belize real estate why do people love to buy vacation homes in sanctuary belize

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TheBelize real estatemarket has so many properties to offer and its not limited to just theluxurious houses as the main attraction. Expatriates have now discovered the country ofBelize, a tropical paradise that has pristine beaches and serene landscapes incomparableto any other around the globe. Here, they are truly accepted and dont feel like outsiders.The communities interconnected with one another are living in the most peaceful andharmonious way possible despite the fact that they are not of the same skin color andheritage. Most importantly, the main language the people speak in this country is English.This is due to the fact that the country was previously under British rule and was knownas the British Honduras. Tourists never have a hard time finding their way and no newlanguage to learn.

The Sanctuary Belize real estate industry is one of the luxurious vacation home providers forpeople who are interested and are out to find a home that fits all their needs and wants.

Whats not to love aboutSanctuary Belize? Houses here are surrounded by a sceniclandscape that steals the breath of anyone who sees it. Imagine walking out your door andimmediately feeling the cool wind caressing your face or just looking out the window to viewthe white sandy beaches along the coastline. Near the Belize Barrier reef, scuba diving isone attractive sport for residents to take on. Explore the diverse marine life below. Asidefrom scuba diving, residents can also enjoy varieties of sports fishing and snorkeling withthe help of the Yacht Club. The Marina Village is the place to be for gourmet dining in one ofthe best restaurants in Belize and you can also shop in the same place just before you havedinner.

Something really great for the kids to see would be the wildlife reserves surrounding thecommunity. The Cockscomb Basin and Sittee River wildlife reserves are simply sitting onboth sides of Sanctuary Belize, serving as its backyard. Here, kids can enjoy and learn moreabout the animals that are protected and preserved. Travelling on the long and windingbridle path of the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve can be a perfect journey for those who wouldlike to travel by horse; the Equestrian Centre enables its residents to travel by horse.

The resorts and spas here have five boutique hotels, each one in a different area surroundedby a different environment. No wonder residents and guests are always flocking to theseregions. Who wouldnt want to be pampered in a world-class spa/resort and relax your stressaway?

One of the best things here is they can build the house of your dreams brick by brick! Theirexpertise is unrivaled by none in the land and houses here are good enough to be posted ona magazine. Whats more, you can have your dream house be built in an environment youwant to live in. You want a house nearest the beach or the waterfall? Wherever it is, yourwish is their command.