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Central America and because of that, luxury can easily be reached. Not to mention that this community has made it even more affordable by offering interested buyers financial options in order to aid them out if ever they are working on a very tight budget.


<ul><li><p>Belize Real Estate Awesome Homes</p><p>Belize is a country where the promise of a</p><p>tropical paradise life can come true and it</p><p>can be your reality if you purchase</p><p>a Belize real estate.</p><p>It sound so simply doesnt it? In</p><p>Sanctuary Belize, your Belize real</p><p>estate property hunting</p><p>may come to a final conclusion since homes that you can find here are not only beautiful</p><p>and can suit your every need but are also easy on the pockets. You heard that right,</p><p>luxury homes in this wonderful community are also affordable. We all know that Belize</p><p>real estate properties are the most affordable ones you can find in</p><p>Central America and because of that, luxury can easily be reached.</p><p>Not to mention that this community has made it even more affordable by offering</p><p>interested buyers financial options in order to aid them out if ever they are working on a</p><p>very tight budget.</p><p>But homes in Sanctuary Belize are worth every penny. Stop dreaming on a house that</p><p>resembles a celebritys house but start living that dream here!</p><p>Homes here are designed in such a way that they can be those homes you see in</p><p>architectural magazines with intricate designs and are built with the highest earth-</p><p>friendly materials found today. You will either find the house that you really want or you</p><p>can be part of the builder of your dream home.</p></li><li><p>Choose the location of your home in hundreds of scenic locations to be found within the</p><p>community that consists of beach shores, canopied rainforests and more among natures</p><p>gift.</p><p>The Amenities here includes the Marina Village, serving as the focal point of the</p><p>community, the place has establishments to satisfy the residents shopping and gourmet</p><p>dining needs. All these on a floating structure on</p><p>Sapodilla Lagoon near the yacht club where theres also a seafood restaurant serving</p><p>fresh catch!</p><p>Aside from the beach shores already available in the community for you to enjoy, get to</p><p>experience world class paradise in their private resort and spa exclusive for residents</p><p>and guests of the five boutique hotels located in different places of the community, each</p><p>hotel bearing different themes depending on their ecological locations.</p><p>The equestrian center is available for an exploration of the area if dont feel like walking.</p><p>Take the winding routes of the bridle paths that are laid out for you to get the best</p><p>experience and best sights!</p><p>The community is also secured 24 hours a day and is gate secured. Worrying about</p><p>outside force is no longer necessary.</p><p>The location of the community is also very ideal. You can get to the capital city in not</p><p>time and the ancient pyramids of the Mayans are only a few hours away. From the</p><p>shore, you can go scuba diving in the Great Blue hole in less than an hour and even stop</p><p>by at the Belize barrier reef. There are also nearby towns for you to check out once in a</p><p>while and they also have certain celebrations and festivities. Sounds awesome doesnt it?</p></li></ul>