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Bedroom Vastu | Vastu for Bedroom | Vastu Tips for Bedroom | Vastu Bedroom Colors

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Bed Room VastuAccording to ancient science of directions, Vastu Shastra peace and harmony reign through bedroom if the room is located in right direction. A properly located bedroom provides complete relaxation after a weary day and also brings good things into life. Here are given the facts which explain complete vastu for bedroom. Free Kitchen Catalog 2012By SLEEK. The Kitchen Specialist Get Product Catalog Delivered Now!

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Location for Bedroom

Ideally master bedroom should be located in southern part of the house and all other bedrooms should be located either Entrance Door Specs towards the East or North of master Download free csi specifications for entrances bedroom. Master bedroom may be and storefronts. located in south-west of the house. This room should be used by the head of the Vastu -Easy corrections Simple ways to correct existing vastu for home, family and eldest son of the family. South portion is also recommended for eldest son office or factory bedroom. If there is more than one floor, the head of the family should have his bed German-Italian Furniture room in south-west direction on first floor. The Finest Sofa, Recliner Brands at Simply This bedroom should not be used by young Sofas- So Fa, So Good. children otherwise unnecessary quarrels can take place in the house. A west sided bedroom is good for children. An eastern bedroom can be used for children. But this room should not be used by newly wed couples because it can cause unnecessary quarrel between the couple. Teenager girls should have their bedrooms in north-west direction. The bedroom should not be constructed in central portion of the house or in basement as it may lead to mental tension. Also bed room should not be constructed above porch and kitchen. An attached bathroom can be in north-west or south-east of bedroom.

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27-Jul-12 3:56:04 PM

Bedroom Vastu | Vastu for Bedroom | Vastu Tips for Bedroom | Vastu Bedroom Colors

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Cabinet Location Cabinet/Almirah should be placed in south-west of the room opening towards North. It should be placed leaving south-east, north-east, south-west, north-west corners and east and north directions of the room. Television and Electrical Appliances Location Avoid television in bedroom. If you place T.V. in bedroom, it should be kept in south-east of bedroom. It should never be placed in front of bed as it works like a mirror. Thus placed mirror is not good for health. Electrical appliances should be kept in south-east of the room. Doors and Windows Location The door of bedroom should be in the East or the North. Windows in the East and North of the room are beneficial. Color Scheme Color affects our mind and changes the mood. Vastu recommends light colors. Light colors are better than dark colors. The color of bedroom should be light rose, pink, blue, yellow and green. Avoid black and red color in bedroom. Yellow and white marble should not be used in bedroom. Lighting As per vastu lighting is an essential part of bedroom. Comfortable lighting is the key to excellent bedroom. The bedroom should not have too bright or too dim lighting. Keeping an up-lighter in south-east is good.

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27-Jul-12 3:56:04 PM

Bedroom Vastu | Vastu for Bedroom | Vastu Tips for Bedroom | Vastu Bedroom ColorsMirrors Do not use mirror in bedrooms. If it can not be avoided, keep it in such a position that should not reflect your shadow while sleeping. Keep a curtain on mirror to avoid reflection. To avoid mirrors in bedroom means to avoid unnecessary quarrels between the couple.Cork Flooring Bathroom Lighting Sewerage & Plumbing System Home Decorating Tips Home Lighting Tips Safety Tips For Stairs Kitchen Ventilation Centering and Shuttering / Form Work Inviting prosperity through the Main Door Teen rooms

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Tips for Vastu Bedroom

As a general rule of vastu, south-west corner of bedroom should not be left empty. Always keep heavy things, furniture Related tips etc. in this portion in every room. Pooja Room should not be locate under the stairs South-west side of the house and of all rooms inside the house should always be Vastu recommends that you avoid black and gray color in heavier than the East and north-east side. your home as these may cause frustration and depression. Maximum open space should be left in Having a mirror on the wall opposite to the foot of bed can north-east side of the room and house. disturb your sleep; cover the mirror at night for more restful Nobodys bedroom should be exactly in the sleep. middle of the building. Some buildings do not get proper eastTags west and north-south directions. They have Aggregate Bathroom Board Brick Building corners only. In bed rooms of such buildings, for getting the proper direction, Ceiling Cement Color Concrete one should not put his bed in an oblique position. Construction Dampness Dining Door Finishing As far as possible, the almirah should not be in the bedroom. If it is necessary, it should be placed in a way leaving the south-east, the north-east, the south-west and the Flooring Furniture Glass Home Interior northwest corners as well as the east and the north directions. Interior decoration Kitchen Kota Light Marble

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