because military heroes need heroes, too. ... because military heroes need heroes, too

Because Military Heroes Need HEROES, too. ... Because Military Heroes Need HEROES, too
Download Because Military Heroes Need HEROES, too. ... Because Military Heroes Need HEROES, too

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  • VISION To bridge the gap of investment capital to military veteran entrepreneurs by providing development, funding and a platform to grow through our force multiplier approach and to lift other veteran entrepreneurs.

    OPPORTUNITY To serve those that have served our country by giving them access to investment capital. The Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program helps veterans grow their company to serve their customers.

    THE PENFED FOUNDATION The mission of the PenFed Foundation is to provide service members, veterans, their families and support networks with the skills and resources they need to build a strong fi nancial future. PenFed Credit Union underwrites most PenFed Foundation expenses, so your donations directly support our nation’s service members, veterans and their caregivers.

    VETERAN ENTREPRENEUR INVESTMENT PROGRAM The mission of VEIP is to provide veteran-owned start-ups with seed capital to build and grow their businesses, create a robust network for veteran-owned businesses to succeed, and enable the PenFed Foundation to perpetually re-invest returns in future veteran-owned businesses.

    VEIP’S FORCE MULTIPLIER APPROACH SCREEN submissions from veteran entrepreneurs.

    FINANCE select companies with funds donated to the PenFed Foundation.

    MENTOR veteran entrepreneurs by leveraging PenFed partners and executives.


    Because Military Heroes Need HEROES, too.

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