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  1. 1. Begin Reading
  2. 2. For our mothers Susan Racca, who raises baby squirrels and feeds them with an eyedropper, & Marilyn Ross Stohl, who could drive a tractor before she could drive a car. They are true Gatlin Peaches.
  3. 3. Tumult and peace, the darkness and the light Were all like workings of one mind, the features Of the same face, blossoms upon one tree; Characters of the great Apocalypse, The types and symbols of Eternity, Of first, and last, and midst, and without end. The Prelude: Book Sixth
  4. 4. BEFORE
  5. 5. Sugar and Salt some hooligans
  6. 6. 9.07
  7. 7. Linkubus Come on, already. Its time. Who are you? What do you want?
  8. 8. He was me. Finally. Catch-22. Enders Game. The Outsiders.
  9. 9. I wish we could catch yours.
  10. 10. 9.07
  11. 11. Mortal Girls Farmers Almanac
  12. 12. Hi.
  13. 13. What took you so long? Later. But, L, its been A whole nine hours? Yeah.
  14. 14. I dont want you to spend the first day of school in the nurses office. normal person.
  15. 15. Ethan, dont Shh. You worry too much.
  16. 16. I told you. Its the John Breed effect. Not too shabby for a quarter In- cubus. You cant expect a Mortal girl not to feel it. Just Mortal girls, L? Not all Mortal girls. Look
  17. 17. This is about to get ugly, L. Dont worry. Im not going to let Rid get kicked out on her first day. I wont give Principal Harper the satisfaction.
  18. 18. You okay? Im okay.
  19. 19. 9.07
  20. 20. Stonewalling Calm down, Lover Boy.
  21. 21. I dont like the way theyre looking at you. What way? This way. I get the picture. But I think youre way off. Look. I hate to break it to you, Ethan, but theyre not looking at me. girls.
  22. 22. Sweet baby in a manger. Heaven help us all. coffin
  23. 23. You know, if you look really close, you can still see the burn mark around the new light. How romantic. The scene of our first disaster. I think I see it.
  24. 24. Did you say something, L? What? Were you Kelting? I thought I heard something. No. Are you okay? IM WAITING. Are you sure youre okay? Im fine. The Crucible.
  25. 25. trying
  26. 26. You know, you can play basketball if you want to. I dont want to.
  27. 27. Not like you. You okay? No. Yeah. I just need to get some air.
  28. 28. World History me
  29. 29. 9.07
  30. 30. Off Route 9
  31. 31. Not even me.
  32. 32. I know. Crap. I didnt mean I know. Youre not blaming me. Its all right.
  33. 33. Im ready. Im not either. Not as long as were together. No. I dont. I cant.
  34. 34. The Book of Moons. if when. Im waiting. Thats what the notebook said. What notebook?
  35. 35. Ethan? Whats going on?
  36. 36. The Eighteenth Moon. What do you think it means, L? I dont know.
  37. 37. How would he come up with that? Did we say something about the songs in front of him? Have we messed something up? No, Ethan. We never said anything. So if hes talking about the Eighteenth Moon Its because someone wants him to. Sixteen Moons Seventeen Moons L? You think its some kind of warning? From Abraham? Maybe. Or my wonderful mother.
  38. 38. It has to be one of them, right? Are you still there, Ethan? Im here. Will you read me something? We make ourselves a place apart / Behind light words that tease and flout, / But oh, the agitated heart / Till someone really find us out
  39. 39. Sixteen Moons Eighteen Moons, eighteen spheres, From the world beyond the years, One Unchosen, death or birth, A Broken Day awaits the Earth
  40. 40. 9.12
  41. 41. Glass Houses and Stones
  42. 42. smoking jacket.
  43. 43. mean Maybe she put her glass eye in the wrong side this morning.
  44. 44. Maybe. The Crucible. Facies Celata Facies me Mortal
  45. 45. that. so people Ethan, hes jumping too high. Yep. And running too fast. Yep.
  46. 46. Arent you going to say something? Nope.
  47. 47. L, I dont know if this is the right time for payback. Im not doing anything. But someone is. L, you think Ridley? Its impossible. Shes not a Caster anymore. She doesnt have any powers.
  48. 48. Lena Ridley, no! spinal injury
  49. 49. The Eighteenth Moon
  50. 50. 9.12
  51. 51. Adam and Eve not
  52. 52. Obex
  53. 53. Wait.
  54. 54. Mixed supernatural blood. Ethan, theyre looking for John. I guess youre right. The council of what? Later, Ethan.
  55. 55. Theyre looking at all those crazy family trees, L. None of it means anything. Not yet.
  56. 56. distasteful. Lunae Libri
  57. 57. Lets go. Hes the Adam? L
  58. 58. Ethan. If hes the Adam en- gineered I dont want to be the Eve. Youre not. You dont know that, Ethan. I think I am. Youre not, L. I think I was supposed to be. bred
  59. 59. Breed Its sick. Hes sick. Abrahams gone, L.
  60. 60. 9.15
  61. 61. Izabel
  62. 62. Are you sure you want to do this? No. But I need to know what happened. L, you know what happened. This is where it all started. Where my mother held me as a baby. Where she decided to hate me. She was a Dark Caster. She wasnt capable of love. Part of me is Dark, too, Ethan. And I love you. Its not the same. Youre also Light. I know. But Sarafine isnt gone. Shes out there somewhere, with Abraham, waiting. And the more I know about her, the more pre- pared Ill be to fight her.
  63. 63. We didnt matter to her. This proves it. Lets go, L. You dont have to do this. Yes, I do.
  64. 64. You are such a special girl, and I will always take care of you L?
  65. 65. Am I crazy, or did it look like Sarafine cared about me? Youre not crazy. But, Ethan, thats not possible. Maybe it is.
  66. 66. Great Expectations Izabel was shaking violently. She knew what was happening, and it had to be a mistake. It was her deepest fear, the nightmares that had haunted her since she was a child. This wasnt supposed to happen to hershe was Light, not Dark. She had tried so hard to do the right
  67. 67. things, to be the person everyone wanted her to be. How could she be anything but Light, after all that? But as the devastating cold tore through her veins, Izabel knew she was wrong; it wasnt a mistake. She was going Dark. The moon, her Sixteenth Moon, was full and luminous now. As she stared at it, Izabel could feel the rare gifts her family was so sure she possessedthe powers of a Naturalbeing twisted into something else. Soon her thoughts and heart would not be her own. Sorrow, de- struction, and hate would force everything else out. Everything good. Izabels thoughts tortured her, but the physical pain was unbearable, as if her body was tearing itself to shreds from the inside. But she forced herself to her feet and ran. There was only one place she could go. She blinked hard, her vision clouded by a golden haze. Tears burned her skin. It couldnt be true. By the time she made it to her mothers house, her breath was ragged. Izabel reached above the door and touched the lintel. But for the first time it didnt open. She pounded on the door until her hands were cut and bleeding, then she slid to the ground, her cheek resting against the wood. When the door opened, Izabel fell, her face slamming against the marble floor of the hallway. Even that didnt compare to the pain ra- ging through her body. A pair of black laceup boots was barely inches from her face. Izabel clutched at her mothers legs frantically. Emmaline pulled her daughter up from the floor. What happened? What is it? Izabel tried to hide her eyes, but it was impossible. Its a mistake, Mamma. I know how it looks, but Im still the same. Im still me.
  68. 68. No. It cant be. Emmaline grabbed Izabels chin so she could see her daughters eyes. They were as yellow as the sun. A girl not much older than Izabel came down the winding staircase, taking the steps two at a time. Mamma, whats going on? Emmaline whirled around, pushing Izabel behind her. Go back up- stairs, Delphine! But there was no way to hide Izabels glowing yellow eyes. Delphine froze. Mamma? I said go upstairs! Theres nothing you can do for your sister! Their mothers voice was defeated. Its too late. Too late? Her mother didnt mean thatshe couldnt. Izabel wrapped her arms around her mother, and Emmaline jumped as if shed been stung. Izabels skin was as cold as ice. Emmaline turned, holding Izabel by the shoulders. Tears already marked the womans face. I cant help you. Theres nothing I can do. Lightning streaked across the black sky. A bolt tore down, splitting the huge oak that shaded their house. The splintered trunk crashed down, taking out part of the roof with it. A window shattered up- stairs, and the sound of glass breaking echoed through the house. Izabel recognized the unfamiliar look on her mothers face. Fear. Its a mistake. Im not Dark. Izabel couldnt bring herself to say the word.
  69. 69. There are no mistakes, not where the curse is concerned. You are Claimed Light or Dark; there is no in between. But Mamma Emmaline shook her head, pushing Izabel across the threshold. You cant stay here. Not now. Izabels eyes went wild. Gramma Katherine isnt going to let me live there anymore. I have nowhere else to go. She was sobbing uncon- trollably. Mamma, please help me. We can fight this together. Im your daughter! Not anymore. Delphine had been silent, but she couldnt believe what her mother was saying. She couldnt turn her sister away. Mamma, its Izabel! We have to help her! Emmaline looked at Izabel, remembering the day she was born. The day Emmaline had silently chosen her childs true name. She had imagined the moment she would share it with Izabelstaring into her daughters green eyes and tucking her black curls behind her ea


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