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  • 1. PreSurvey Please complete the questions on our pre- survey. Do not write your name, instead write a 3 digit number of your choosing. (remember this same number for your post-survey) Please answer honestly and complete the entire survey.
  • 2. Belize Experience
  • 3. MS^2 Program Cari Quillen Joshua Nielsen Lynn SemanTexas Middle School Math and Science TeachersThe goal of the (MS)2 Understanding by Design program is to prepare qualified in-service middle school mathematics and science teachers to increase their content expertise well as in effective instructional practice.
  • 4. Where is Belize?
  • 5. MS^2 Marine Biology Research Trip Belize 2012 -
  • 6. Purpose of ResearchBackground: Coral reef ecosystems are at risk world-wide from a variety of anthropogenic and natural factors. Many countries have established marine protected areas where human activities such as fishing, tourisms, and harvesting of marine resources are limited. The effectiveness of marine protected areas varies widely, depending on the level of enforcement and protection. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve off Ambergris Caye, Belize, was established in 1987. The 7.8 km sq reserve includes coral reef, sea grass, and mangrove habitats. The park is divided into four zones. No fishing is allowed in Zone A which includes the coral reef. Both commercial and sport fishing are allowed in Zone B which covers the sea grass beds. Sport fishing is allowed in Zone C which includes the mangrove swamps, but commercial fishing is not allowed. The goal of this research project is to investigate the influence of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on the fish community.
  • 7. Research Group - TTU
  • 8. Flying to Amberguis Caye
  • 9. TREC Entrance
  • 10. Classroom
  • 11. Living Space at TREC
  • 12. Lodging
  • 13. Main Island Road
  • 14. Local Store
  • 15. Neighborhood House for Sale
  • 16. Mosquito Larvae
  • 17. Path to the Boat
  • 18. Goliath
  • 19. The Reef
  • 20. Dr. Ken Mattes and the Briefings
  • 21. Dr. McGinley
  • 22. Private School
  • 23. In the Reef
  • 24. Beautiful Evening Sunset
  • 25. Texas Tech Summer 20121. Teaching the Scientific Method Hypothesis Writing Methods Inductive and Deductive Reasoning2. Graphing and Statistics Importance to Math and Science3. Biodiversity Finding Nemo Activity to-biodiversity.html Energy Pyramid Misconception
  • 26. Post- Survey Please answer the questions now that you have seen our presentation. Write the same three digit number that you used on the pre-survey on the top of the page. No names please. Thank you for listening!