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  • Being All Ears Listen and Decode Listen and Respond Listen and Complete Listen and Judge Listen and Read Listen and Match Listen and Conclude
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  • Listen and Decode Jane 1 (Hatchinson, Hudson, Henderson) is talking about her future with her friend. She can't decide whether to go on 2 (working, idling, studying) or not. Her 3 (teachers, parents, friends) suggest that she go to college to study 4 (engineering, English, mathematics). But she is afraid that if she takes their 5 (service, voice, advice), she won't have time for 6 (friend, fun, family), and she will still have to ask her parents for pocket money. Listen to Dialogue 1 and decode the message by finding the correct choices in the blanks according to what you hear. KEY
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  • Listen and Respond Listen to the dialogue again and then answer the following questions orally. 1.What is Jane's problem? 2.What subject do her parents want her to study? She cant decide whether to go to college or get a job. They want her to study Mathematics.
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  • 3.Why can't Jane make a decision? Because she thinks she wont have time for fun and will ask her parents for pocket money. Listen and Respond
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  • 5.What might be Jane's decision in the end? 4.What advice does David give Jane about the problem with money? She might take Davids advice. He suggests her to take a part-time job. Listen and Respond SCRIPT
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  • Listen and Complete Now listen to Dialogue 2 and then complete the following sentences. 1.Chris is _________________________________ and Lin is ________________. 2.Chris has to go on studying _______________________ before he can start __________. 3.Chris ________________ when talking about his study of Chinese. 4.Chris finds it _________ to study Chinese because he thinks there are no _______ to follow. 5.Lin thinks that one can't ____________________________. an American student studying Chinese a Chinese student Chinese for one more year his major seems unhappy difficult rules learn a language from rules only KEY
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  • Listen and Judge Now listen to Dialogue 2 again and do the multiple choice exercise below. 1.Lin and Chris are ________. a roommatesb colleagues c friendsd a student and a teacher 2.Chris thinks Chinese ________. a is easy and fun to learnb has no rules to follow c can only be learnt in classd has too many exceptions 3.By mentioning football, Lin tries to show that ________. anothing can be learnt without rules bpractice is the key to language learning cteachers have the essential role to play dlanguage learning is a kind of word game
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  • 4. Lin tries to help Chris out by suggesting that ________. a he use Chinese more often b he join a football team c he kick the ball repeatedly d he forget about rules 5. What can we infer from this passage? aThe language course is a must for overseas students. bChris will certainly join a football team later. cThe Chinese teachers are not good at teaching. dChris is good at learning a foreign language. SCRIPT Listen and Judge
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  • Listen and Read Now listen to something more challenging --- a passage with some blanks for you to fill in. The words in the brackets will give you some hints. Mr. and Mrs. Yang are overseas 1 _________, and they have 2 ____ children. They live in Philadelphia and own a store that sells 3 ________________. They work very hard. The store opens 4 _______ in the morning and closes 5 __ ____ at night. It's doing well. Chinese two fruit and vegetables at eight nine at KEY
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  • English is 6 ____________ for Mr. and Mrs. Yang. They understand everything they hear, but they can't speak well. They want to go to school to learn more English, but they don't have time. Working in the store and 7 ____________ help them to learn English, but they speak Chinese at home. Philadelphia is a good place for business, but Mr. and Mrs. Yang worry about their children. Schools are different in the United States. 8 __________ children listen and learn more of facts. They write down and study what the teacher says. They have a lot of respect for their teachers. a big problem listening to TV Listen and Read In China KEY
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  • 9 _________________ children seem to do what they want in school. Some children don't learn much. Mr. and Mrs. Yang's ideas and feelings are Chinese. Their childrens ideas and feelings are 10 ___________________________. At home they learn Chinese ways and the Chinese language. In school and with their friends, they learn American ways and English. The children like school and theyre excellent students. Listen and Read In the United States half Chinese and half American KEY
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  • Listen and Match Listen to the passage again and match the information in Column A with the choices in Column B. Column AColumn B 1. Mr. and Mrs. Yang make a living by a. selling foods in the streets. b. running a store. c. working for a company. d. depending on relief. 2. English is a problem for them because a. they can t understand what others are saying. b. they can't read book in English. c. they can't speak it well enough to communicate. d. they can't spell the words. b c
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  • Column AColumn B 3. They worry a lot about their children because a. schools are different in the United States. b. their children don't work hard at school. c. they do only what they want in school. d. the kids have to remember too many facts. 4. The children's ideas and feelings are a. still purely Chinese. b. already typical American. c. a blend of American and Chinese. d. neither American nor Chinese. 5. From the passage, we know that a. the family are living a hard life. b. the two kids are doing well at school. c. the children speak English all the time. d. the parents have little time with their children. Listen and Matcha c b
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  • Listen and Conclude Write out the general idea of the passage in one paragraph by answering the following questions. 1. What do Mr. and Mrs. Yang do to make a living? 2. How are they doing with the store? 3. What problem do they have? 4. What can help them solve the problem? 5. Why do they worry about their children? 6. How are American schools different from Chinese schools? 7. How are the children's ideas and feelings? 8. How are the children doing at school? SCRIPT Reference
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  • Mr. and Mrs. Yang are running a store in Philadelphia, and they work very hard. The store is doing very well. But English is a big problem for them. They understand everything they hear, but they cant speak well. However, working in the store and listening to TV help them to learn English. They have two kids and they worry about them because schools are different in the United States. In China children learn more of facts and they write down and study what the teacher says. But in the United States children seem to do what they want in school. They dont only listen and do what the teacher says. Some children dont learn much. Mr. and Mrs. Yang's ideas and feelings are Chinese, but their children's ideas and feelings are half Chinese and half American. They study hard and they are excellent students. Reference
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  • Dialogue 1 Jane Hudson is talking about her future with her friend, David. Jane:I cant decide whether to go to university or get a job. What do you think, David? David:Well, if I were you, Id go on studying. Jane:But I dont even know what to study. David:If I had a chance again, Id major in mathematics. Jane:That's what my parents want me to do. David:You should take their advice. They know what's best for you. Jane:But my friend will have jobs and lots of fun while I spend all my time doing reading and writing. David:But if you go to university, youll still have time for fun. Jane:Ummm. What you said makes sense. But you know, I still have to ask my parents for pocket money and I hate to do so at this age. David:But if you try to find a part-time job, you will get your own money, too. Jane:You are right. Thank you for the advice. SCRIPT
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  • SCRPT Dialogue 2(1) Chris is an American student studying Chinese, and Lin is a Chinese student. Lin:How have you been? Chris:Ok, I guess. Lin:Whatre you doing now? Chris:Oh, Im studying Chinese. I have to do one more year before I start my major. Lin:You dont seem to be very happy about it. How are the classes? Chris:Theyre all right, I guess. I dont know. It seems like they never tell us what we really need to know. Lin:What do you mean? Chris:First of all, they dont want to teach us all the rules. They tell us one rule. Fine. We use that rule, but soon it wont work. It isnt that simple or there are a lot of exceptions or something.
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  • Dialogue 2(2) Lin:But you dont really learn a language from the rules anyway. You have to use it. Chris:Yes, that's something else they tell us. But why cant we just go to class, study and do our homework? Lin:Well, learning a language is more like learning to play football. In learning football, you cant just understand the rules of play. You have to feel the ball and practice kicking it hundreds of times. In learning Chinese, you have to ask a lot of questions, you have to listen to what we Chinese are saying. And then, of course endless practice on all the details... Chris:Maybe Ill join a football team and practice Chinese and football at the same time. I can talk with people before and after the practice. Lin:Good idea. SCRIPT