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<p>EHR usability: an illustrated guide </p> <p>My comments </p> <p> 10 principles of usability, illustrated Build Style Guides &amp; Galleries Foster research on visual display </p> <p>What is usability? EMR </p> <p>^ </p> <p>Usability is </p> <p>10 Principles </p> <p>1. Simplicity 2. Naturalness 3. Consistency 4. Minimizing cogniNve </p> <p>load 5. Ecient interacNons 6. Forgiveness </p> <p>h3p:// </p> <p>7. Feedback 8. EecNve use of </p> <p>language </p> <p>9. EecNve informaNon presentaNon </p> <p>10.PreservaNon of context </p> <p>Simplicity </p> <p>For doing refills </p> <p>For overview only </p> <p>Simplicity </p> <p>Naturalness </p> <p>Naturalness </p> <p>Old way lots of drill-down clicking </p> <p>Naturalness </p> <p>Better way we know the body already </p> <p>Consistency </p> <p>Consistency </p> <p>Name and identifying info consistently placed </p> <p>Minimizing CogniNve Load </p> <p>Minimizing CogniNve Load </p> <p>Exact past dates This requires mental math </p> <p>Minimizing CogniNve Load </p> <p>Relative past dates Easier. No extra thinking. </p> <p>Minimizing CogniNve Load </p> <p> Have it both ways </p> <p>Hover to see more detail </p> <p>Ecient InteracNons </p> <p>Dashboard efficiency Ecient InteracNons </p> <p>Ecient InteracNons </p> <p> 6 minutes </p> <p>50 Clicks </p> <p>Ecient InteracNons </p> <p> 1-2 minutes </p> <p>2 Clicks </p> <p>Forgiveness </p> <p>Forgiveness </p> <p>exploring without fear of destroying </p> <p>recovering gracefully from mistakes </p> <p>Forgiveness </p> <p>A negaNve example </p> <p>Feedback </p> <p>Feedback </p> <p> Show expected delays Conrm changes that arent evident </p> <p>Feedback </p> <p>user clicks long, slow database call ensues </p> <p>Imagine this scenario </p> <p>Acceptable </p> <p>Be`er </p> <p>Please wait while we check 10,357 records </p> <p>Best </p> <p>Please wait while we check 10,357 records </p> <p>Time remaining 8 seconds </p> <p>EecNve Use of Language </p> <p>Plain English for paNent </p> <p>Terse for doctor </p> <p>EecNve InformaNon PresentaNon </p> <p>EecNve InformaNon PresentaNon Sorted alphabetically, not randomly </p> <p>Better yet, allow sort by other criteria, too </p> <p>Filtered for cardiology </p> <p>EecNve Info PresentaNon </p> <p>Highlighted for cardiology </p> <p>PreservaNon of Context </p> <p>PreservaNon of Context </p> <p>And what medication is he/she taking? And what are the weight and BP doing? </p> <p>Build Style Guides and galleries </p> <p> </p> <p>Microsob Health Common User Interface </p> <p>UI Design Pa`erns </p> <p>Apple Human Interface Guidelines </p> <p>Visual display of data research agenda </p> <p>Lab shbone vs. data table </p> <p>A B </p> <p>Compare: eciency, eecNveness, safety, delight </p> <p>Sparklines </p> <p>Bullet graph / small mulNples </p> <p>Small mulNples </p> <p>QuesNons? </p> <p>Je Belden MD | </p>