simplistic, genre orientated pack that focuses on the band rather than anything else. The sepia colours are maintained to give the package a house style that is recognisable to the era of the pop/rock production, and therefore gives the audience some insight into what type of music the band play without even reading it.I believe that audiences respond well to CD packaging as that is what makes them stand out on the shelf and encourage the audience to buy the digipack. I think that the originality of this digipack would attract a wide variety of teenage girls who too require individuality.