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Filming was a process in which we understood more as we got further into our production. We started of by using tripods as it supports the weight and maintains the stability of the camera. In this photo David Odumusu is filming whilst using a tripod as it provides stability against downward forces and horizontal forces. The tripod was good for this particular shot as the positioning of the three legs away from the vertical centre allows the tripod better leverage for resisting lateral forces which allowed us to get a good scenic shot whilst our artist (myself) was walking in front of the view. This was to reveal the artist mind set as people usually end up with nature when they want to think or reflect. In this case our artist is reflecting on a crumbling relationship. Recordings of me were taking by both David's whilst I got behind the camera whilst filming our female character.

We eventually started filming without the tripod to get more interactive shots. Most of our performance scenes were filmed without the tripod to follow my movements whilst I was lip syncing the lyrics. During the time we were filming scenes at night it was important to make sure that we had good light. Therefore we tried out several locations to make sure my facial expressions were visible in order for our audience to be engaged.


DIRECTINGWe all shared our ideas whilst directing our media product. Since I was the actor being filmed I made sure to check that I was happy with the quality of our filming after each shots. The balloon scene was shot at my house therefore I directed this scene as I knew the best area to film it. I provided a small space so the balloons will become fuller in a tight area. I also provided the disco lights which worked well with the balloons as they had the same colours. This was an aesthetic shot to incorporate different elements into our music video.

For this scene we used an iphone camera rather than a professional camera. This is because we wanted to reveal that this shot is in the past. When recording the lamppost above was effecting the lighting so Alicia and David had to change their positions. This is because we wanted to use natural light rather than artificial. At the start of the recording I was in the background unintentionally so I had to step further back so I wouldnt be in the shot

EDITINGHere is a clip revealing parts of our editing and the reasons behind our choices.

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