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The BellaVita Prosperity Plan Living Life Well

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  1. 1. The BellaVitaProsperity PlanLiving Life Well
  2. 2. The BellaVita Prosperity Plan Generous Commissions Significant Enroller Bonuses Deeper Pay Incentive Travel No Monthly Maintenance for PCB/FSB Pre-Launch Founders Program
  3. 3. The BellaVita Prosperity PlanPreferred Customer and Fast-Start Bonuses
  4. 4. The BellaVita Prosperity Plan3x9 Matrix Bonus 3x9
  5. 5. The BellaVita Prosperity PlanMatrix Match 100% MatchingDecember 1st 2014Your Name Here $17,340Seventeen thousand three hundred and forty------------00/100Matrix MatchMike Brosnan, CEO
  6. 6. The BellaVita Prosperity PlanRank Advancement300,000
  7. 7. The BellaVita Prosperity PlanRank Up Bonus
  8. 8. The BellaVita Prosperity Plan Preferred Customer Pool 20% Initial Fast-Start Pool 20% World Wide Sales Pool 5%
  9. 9. The BellaVita Prosperity Plan Directors Trip to Italy US Qualify at Director Any Four Months
  10. 10. The BellaVita Prosperity Plan
  11. 11. The BellaVita Prosperity Plan
  12. 12. The Bellavita Way! People before Policies Purpose before Profits Attitude before Aptitude Effectiveness before Efficiency SELF-lessness before SELF-interest
  13. 13. The Bellavita Promise!Living Life WellProductWe promise to provide the highest standard health and beauty products available.We promise to never cut corners or use inferior ingredients. We stand behind every bottlewe deliver, if a BellaVita product customer is not completely satisfied with theperformance and results of any BellaVita product we will give them their money back*, noquestions asked.BusinessWe promise to always put our customers and distributors first. We will always considerthe needs for our customers and distributors to be our most important responsibility. Wepromise to always treat our customers and distributors as partners in the BellaVitabusiness and cause. We promise to always do business fairly, honestly and openlyensuring that our partners always feel that they can trust BellaVita to support them in ourmutual goal to help the world Live Life Well!