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  1. 1. Go to: www.(YourUsername or ID Number)
  2. 2. Definitions & Terms Preferred Customer PC: (Detailed definition to follow) Personal Volume PV: Volume from your personal monthly orders. A minimum of 25 PV qualifies you for Enrollment Bonuses on all PCs and Distributors. Commission Volume CV: Volume that is assigned to each product and is used in calculating Distributor commissions. CV is for the purpose of PC Bonuses, Enrollment Bonuses, Team Commissions and Company Wide Pools. Qualifying Volume QV: Volume that is assigned to each product and used in calculating a Distributors Rank Advancements. QV for rank advancements include all CV from Distributors and PV from PCs. Leg volumes for rank advancement are calculated for the entire leg, not limited to 9 levels.
  3. 3. Getting Started
  4. 4. Those who enroll to purchase our products at the Preferred Customer (PC) prices. A person may enroll as a PC through a Distributors replicated website or have a Distributor enroll them through their Distributor Team Office. Product is shipped directly to the PC from BellaVita. No minimum order. There is no annual membership fee for PCs. PCs are not eligible to earn commissions. To be eligible to earn commissions, all a PC needs to do is purchase a Distributor Enrollment Package and their position will be activated in the business organization tree. BellaVita products are assigned a global commission volume (CV), and local currencies will obviously vary. The distributor who enrolls the Preferred Customer will earn a Preferred Customer Bonus (PCB): 50% of the enrollment order volume. The enrollers enroller will earn a 5% PCB. There is no volume requirement for a distributor to earn the PCB on the enrollment order. A minimum of 25 CV will qualify a distributor to earn PCBs on all repeat PC orders.
  5. 5. Getting Started
  6. 6. X2 (6 sets total)
  7. 7. Preferred Customer Bonus and Enroller Bonus (paid weekly) 50% of Initial Orders CV (Enroller Bonus) 5% Second-Level Enroller Bonus New Distributor with Enrollment Order Sponsor earns 50% of enrollment order volume | Next active upline earns 5% of enrollment order volume | Leadership Package $990 = 600 CV Enroller Bonus $30 Enroller Bonus $300
  8. 8. 3% Team Commission (9 levels deep) People Potential Earnings (50 QV) (100 QV) (200) 3 $4.50 $9 $18 9 $13.50 $27 $54 27 $40.50 $81 $162 81 $121.50 $243 $486 243 $364.50 $729 $1,458 729 $1,093.50 $2,187 $4,374 2,187 $3,280.50 $6,561 $13,122 6,561 $9,841.50 $19,683 $39,366 19,683 $29,524.50 $59,049 $118,098 Totals:29,523 People $44,284.50 $88,569 $177,138
  9. 9. Team Commission $1,550 Team Commission $2,500 Team Commission $450 100% Check Match Commission $4,500 Match the 3% Team Commission checks on ALL personally enrolled distributors.
  10. 10. Rank-Up Bonus: As Distributors achieve and are Paid As a new Rank in the BellaVita Prosperity Plan for consecutive months in the timeframes listed below they will be paid a one-time Bonus for each rank as follows: New Rank One-Time Cash Bonus Timelines and Consistency Supervisor* US $200 Within first 4 bonus months of enrollment Manager US $500 No time limit after qualifying at Supervisor Director US $2,000 No time limit after qualifying at Manager Executive US $10,000 Achieve and Maintain 2 straight months Presidential US $20,000 Achieve and Maintain 2 straight months Elite Presidential US $50,000 Achieve and Maintain 2 straight months *After the 1st 4 bonus months, distributors who qualify for Supervisor within any month, will receive US$100.00 rank up bonus.
  11. 11. 4. One-Time Rank Advancement Bonus $50,000 $20,000 $10,000 $2,000 $500 $200
  12. 12. Rank advancements are achieved by reaching the following milestones: Rank Total QV for 3 Legs Min. Monthly QV per Leg Max % from any Leg (Full Share) (Full Share) (Half Share) Supervisor 3,000 1,000 Does Not Apply Manager 10,000 3,000 Does Not Apply Director 30,000 8,000 No More Than 50% Executive 100,000 30,000 No More Than 50% Presidential 300,000 75,000 No More Than 50% Elite Presidential 1,000,000 300,000 No More Than 50% Each rank can be achieved by: Meeting the Total Qualifying Volume (QV) requirement for all three legs plus meeting the minimum monthly QV requirement per leg. Example: Supervisor 3,000 QV total and at least 1,000 QV per leg will receive full shares in qualifying pools. Qualifying volume also includes Preferred customer volume for Rank advancement calculations. Those reaching rank within the month time frame are able to enjoy the benefits of the rank up bonus and the associated pools.
  13. 13. Fast-Start = now being referred to as Enrollment Volume
  14. 14. Pool =5% of the monthly sales volume of all USA Leadership Enrollment Packages
  15. 15. 8. Incentive Trips
  16. 16. Definitions & Terms Weekly Commissions: Preferred Customer Bonuses (PCB) and Enroller Bonuses (EB) are paid weekly on Wednesday for the previous week. PCB is calculated based on all Preferred Customer orders during the previous week ending each Sunday at 11:59pm US Central Standard Time. These bonuses can be earned with minimum of 25 PV. *Note that no PV is required to earn PCB on the Enrollment Orders (first order) of any PC or Distributor. Monthly Commissions: Team Commissions, Pool Bonuses and achievement levels are calculated on a calendar month basis. NOTE: In order to be counted for a given month, all orders must be received and accepted by BellaVita no later than 11:59 pm Central Standard Time on the last day of the month. In order to qualify to earn Team Commissions and 100% Match Commissions, a Distributor will need to have 50 QV for the month. To earn rank up and pool bonuses, 100 QV is needed.