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Five VSU students take a study abroad trip to Belize and come back having learned the value of education and a new charity in mind.


  • 1. Study Abroad: Belize Photos contributed by Logan Hulsey and Tom Besom

2. Five students went on a study abroad trip to Belize. Students discovered that the schools were small, and schooling, even for high school, is not free to the public as it is in America. 3. Paula Susana Choc and Agueda Choc pose after their elementary school graduation ceremony. In the weak Belizean economy, it is rare for children to achieve an education beyond elementary school. In their male-dominated society, it is even rarer for females. 4. Miriam Choc, 25, weaves homemade bracelets. In exchange for not getting an education, Miriam and many others that the students met in Belize weave baskets and bracelets to keep a steady, but small, income in their household. 5. Miriam created weaves a basket that the students brought back with them to America. 6. Five students went on a study abroad trip to Belize: Logan Hulsey, junior anthropology major, Valencia Johnson, senior anthropology major, Nathan Pepper, sophomore undecided major, Ashley Dailey, senior English major, and Danielle Jordan, senior anthropology major. (Also pictured: Philimon Choc, a Mayan from Santa Elena.) 7. Dailey and Jordan learn how to make the hand-woven bracelets from Christina Choc (36) and Anna Choc (15). 8. The students have brought the handmade bracelets and baskets back from Belize. They hope to sell them and give all the profits back to the women who need the income.