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David, and his wife, Mary Ann, Welcome you to Beck Leather & Crafts. David Beck has more than 40 years in
the camp leather & crafts industry. In addition to owning the store, he
teaches all aspects of leather working and is involved in our community outreach & educational programs. He's an avid supporter of Scouting
(2014 District Award of Merit & Eagle Scout), Public Education and the Arts.
BECK CAMP & CRAFTS SUPPLY LLC Beck Leather & Crafts / Beck Awards & Laser Creating Memories and Keepsakes.
Youth/Campers today need HANDS ON ACTIVITIES that are FUN, challenging, creative, useful, and engage both aspects of their brain. Campers need to be successful at skills and crafts. Have any of your projects not turned out? Poor results? I remember one camp where I observed their leather & craft activity. The campers were soaking their projects in a bucket of water for 5-10 minutes before stamping their designs. Unfortunately, inadequate training produced poor craft results. The project designs looked fuzzy and blurry due to over casing (wetting) the leather. Tooling leather should be moist not soggy to produce the best results. That day, I decided that I needed to help camps have a more successful experience with crafts. I was trained by the best, Joyce Dupaix. She is the mother of 12 sons, all Eagle Scouts and one of the creators of the Great Salt Lake Council’s Cub Country & Frontier Fort concept. After 40 years of working with camps and youth groups, I have picked up a few secrets that I would like to share. I want your camp program to be successful!
you with camp tested practical experiences & tips for you and your staff. My book will help Discover useful insights for teaching crafts and skills, program choices, how to buy your craft projects, camp craft ideas, benets of crafts for camps, how to make leather stamping fun, pricing of products for your trading post, time management, how signs & displays help teaching crafts, how to show off samples of the products by your staff using and wearing the products, staff contests, and more.
Our mission is to help your camp be more successful by providing training tips in utilizing our quality and economical leather & craft products that will hold the many memories of Camp. KEEPSAKES that will last a lifetime.
Much of our inventory comes directly from our own manufacturing facility in West Jordan, Utah, including our laser etching and awards production. If you can dream it, we can create it. Thank you for suggesting new products and camp ideas. We are the custom manufacturer. Our quality kits and supplies cost less, with a better and more complete selection than you would nd at national chain stores, so we can keep your prices incredibly low and your camp well stocked. This will help your camp stay within budget and make money to support your other camp programs. Our products comply with the limits and labeling requirements set by the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.
Compare our kit instructions, packaging, prices, quality, service, and know how with other craft suppliers. You are the reason Beck Leather & Crafts has been in business for 19 years. THANK YOU!
available FREE at io o i & G i
BBEECCKK Leather & Crafts
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