Belize Real Estate - Sanctuary Belize, Your Home in Paradise

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Endless foliage of greenery and roads that lead to surprises await you in the land of Sanctuary Belize.


<ul><li><p>Belize Real Estate - Sanctuary Belize, Your Home in Paradise</p><p>Endless foliage of greenery and roads that lead to surprises await you in the land of Sanctuary</p><p>Belize. A home built with only the best eco-friendly materials and aesthetic values that match</p><p>your impeccable taste, a comfortable home that will welcome you when you arrive in Belize for</p><p>a wonderful vacation or to live the rest of your days in pure tranquility and beauty. Sounds great</p><p>right?</p><p>If youre planning on purchasing a piece of the best Belize real estate property then there is no</p><p>other place to get one than in Sanctuary Belize. Located in the most ideal place in the Stann</p><p>Creek District, this community is considered to be paradise within paradise. Bearing an abundant</p><p>environment of natural beauty for the people to appreciate, the community is simply the best</p><p>place to live in both by residents and even exotic animals.</p><p>Live in the midst of majestic trees or even on the beach shore where the beckoning waves gently</p><p>roll and the cool sea breeze blow. You can definitely experience this in Sanctuary Belize.</p><p>It is a wonderful experience to have a home here, especially during the holiday seasons or when</p></li><li><p>your home country is definitely getting cold. You can go here to escape winter and just go back</p><p>to your home country when its over. The temperature here is always comfortable at around 80</p><p>degrees Fahrenheit. Looking forward for a vacation in the Caribbean during the winter season is</p><p>always better than freezing in the cold winter days.</p><p>The community here has amenities that provide extraordinary tropical living for its residents.</p><p>The private resort and spa will pamper you with the most luxurious and extravagant services.</p><p>You can also get to stay in one of their famous cabana-style huts or choose among the 32 luxury</p><p>rooms.</p><p>The Marina Village is one of the most integral parts of the community that you will find very</p><p>useful since you can shop for everything you may need at home and even have a gourmet meal in</p><p>one of the fancy restaurants in the community. Next to it would be a place beneficial for boat</p><p>lovers. The yacht club is located in the Sapodilla Lagoon where every yachtsmans desire can be</p><p>fulfilled, also with the help of the finest seafood restaurant in Belize.</p><p>Perhaps a walk can be good exercise, but roaming around and exploring the area would be easier</p><p>while mounted on a horse. With the help of the communitys Equestrian Center, you can now</p><p>enjoy rediscovering new things in the community without breaking a sweat. Sitting between the</p><p>Sittee River Wildlife Reserve and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve, you can follow the</p><p>bridle paths laid out and appreciate nature in a new angle.</p><p>You can even do volunteer work in any of the reserves mentioned, which practically where your</p><p>backyard is, so lending a hand can also be a new experience that can also make you understand</p><p>your surroundings better.</p><p>Imagine a life of comfort with adventures simply waiting around the corner. That is how your</p><p>life could be in Sanctuary Belize, Belize real estate .</p></li></ul>