beginnings of the conservation movement

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Beginnings of the Conservation Movement. 1900’s – 1930’s. The end of the “never-ending” West. West ward expansion no longer possible Progressive Era : attempt to cleanse the nation of “evils” that resulted for unrestricted economic growth (industrialization). Technological/ Social Changes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


1900s 1930sBeginnings of the Conservation MovementWestward expansion no longer possibleProgressive Era : attempt to cleanse the nation of evils that resulted for unrestricted economic growth (industrialization)The end of the never-ending WestTechnological/ Social ChangesAutomobileTechnologySought the good lifeIrresponsible use of nations natural resources contributed to Great DepressionRegulated use of nations natural resourcesOrganized first conservation conferenceU.S. Fish/Wildlife ServiceBelieved in conservation not preservationResponsible, efficient and planned use of resources.increased national forests from 42 million acres to 172 million acresGrand CanyonPetrified Forest

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Studied ForestryLike Teddy Roosevelt believed in conservation not preservation of nature.Conflict arose between two groupsDam in Yosemite National Park

Gifford PinchotRoaring TwentiesOverexploited land to produce wheat.Dust bowl

Presidential apathy by Harding/ Coolidge

Hoover: interest in resource management


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