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  • Welcome. I have begun a newsletter to keep folks up to speed with my creative efforts in this world. Each is-sue will feature recently created works of art as well as a select few from the past few years if they bob to the surface, for now I am selecting very generally based on the people, animals, flowers and objects from my envi-ronment, the Eastern Mid-West mostly objects that I love to look at because I am interested in the theme or essence they reflect or evoke. Readers will be subjected to my writing and humor which at times exudes a casual, sometimes flippant irony with occasional flashes of acerbic wit. I will do my best not to lull folks to sleep, but if it works that way for you, apply liberally. Longer written articles from my website will be referenced as well. Please forward this e-newsletter to your friends and colleagues if appropriate. Thank you.

    Mark Emmet Foster January 7, 2014

    Marks Fostered January 2014

    all rights to the writing and the images displayed here

    remain the property of Mark Emmet Foster.

    please visit:

    above: Seeking Shelterbelow (left) kindred collage/photomontage of a loved one(right) The woodwrights truck (below right) Cardinal