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BellaVita Davao Rebecca Polinar-De Leon, RN, REB

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  • 1. BellaVita DavaoRebecca Polinar-De Leon, RN, REB

2. Subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) One with Ayala LandsVision: Enriching Land andEnriching Lives.About BellaVita 3. Originally named as South Maya VenturesHistoryCorporationBellaVita caters to a broad affordablemarket segment. 4. To be the dominant developer in low-costhousing, Enhancing Land and EnrichingVisionLives, for more people 5. The company puts emphasis on Living andLivelihood Integration, emanating fromMissionthese 3 Brand Pillars: LOCATION: Near public transport system, proximity to localizedcommercial destinations. DESIGN: Clustered neighborhood, integrated community. LIVING EXPERIENCE: Clean, Peaceful and Orderly 6. Quality 1-year workmanship quality Strong and reliable constructionBuying Experience Easy on the pocket Convenient payment options Accessible Sales Offices and Customer Service CentersLiving Experience Clean Orderly PeacefulWhy choose BellaVita? 7. 1. Fiesta Market2. Clubhouse3. E-Jeep4. Common Parking5. Open Spaces/PocketParks6. GuardhouseFacilities and Amenities 8. Units 9. Gemelli 10. Poli End 11. Poli Inner 12. Price Computation 13. Sample Computation (Pag-ibigFinancing) 14. Sample Computation (Bank Financing) 15. Sample Computation Inhouse Financing