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1. 11 Becoming a Software Defined Business 26 May 2015 @cote | Slides: 2. 2 Conclusions Companies want to use software for competitive advantage to achieving sustainable innovation to secure leadership To do this, companies are focusing on building their software delivery pipeline Three tactics that are working for your peers: 1. Re-discovering Innovation-driven IT strategies 2. DevOps provides the process for how its done 3. Cloud platforms provide the foundation 3. 3 @cote Director, Technical Marketing at Pivotal for Pivotal Cloud Foundry Former industry analyst at 451 Research and RedMonk Corporate Strategy & M&A at Dell Former software developer More: or Hello! 4. 44 Silicon Valley is coming. We are going to work hard to make our services as seamless and competitive as theirs. -Jamie Dimon, CEO@JPMC, 2015 letter to shareholders Source: 2015 letter to shareholders. 5. 5 [DevOps + cloud] == continuous delivery (More or less) Build Test/Verify Package repository Version Control Infrastructure Platform (IaaS, PaaS, VMs) Production Concerns (monitoring, scaling, etc.) Feedback Loop Specify Code Development CI/CD Ops 6. 66 Three areas that are working DevOps Defines the Process Innovation-driven IT Strategy Cloud Platforms Lay the Foundation 7. 77 Innovation-driven IT Strategy 8. 88 Enterprise IT is a victim of its own success 9. 99 Make time to establish a strategic planning mind-set in IT Most of IT Valuable to business Source: Cave men from Dare Obasanjo; James Clear on the Eisenhower Box. 10. 10 Different approaches for different problems Divide projects & code by: 1. Dont touch/quarantine 2. Carefully integrate 3. Green-field Source: Cutter from Murry Cantor and Israel Gat, 2015. See Migrating to Cloud-native Applications book by Matt Stine. E.g.: Explore/Exploit, bimodal IT, Cutter model, stranglers and SOA-cum- microservices 11. 11 Tactic: choose your initial projects wisely Mobile applications are an easy choice Limit scope to ensure success Focus on business value, time to market Build small successes into company-wide victories Learning from your peers: Source: Can You Put a Little Palo Alto Into an Insurer in Louisville?, Wall Street Journal, April 28th, 2015; HumanaVitality promotional video. See more at this "Humana Leads Charge for Digital Transformation In Louisville. Also, see Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 session. 12. 1212 DevOps Defines the Process 13. 13 Source: Getting Your Arms Around DevOps DevOps Patterns and Practices, Cameron Haight, Gartner, Oct 2014. 14. 14 Goals that lead to DevOps 1. Customer-centric focus on software products learning, design 2. The pipeline is the factory, from concept, to code, to production 3. Delivering software that runs on the Internet (mobile, web, etc.) 4. Faster turns, while maintaining quality, uptime, performance Lean approach to entire process Shorten time to customer value Keep the site up, resilience vs. failure Tactic: combine Development & Operations Sources: see The Practice of Cloud System Administration, chapter 8 for an in-depth definition and discussion. Also, see Damon Edward's 2012 piece "Use DevOps to Turn IT into a Strategic Weapon. Also, The Phoenix Project for a story of DevOps in the style of The Goal. 15. 15 DevOps is the evolution of Agile to include operations Gartner predicts 25% G2000 DevOps penetration by 2016 Requires an Agile approach, often you must change End-to-end focus Source: "Gartner Says By 2016, DevOps Will Evolve From a Niche to a Mainstream Strategy Employed by 25 Percent of Global 2000 Organizations, Gartner, March 2015. See also the Lockheed Martin keynote and the CoreLogic talk at Cloud Foundry Summit 2015. Learning from your peers: 16. 1616 Cloud Platforms Lay the Foundation 17. 17 When youre successful, youll have too many applications to support Now 100s of critical applications & processes Future 10,000s of critical applications & processes 18. 18 12 ops needs for the cloud stack 1. Role-based access to resources 2. Run specified code on demand 3. Coordinate cross service configurations 4. Securely and reliably connect to the public Internet 5. Read and write persistent data 6. Add and remove resources 7. Record internal and external events 8. Isolate failures to recover from failures 9. Monitor and measure performance and health 10. Detect and determine failure 11. Running a cloud business 12. Resilience to work tomorrow Source: adapted from You are Going to Need a Platform, Operational Concerns of the Third Platform, April 2015. 19. 19 Delegating to the platform for infrastructure frees you up to focus on business value Learning from your peers:Learning from your peers: Source: Warner Music Group talk from 2013 and interview on software factories; GE Software on Wind-turbines at Cloud Foundry Summit 2015. 20. 20 Tactic: youre gonna need a platform Source: see more on our website. Infrastructure 21. Thanks! @cote | Slides:


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