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Technical • Engineered • Strength A solution for every application Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry Bedding Mortars

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Technical • Engineered • Strength

A solution for every application

Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry


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Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars2

About WeberAs a recognised manufacturer and innovatorof easy-to-apply products in the technicalmortars, facades, flooring systems and tile-fixing markets, Weber is a leading player in the construction products industry.

The natural synergy between these specialistactivities enables Weber to provide integratedsolutions for a wide range of projects frombuilding renovation and refurbishment to newbuilding developments and major civilengineering.

Weber does not sell only products but thecomplete solution which includes the servicesthat go with the products; technical supportand training. Based on its strong knowledgeand experience of the market, the Webertraining programmes meet the needs of itscustomers. Weber provides specifiers,developers and contractors across the boardwith substantial technical support, both before,during and after contract periods.

About Saint-GobainWeber is part of Saint-Gobain, one of theworld’s leading industrial groups with activitiesin construction products, flat glass andpackaging, high performance materials andbuilding distribution.

Saint-Gobain is an international groupemploying around 193,000 people in over 64 countries worldwide. Established in France in1665, Saint-Gobain is one of the world’s largestindustrial groups, with an annual turnover of€43.1 billion.

Some of the UK and Ireland’s most respectedcompanies and brands in the constructionsector are part of Saint-Gobain, includingBritish Gypsum, Glassolutions, Isover, PAM,Artex, Celotex, Ecophon and Pasquill. Together these businesses offer an unrivalledrange of products and innovative materialsolutions that give architects and designers theability to respond to the latest trends, whilstmeeting the most exacting performance andlegislative standards.

Weber’s TechnicalMortar RangeAlong with the range of Bedding Mortarproducts covered in this guide, Weber alsooffer solutions to the Construction Market in the sectors of Concrete Repair & Protection,Precision Grouts and Structural Strengthening…

Concrete Repair & Protection – Weber has awide portfolio of products designed tofacilitate repair and protection of concrete in most circumstances, ranging from handplaced materials for localised non-structuralrepairs, to flowable or spray solutions for massstructural replacement.

Precision Grouting – Reliable transfer of loadsfrom structure to supporting foundations is avital element of design in any civil engineeringproject, Weber’s high performance PrecisionGrouts offer excellent dynamic load carryingcapacity, are extremely durable and providegood chemical resistance.

Structural Strengthening – Upgrading of buildings,bridges and structural components through theuse of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) technologywhere high tensile strength, lightweight fibres withproven durability are utilised in the structuralstrengthening of concrete, masonry, metallicand timber structures.

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Bedding MortarsWeber offers a range of materials for thebedding of components in the Highway,Airport and Marine market place. Theseproducts are designed for the fast installationof components and long lasting reinstatement.

Maintenance and reinstatement work in theseindustries revolve around planning the works,time on site and performance of the materials,Weber prides itself in having specificallydesigned products with the contractor in mind that allow rapid installation and earlyreturn to service.

Weber Bedding Mortars have been designedto provide:

• Long term strength properties

• Resistance to shrinkage

• Long term durability

• Optimum workable properties

• Early site opening

• Consistency of performance

weber.cem range of bedding mortars aredesigned to be specified, mixed and used in aneasy format. These rapid strength gain cement-based materials only require the addition ofclean water. weber.tec bedding mortar is a 3-component resin-based mortar and is pre-packed in a pail and ready to mix on sitewith resin, hardener and filler component.

All products are CE marked where relevant,Declaration of Performance documentation(DoP’s) are available online or on request.

Markets &ApplicationsWeber Bedding Mortars provide ironworkbedding solutions for trunk road, motorwayand airport situations, where high-performance characteristics are paramount.

These include:

• Iron work access chamber frames

• Chamber tops

• Gulley pots

• Airport runway lights

• Airport duct covers

• Cable troughs

• Pre-cast kerbs

• Paving flags

• Stone setts

• Street furniture

• Lighting posts

• Chamber brickwork

• Drainage units

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Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars4

Concrete foundation

Load transfer(EBA)


Lateral support

Structural Component

Bedding Mortar

Complete void fillingzero shrinkage

Early load bearing,Dynamic resistance

High bondstrength

Primary Functions of Bedding Mortars

Requirements of aBedding MortarThe most important requirement for a beddingmortar which is intended to transfer loads tothe foundation, be it concrete, brickwork ormasonry, is for it to provide complete andpermanent filling of the space. Plain mortars,consisting of cement, aggregate and water,do not have such characteristics. Several otherproperties of the bedding mortar such ascohesiveness, rapid strength build-up,chemical resistance and compatibility with theoperating environment are also important.

For most applications, the space between thefoundation and the ironwork frame, stone slab,masonry block or other component, can bestbe filled by placing the mortar onto thefoundation and then lowering the componentand levelling it.

A plain sand / cement mortar with thisconsistency could be placed in the space andmay develop adequate strength. However,after placement, the simple mortar will losecontact with the component because ofsettlement, shrinkage and bleeding and maynot be able to resist dynamic forces andimpact caused by traffic.

The resultant breakdown of the bedding willcause settlement, misalignment and possiblydanger. To maintain permanent contact withthe component, a bedding mortar must beformulated using special additives withcementitious or resin systems. These mortarshave a high early strength, good EBA (EffectiveBearing Area - which is the actual area ofcontact under a bearing surface), andexcellent dynamic resistance.

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Weber bedding mortars are formulated forthe rapid installation of ironwork, streetfurniture, kerbs and paving. These mortarsare designed to cure to high levels ofstrength and resilience, and minimise theroad closure possession times.

Weber has been at the forefront of resinbedding mortar technology in research anddevelopment of highways reinstatementproducts. Weber has been successfully involvedin supplying bedding mortars for over 35 yearsand weber.tec bedding mortar has been widelyused for telecommunications installation on anationwide UK basis for many years.

All weber.cem and weber.tec products areformulated in accordance with the HighwaysAgency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges,Volume 7, Section 2 HD 27/94 and the DesignManual for Roads & Bridges Volume 4, Section2 HA 104/02.

Premature failures of ironwork installations haveshown to be a major factor contributing to thehigh annual maintenance budget of UK roads.

These failures are not in the ironwork, but ratherin substandard support systems, which canlead to rocking frames under traffic loads,noise pollution and even serious accidents.

The reasons for premature failure include thebreakdown of the bedding material underdynamic loads which leads to the ironworkworking loose. Cracking of a traditionalbedding mortar can occur due to:

• Excessive shrinkage of the mortar during installation

• Weak strength sand/cement mortar

• Slow strength gain from a mortar

• Lack of resistance to fatigue and impact

• Differential stiffness between the accesschamber and the surrounding road

• Movement of the ironwork frame underdynamic loading

• Failure of the adhesive mortar bond with sand/cement mortars


Repairs to Utilities Access ChambersProduct selection for major trunk roads and motorways

weber.cem pyratop

weber.cem 104 mortar

weber.tec bedding mortarThe mortars used for beddingironwork frames should be haunched over the base toprovide extra lateral support


weber.cem pyracrete


Concrete weber.cem pyrapatch

Page 6: Bedding mortars guide

For more information please visit,call 08703 330070 or email [email protected]

Weber bedding mortars are commonlyused in ports and harbours wherestructures and buildings are subject to seaimmersion, wave action and continuouswetting and drying in a highly abrasiveenvironment.

Loose blocks in stone sea walls and capstanscan be re-fixed using weber.tec bedding mortar.Damage to small areas (up to 600x600mm) ofconcrete decks and hard standing areas canbe patched with weber.cem pyrapatch whilstlarge scale abrasion or frost damage to canbe resolved using weber.cem pyratop.

Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars6

Street Reinstatement Works


Street furniture, kerbs and paving canbecome damaged through impact,weather, vandalism or general wear and tear. Repairs need to be fast andcreate the minimum of disruption tomaintain the security, safety and aesthetic quality of an area.

The Weber range of mortars provideseconomical bedding materials for streetfurniture, lightweight ironwork, paving, stone setts and the bedding of chamber tops in non-critical positions such as paths and alleyways.

Page 7: Bedding mortars guide


The need to have runways and taxiwaysoperational for the maximum period oftime is of great importance to airportoperators and airlines but the critical factoris safety. The airport must also maintainrunway and taxiway paving and isresponsible for the upkeep of the lightingrequired for safe aircraft operation.

Weber is the world leader in the manufactureof bedding mortars for the installation oflighting units to taxiways and bedding mortar a rapid setting resin-based mortar is specified and used inthese highly demanding environments withgreat success.

Alongside the bedding mortars Weberproduces precision grouts for the lighting cable and unit installation, rapid repairconcretes for reinstatement and in-surfacesealers to protect hard standing areas. Further information is available in our PrecisionGrout Guide and Concrete Repair Guide.

For more information please, call 08703 330070or email [email protected]

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Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars8

Page 9: Bedding mortars guide

weber.tec bedding mortar Polyester-based mortar for bedding andfixing access chamber frames, kerb stones,airport lighting bases, ducting, drains andhighway fixtures

weber.tec bedding mortar is a two-component, polyester-based mortar for thebedding and fixing of access chamber frames,airport landing lights, duct frames and precastconcrete units. It has been formulated for easy mixing and placement, even at lowtemperatures and, when cured, provides adurable, chemically resistant bedding andfixing material with good bond strength.


Typical applications include:

• Bedding/fixing access chamber frames

• Bedding of airport landing lights

• Bedding of duct frames

• Fixing precast concrete units e.g. kerbstones

weber.tec bedding mortar is suitable forexternal use with:

• Concrete

• Dense brickwork

• Asphalt

• Stone

• Block paviors

Features & Benefits

• Fully complies with the Highways AgencyDesign Manual Document HA 104/02 forbedding mortar for trunk roads andmotorways

• Meets the performance specificationresulting from the Highways Agencysponsored LINK research contract carriedout by Nottingham University’s Departmentof Civil Engineering (1977)

• Easy to mix and place

• 20 minute working time for ease ofplacement

• Rapid setting for quick return to service(within 2 hours at 20°C)

• Rapid grade available for cold weatherworking or fast completion work

• Special tropical grade available forapplication in temperatures above 30°C

• Good chemical and freeze/thaw resistance

weber.tec bedding mortar

For more information please, call 08703 330070or email [email protected]

weber.tec bedding mortar haunching

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Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars10

weber.cem 104 mortarHigh performance cement hybridbedding mortar complying with HA104/09

weber.cem 104 mortar is a two-componentcement based polymer modified and fibrereinforced mortar specially formulated for usein bedding of highways fixtures such as accesschamber installations. weber.cem 104 mortarcomplies with the performance requirementsof Highways Agency Design manual for Roadsand Bridges, DRMB, HA104/09 Mortars forBedding of Ironwork.


• Bedding of access chamber frames

• Bedding of gully gratings

• Bedding of street ironwork

• General purpose rapid setting mortar forfilling gaps and small holes around ironwork

• Bedding of precast kerbs

Features & Benefits

• Fully complies with the Highways AgencyDesign Manual Document HA 104/02 forbedding mortar for trunk roads andmotorways

• Fully complies with the requirements ofHighways Agency HA104/09 Mortars forBedding of Ironwork

• One grade for all year round use

• Easy to mix and apply

• Long workable time - around 15 minutes,allowing time for adjustments to levels

• Excellent cohesive bond to preparedconcrete and ironwork surfaces

• High early strength enables rapid return to service

• Negligible shrinkage on curing

• An environmentally-friendly greener solution and dark green in colour

• Non-hazardous waste disposal

• Fibre-reinforced

• Also supplied in sealed pails, protectingcontents from rain

• Resistant to groundwater

• More frost resistant than ordinary cement mortars

weber.cem 104 mortar

For more information please, call 08703 330070or email [email protected]

weber.cem 104 mortar

Page 11: Bedding mortars guide

weber.cem pyrabed &weber.cem pyracrete

weber.cem pyrabed Rapid-setting bedding mortar used in thereinstatement of road iron work andhighway furniture

weber.cem pyrabed is available in two gradesdepending on setting times, it contains a blendof special cements and graded aggregates,which when mixed with water produce fast-setting bedding mortars for the rapid installationof ironwork and highway furniture. It can beapplied to a depth of 10 – 100mm in one passand the rapid strength developmentcharacteristics allow the road to be opened totraffic between 60 – 90 minutes after placement,dependent on the grade of product selected.


• Bedding and levelling of road ironwork andhighway furniture

• Bonding of granite sets and flags

• Rapid installation of access chamber brickwork

• Emergency concrete road repair

• Rapid repair of kerbs, steps, platforms,precast units and honeycombed concrete

• Suitable for drypack applications

• Large cable duct installations

Features & Benefits

• A range of working times between 5 – 15minutes at 20°C

• Rapid strength development reducing repairpossession times

• Open to traffic between 60 – 90 minutes

• Shrinkage compensated

• Economical repair, can be extended withaggregate for repairs more than 100mm inthickness providing flexibility of use

• Excellent strength gain at low temperatures

• Excellent bond strength

• No primer required

• Complies with HA spec HD 27/94 achieving20 N/mm2 in less than 2 hours at 20°C

• Two grades of mortar to allow for varyingtraffic conditions

weber.cem pyracrete General-purpose, rapid-setting, cement-based bedding concrete

weber.cem pyracrete is a ready-to-use rapidcement based concrete mix. It contains inertgraded aggregates and non-chlorideaccelerators. The product has been designedto be poured into shuttered voids or to be used for applications where a lower slump isrequired.


• Setting of sleepers in tunnels

• Infilling

• Temporary patch repairs

• Many tunnel applications requiring a rapid setting concrete

Features & Benefits

• Single component – just add water

• Contains 5mm inert coarse gradedaggregate

• Resistant to groundwater to Design Sulphate Class 3 to BRE Digest 363

• Ultra rapid setting

• Working time 10 mins at 25°C

• Can be applied to depths up to 500mmthickness in small areas

• Can be mixed in a conventional concrete mixer

weber.cem pyracrete

Page 12: Bedding mortars guide

weber.cem pyrapatch

Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars12

weber.cem pyrapatch

weber.cem pyrapatch Fast-setting repair concrete for pavement patch or full-depth repairs

weber.cem pyrapatch is a pre-packedproduct based on hydraulic cements withspecially graded non-reactive aggregates.The product is polymer modified which, whenmixed with clean water, produces a fast settingrepair concrete, suitable for patch or full-depthrepairs up to 2m2. Typical patch repairs up to100mm depth and extended with aggregatefor full depth repairs. Complies with HighwaysAgency Specification for Highway Works.


• Small-scale, rapid concrete repairs, 25mm – 100mm depth

• Industrial floors, rapid repair of failed floor slabs

• Bridge deck repairs

• Rapid repairs to pavement concrete both thin-bed and full-depth

• Car park decks and ramps

• Forecourts which require early trafficking

• Loading bays

• Coastal slipway and causeway repairs in tidal zones

Features & Benefits

• 15 – 20 minute working time at 20°C

• Trafficable within 3 hours

• Shrinkage compensated

• Sulphate resistant

• Resistant to freeze/thaw action

• Can be used for winter work down to 5°C

• Contains non-reactive granite aggregatesgiving excellent wear resistance

• May be extended with non-reactive10mmgranite aggregate for full depth repairs over 100mm depth

• Excellent strength gain at low temperatures

• Self priming

• Good compatibility with parent concrete

• Requires only the addition of water

• Independently tested by NAMAS approvedlaboratory

For more information please, call 08703 330070or email [email protected]

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weber.cem pyratop

weber.cem pyratopRapid strength-gain repair concrete forthin bonded pavement repairs

weber.cem pyratop is a prepacked hydrauliccement-based product with specially gradedaggregates. It exhibits high early strength, isdimensionally stable and has excellent abrasionresistance. When mixed with clean waterweber.cem pyratop produces an early strengthconcrete suitable for thin-bonded toppings orfull-depth repairs up to 15m2. Complies withHighways Agency deck repairs specification.


• Thin-bonded repairs 25mm to 75mm depth

• Repairs to steps and joints

• Industrial floors or failed floor slabs

• Bridge deck repairs

• High strength repairs to pavement concreteboth thin-bed and full-depth

• Parking decks and ramps

• Loading bays

• Jetty decks and slipways to coastal areas

• Airport hard standings

Features & Benefits

• Fully complies with Highways AgencySpecification for Highway Works

• 25–30 minute working time at 20°C

• 45 minute set time at 20°C

• Shrinkage compensated

• Sulphate resistant

• Resistant to freeze/thaw conditions

• Can be used for winter work down to 5°C

• Excellent abrasion resistance

• Twin components – binder & aggregategiving better consistency

• May be extended with non-reactive 10mmgranite aggregate for full depth repairs over75mm depth

• Excellent strength gain after 3 hours at lowtemperatures

• Self priming

• Good compatibility with parent concrete

• Requires only the addition of water

• Independently tested by NAMAS approvedlaboratory

For more information please, call 08703 330070 oremail [email protected]

weber.cem pyratop

Page 14: Bedding mortars guide

Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars14


Bradford City Centre, weber.tec bedding mortar

Page 15: Bedding mortars guide 15

Project: Farnborough Airport

Product: weber.cem pyrabed

Client: BAA

Contractor: Associated Asphalt Ltd

Monaghan County Council was experiencing problems withfailure of access chamber covers and frames due to thebreakdown of the bedding material especially in areas of hightraffic density.

The repair of these access chambers is a serious problem due tothe time constraints of working in areas of heavy traffic and theproblems of allowing the bedding material to set. Their traditionalbedding material is a standard sand and cement mix, whichrequires up to 7 days to achieve a full set and has a poor recordof longevity against the constant loading of heavy traffic.

Monaghan County Council used both weber.cem pyrabed andweber.tec bedding mortar to provide a quick return to service forthe covers and frames while also ensuring the longevity of thesystem within the pavement with a return to service of 60 minutesachievable for both products.

Products: weber.cem pyrabed & weber.tec bedding mortar

Client: Monaghan County Council

Contractor: Monaghan County Council

The installation of a landing light system required theexcavation of several 100mm wide by 200mm deep trenchesrunning across the main landing strip.

Each 15 metre length of excavated trench needed to bereinstated and open to airport traffic within the 6 hour nightshift allowed to affect the works.

weber.cem pyrabed was selected to provide a workableopen time of 15 minutes allowing sufficient mixed mortar to beplaced and finished within one operation. The mortar wasblended on site with 30% by weight of 10mm aggregate tolimit the exotherm produced during hydration and to providea more economic repair system. An average of 80 linearmeters of trench per shift was reinstated allowing the runwayto remain in service until it was resurfaced one week later.

Project: Access Chamber Reinstatement, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan

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Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Bedding Mortars16

Project: Street furniture, Stoke-on-Trent town centre

Product: weber.cem pyrapatch

Client: Newcastle City Council

Contractor: Pitchmastic Concrete Repair Specialist

Product: weber.tec bedding mortar

Tyne Tunnel has suffered over the years from de-icing road saltscausing chloride to attack the concrete road deck. This has ledto reinforcement corrosion and subsequent spalled concrete tothe concrete deck. The strategic nature of the Tyne Tunnelmeant total closure for repairs was not an option. The clientwanted a permanent solution with repairs to be conductedwithin tight possessions of the tunnel

weber.cem pyrapatch, a fast setting pavement repair concrete,was used to reinstate the defective concrete to the road decks.The tight possession times meant the material was required to setfast and gain at least 20 N/mm2 within 3 hours to allow traffickingduring the daytime. The contractor found the material ideal as apermanent solution for road deck repairs within the tunnelsections. weber.cem pyrapatch complies with the HighwaysAgency Specification for Highway Works and is approved fortrunk road pavement repairs as a permanent repair concrete.

Road closures can be costly and disruptive and whenused to install street furniture for urban landscapingschemes. Signs and posts can become dislodged wheninstalled with conventional sand/cement mortar.

weber.tec bedding mortar was used to fix not only newaccess chambers easily and quickly, but was also used tobed lane-barriers, kerbs and all types of street furniture inStoke-on-Trent.

Its rapid-setting properties have found favour with localauthorities to prevent removal of barriers by vandalsduring setting, such as in the fixing down of speed bumps,bollards and kerbs.

Project: Tyne Tunnel, Newcastle

Page 17: Bedding mortars guide

Project: Glasgow Airport Runway 05/23

Products: weber.cem pyrapatch, weber.tec bedding mortar& weber.tec grout FG

Client: BAA

Contractor: AMEC/Tarmac JV

Product: weber.cem pyrabed

Contractor: JDM Midlands Ltd

A road re-surfacing project required the rapid replacement andinstallation of access chamber frames and gulley grates along a1km stretch of busy B class road linking two heavily trafficked A-roads in Pendeford, Staffs. The removal replacement and roadsurfacing was to take place over a 3 day period.

weber.cem pyrabedmortar was used to bed new access chamberframes onto pre-cut concrete planks. The existing access chamber frameswere removed and the exposed brickwork brushed to remove loosedebris. The concrete planks were bedded at 10mm mortar thickness ontothe existing brickwork. The mortar was allowed to cure for approximately 5 minutes before freshly mixed mortar was laid onto the concreteplanks at 30–50mm thickness to bed the access chamber frame.

After 20 minutes the void surrounding the frame was filled withweber.cem pyrabed at 100mm thickness to leave the top 10mm ofthe access chamber frame exposed. The frame was subjected totraffic 2 hours after completion of the application. Approximately20 frames were replaced over the following 24 hours - after 3 daysthe hot rolled asphalt wearing surface was applied.

Glasgow Airport main runway was nearing the end of its design lifeand strengthening works were required to rebuild runway 05/23.Work involved strengthening the central section for aircraft loadings forthe next 15 years, replacing the airfield lighting system and resurfacingthe runway - all within a tight runway possession between 10:30pmand 05:40am every night. The contractor needed to install newrunway cable ducts and 920 new runway lights within this possession.

weber.cem pyrapatch, a fast setting pavement repair concrete, wasused to install the new lighting ducts along the main runway. The tightpossession times meant the material was required to set fast and gainat least 30 N/mm2 within 3 hours to allow aircraft landings after 06:00hours. The contractor cut chases through the existing runway andused weber.cem pyrapatch to infill around the electrical ducts.

The lighting units were installed using the BAA approved weber.tec bedding mortar, a fast setting resin mortar enabled thecontractor to install the lighting units quickly in temperatures downto 0°C and the lights were then grouted into position withweber.tec grout FG.

Project: Access Chamber replacement, Pendeford, Staffordshire

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Weber Technical Mortars for the Construction Industry

Technical Support and ServicesWeber has built a reputation for its technicalsupport, both at design and on site during theapplication programme.

Qualified civil engineers and experiencedspecialists are available in the field to provideimportant design and preparation advice tospecifier and contractor and support toapplicators as the project progresses.

While these teams can assist when problemsdevelop, their main purpose is to address issuesvital to the successful completion of a projectbefore the problems occur and assist allinvolved in reaching the ‘right first time’ goal.

Training Based on its strong knowledge and experienceof its market, the Weber training programmesmeet the needs of its customers. Weber hasinvested in dedicated training facilities whichoffer the opportunity for both theoretical andpractical training with conference room andpurpose designed practical areas.

One-day courses for training on repair andmaintenance techniques are undertaken atour Flitwick head office. Subjects includestructural concrete repair, bedding, groutingand composite strengthening.

Interest in the availability of training should, inthe first instance, be directed to your localSales Manager or Weber direct on 08703330070 or email: [email protected]

Recognised &RecommendedApplicatorsExperienced labour is more and more difficultto locate, especially in the application oftechnical products where the standard ofwork left reflects directly on specifierindemnity. Weber will put specifiers and clientsin touch with specialist applicators that haveshown they can produce good quality work. Aselection of Recognised and RecommendedApplicators can be supplied for major projectsdetailing their range of specialities, skills andresources, all will have experience insuccessfully applying Weber materials.

Bedding Mortars18

Page 19: Bedding mortars guide

Installation of drainage channels, weber.cem pyracrete

Reinstatement of access chamber cover, weber.cem 104 mortar

Quality Assurance & GuaranteesTotally committed to quality, customer serviceand the ongoing development of highperformance materials, Weber provides a TenYear Materials Guarantee. The Weber Ten YearGuarantee covers all Weber products as longas they have been applied in accordancewith the company’s specification, instructionsand good working practice. This guaranteedoes not affect your statutory rights.

Quality Assurance in manufacture ismaintained through the use of modern plantand stringent quality testing. All facilities haveregularly monitored quality systems andprocedures in place and Weber has madeconsiderable investment in achieving andmaintaining the highest possible standardsavailable. BS EN ISO standards are animportant measure and control of thecompany’s determination to follow these key drivers. All sites currently operate to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and BS EN ISO 14001.

StandardsWeber Bedding Mortar products listed in thisguide have all been tested and adhere to therelevant parts of the industry requirement of BS EN 1504 standard (Products and systems for the protection and repair of concretestructures – Definitions, requirements, qualitycontrol and evaluation of conformity), whererelevant. These include:

• BS EN 1504 Part 3 - Structural and non-structural repair

• BS EN 1504 Part 6 - Anchoring of reinforcing steel

SustainabilityWeber takes the issue of sustainabledevelopment very seriously. In the UK andIreland, we approach sustainabledevelopment in line with the Group’s globalstrategy, but tailored to local requirements andcircumstances. As part of the world leader indesigning, manufacturing and distributingconstruction materials, we are committed tomeeting some of the most fundamentalchallenges faced by the world today.

These are:

• Reducing energy consumption

• Limiting our impact on the environment

• Creating a new generation of buildings which are safe, comfortable and energyefficient.

Weber is continually investigating innovativeconcepts for materials and exploring methodsof production that are aimed at reducing itsimpact on the world’s natural resources andinvolve lower risk to applicators in use.

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