bed room styles which will ooze glamour

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It showcases bedroom styles designed by Indian Interior designers, which surely are going to catch ones eye and ooze their glamour quotient for home decor and Interior designing.


  • 1. 10 Bed Room Styles which ooze glamour!!Bedroom is the place we go to relax and escape everyday lifes hustle. Adding on a little bit glamour, will make it your stress free sanctuary to ease your mind and soul. Bedroom designed by Shahen Mistry

2. Check out this heavenly heaven bedroom designed by Sonali Shah. A palette of pure white with a lacy affair from the bedding to the art of draperies 3. Your bedroom is all about you, so dont worry about using popular trends, designed by Sonali Shah 4. This bedroom reminds us of a luxe holiday escape in the tropics -- who wouldn't want to wake up to that every morning? Designed by Hameeda Sharma 5. Wake up to the morning sunshine, bedroom designed by Hameeda Sharma 6. A cosy bed and proper lighting around is surely going to be the place to crave for at the end of the day, designed by Zero Gravity Studio 7. A cool breeze and a rustic setting is sure to give you a soothing sleep, bedroom designed by Aamir Sharma 8. Wall dcor is surely going to ensure a refreshing look and will help you sleep with the calmness it elicits, designed by Shahen Mistry 9. A master escape instead of just a place to sleep, designed by Sonali Shah 10. Clutter free white affair to add on romance in the bedroom, designed by Sonali Shah 11. With all these trendy bedroom styles it is important to have a walking space in the room. Also just make sure that the wall design and the furniture is to your comfort apart from adding on the luxury. Bedroom designed by Shahen Mistry. For more designs check out