Bem-vindo a Look! - do...3 Bem-vindo a Look! Listening 3 Listen to Pierre and match the pictures to the days. Monday Tuesday Wednesday 4 Listen again and answer the questions.

Download Bem-vindo a Look! -   do...3 Bem-vindo a Look! Listening 3 Listen to Pierre and match the pictures to the days. Monday Tuesday Wednesday 4 Listen again and answer the questions.

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2Vamos observar uma unidade e descobrir como aprender ingls pode ser divertido. Com Look!, todas as unidades so fceis de seguir, entender e lembrar.Bem-vindo a Look!Unit 5 Presentation Comprehension 2 True or false?1 Yasmin and Megan were in a sports lesson.2 Callum was with Yasmin and Megan.3 Mr Dean was in the sports lesson.4 Mr Dean hid behind a shed.5 A man came and took Mr Deans box.6 Mr Dean laughed.7 The teacher asked Callum a question.8 Callum gave the correct answer. Vocabulary 3 Match the words to the pictures. Listen, check and repeat the words. 4 In pairs, ask and answer about the pictures.A: Whats A?B: Sport. Whats B? 5 In pairs, talk about your timetable. A: What lessons have you got on Friday afternoon?B: Sport and maths.What did he do?53 Presentation 1 Listen and read.Megan Callum! We saw Mr Dean again!Callum Where? In the trees?Megan No, on the football pitch next to the trees.Yasmin We were in a sports lesson. Then we saw him!Callum Did he go to the tree this time?Megan No, he didnt go near the tree.Callum Really? What did he do?Megan He waited behind a shed.Yasmin He hid behind the shed!Megan Then a different man came and took the box!Callum What did Mr Dean do?Megan He smiled. Then he walked away.Callum Wow! When did this happen?Yasmin At ten oclock.Teacher Callum! Did you hear my question?Callum Sorry miss, no, I didnt.Teacher Where did you put your homework?Callum Um behind the shed?Teacher Concentrate, Callum! This is not a whispering class!Expressions Really? Sorry miss. Concentrate!52 53Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayLUNCHA BECD FG H IJ KML NWhat did he do?What did he do?5artbiologychemistryEnglishFrenchgeographyhistoryITmathsmusicphysicsSpanishsport Atheatre studiesLearning TipEscreve-o emingls.Escreve o teuhorrio em ingls.M05_LOOK_SB_L06_GLO_U05.indd 52-53 5/1/11 09:57:43Cada unidade comea com um dilogo. L e ouve a nova linguagem em contexto.O novo vocabulrio est ilustrado. Usa a badana do livro para te ajudar a lembrar as palavras. Grammar bites do-te informao til e imediata, sempre que precisas.A produo e a compreenso oral tornam-se mais fceis com a prtica de pronncia. Observa a gramtica em contexto antes de estudar.As personagens Graphic grammar mostram-te como a gramtica funciona e como deves utiliz-la. Vais compreender e lembr-la melhor porque podes v-la.H abundante prtica de gramtica para te ajudar a utiliz-la corretamente. Nesta pgina vais encontrar ainda mais prtica de gramtica.Vocabulrio til para utilizar em situaes reais. A badana do livro ajuda-te a lembrar as palavras.Conhece o Egas! Ele est aqui para te ajudar com informaes muito teis. Communicate. Usa ingls em situaes reais. Ouve e repete; depois, tenta com um colega. GrammarUnit 5 Grammar3 Match the positives to the negatives.1 I went a I didnt fl y2 I stayed b I didnt run3 I ran c I didnt go4 I ate d I didnt stay5 I fl ew e I didnt eat6 I bought f I didnt bring7 I brought g I didnt leave8 I left h I didnt buy4 Which sentences use correct grammar? Write or . 1 We didnt stay. 2 They didnt worked. 3 She didnt spoke English. 4 He didnt came. 5 I didnt looked. 6 She didnt have breakfast. 7 They didnt woke up. 8 Mark didnt go. 9 He didnt went.10 My parents didnt like it.5 Correct the incorrect sentences in exercise 4.2 They didnt work.6 Rewrite these sentences as negatives. 1 Callum heard the teachers question. Callum didnt hear the teachers question. 2 Mr Dean went to the tree. 3 The teachers talked to Neil. 4 Ian played football. 5 She wanted to go. 6 My friends bought a present. 7 Peter had a good time. 8 He danced a lot. 9 We arrived at eight.10 We left at ten.7 Write the sentences in the correct order.1 Mr Dean/go/where/did/? Where did Mr Dean go?2 see/Megan/what/did/?3 have/what time/Ian/English/did/?4 did/Neil/visit/who/?5 questions/did/ask/the teacher/him/ how many/?6 why/you/my/book/take/did/?Extra8 Ask your partner about his/her day.1 What time/get up? What time did you get up?2 When/have breakfast?3 How/travel to school?4 What time/arrive at school?5 When/lessons start?1 Write questions for Neil.1 you/go to school/yesterday? Did you go to school yesterday?2 Ian/go to school/yesterday?3 you/see/your teachers?4 they/talk to you?5 you/see/Ian?6 I/see you/in maths class?7 your parents/come to school/yesterday?8 you/go to school/on Thursday?artwork 3.8 realiaPast simple short answers?artwork 1.5 commissioned photo of Hassam eating and chatting on mobile Past simple negativeI/youHe/She/It didnt work. We/You/They Past simple Wh- questions?2 Read again and answer the questions for Ian.1 Did you go to school yesterday? Yes, I did.2 Did Neil go to classes?3 Did he go to the English class?4 Did you and Neil go to the maths class?5 Did Neil go to lessons inthe afternoon?6 Did he visit friends in the afternoon?7 Did Neil play football?8 Did the teachers talk to him?Why IHow you Where did he/she/it buy these eggs? (When) we/you/they I/youYes, he/she/it did. we/you/they I/youNo, he/she/it didnt. we/you/theyIan and Neil go to Summerhill School. In this school, students and teachers make the rules together. You choose theclasses you want to go to.Ian and Neils schooldays were different yesterday. Ian went to an English class at nine oclock, theatre studies at ten and French at eleven. Neil didnt go to class. He played football. Ian went to maths at twelve oclock but Neil didnt go to class in the afternoon he visited friends.Did the teachers talk to Neil about this? No, it wasnt a problem. He works hard most days, but he didnt want to go to lessons yesterday.Past simple questions? I/youDid he/she/it work? we/theyGrammar5Meet Neil and IanDiddidnt54 55M05_LOOK_SB_L06_GLO_U05.indd 54-55 5/1/11 09:58:04557 Vocabulary 1 Match the verbs. Listen, check and repeat the words.1 eat 3 forget 5 lose 2 leave 4 fall Excuses and apologies 2 Match the pictures to the excuses. Listen, check and repeat the sentences.1 I left it on the bus. 2 I forgot to do it.3 I lost my bag. Pronunciation 3 Listen and repeat.1 Im sorry, I didnt bring my homework.2 Im sorry, I forgot to do it.3 Im afraid I left it on the bus.4 Im afraid I lost my bag. 4 Listen and complete the dialogue.Teacher Did you 1 your homework?Student Im 2 , didnt bring my 3 today. Teacher Why? What to it?Student Im 4 I 5 it on the 6 .Teacher 7 mind. Do your homework, please. 5 In pairs, write your own dialogue. Make new excuses.ABECDFI breakfast. (have)I to school. (walk)School at nine oclock. (start)I to a French lesson. (go)School at four oclock. (fi nish)In the evening I TV. (watch) At ten oclock I my homework. (do)I breakfast. (not/have)I to school by bus. (go)School at half past eight, because we had football training. (start)I to a Spanish lesson at eleven oclock. (go)School at half past fi ve football again! (fi nish) In the evening I computer games. (play)I any homework! (not/do)have breakfasthad 4 My computer crashed.5 The dog ate my book.6 My book fell in a puddle.forgotlostateleftfellGrammar CommunicateUnit 5 CommunicateHomework? What homework?Wheres my bag?9 What did Callum and Megan do yesterday? Write the verbs in the Past simple.10 Write questions for Callum.1 Did you ?2 Did you ?3 What time did you ?4 Did you ?5 What time did you ?6 In the evening, did you ?7 Did you ?11 Write questions for Megan.1 have breakfast? Did you have breakfast?2 go to school by bus?3 start football training/half past eight?4 go to a chemistry lesson/eleven oclock?5 fi nish school/four oclock?6 play computer games?7 do homework?12 In pairs, ask and answer questions. A you are Callum. B you are Megan.Callum Did you have breakfast this morning?Megan No, I didnt. Did you have breakfast?13 Write sentences about your last school day.1 get up I got up at half past seven.2 go to school3 school start 4 in the afternoon5 go home6 in the eveningExtra14 In pairs, ask and answer questions about exercise 12.A: What time did you get up?B: I got up at half past seven. Vocabulary Communicate5Callum Megan56M05_LOOK_SB_L06_GLO_U05.indd 56-57 5/1/11 09:58:283Bem-vindo a Look!Listening3 Listen to Pierre and match the pictures to the days.Monday Tuesday Wednesday4 Listen again and answer the questions.1 How did Pierre travel to Bristol?2 When did he arrive?3 Where did he stay?4 Where did he go on Monday?5 What did the guide on the boat tell them?6 What did Pierre buy?7 When did they go home?8 Did he enjoy the trip?Speaking5 Make notes about an event at your school a sports day or a school trip.6 In pairs, ask and answer about the school event.A: What was the event?B: It was a school trip to . Listen again and answer the questions.59 Reading 1 Match the tickets to the transport in the text. 2 Read the text. Answer the questions. 1 2 How did they travel? 3 Where did Roger stay? 4 How did they get to the Eiffel Tower? 5 6 Did Roger swim in the swimming pool? 7 What language did he speak at Pierres house? 8 58WritingUsing bracketsWe use brackets to give extra information. I had dinner with his family (his dogs called Bonbon!).We went to the swimming pool (I didnt swim because I left my costume at home).7 Write the sentences as one sentence. Use brackets.1 Shes a lovely dog (shes called Suzy).2 The food was horrible. I dont like meat.3 We arrived at three. The train was late.4A school projectResearch Get information about an event at DraftWrite a draft.Checkfi nal version.throughMetroqueuesfl oatingawesomeWords you needUnit 5 SkillsACBSkillsSkills5 Read the text. Answer the questions.How did they get to the Eiffel Tower?Did Roger swim in the swimming pool?What language did he speak at Pierres house?Match the tickets to the transport in the text.BCAM05_LOOK_SB_L06_GLO_U05.indd 58-59 5/1/11 09:58:59Skills permite praticar Reading, Listening, Speaking e Writing, utilizando a linguagem que aprendeste. Esta a seco Writing. Primeiro, h uma Writing tip seguida de um exerccio de produo escrita orientada. Vais aprender, passo-a-passo, a escrever cartas, composies, pginas de Internet, blogues, entre outros. Tambm te vai ajudar a ter melhores notas nos testes. Look again ajuda-te a rever e a verificar o teu progresso.Os Projects do-te a oportunidade de pesquisar na Internet e comparar a cultura portuguesa com a de outros pases.No teu Livro de Exerccios, h ainda mais exerccios prticos e uma cartoon story com o Vernon e os seus amigos.Grammar1 Write the questions and short answers.1 you/play volleyball/on Friday? ( + ) Did you play volleyball on Friday? Yes, I did.2 David/go to school/yesterday? ( )3 they/see their friends/last night? ( )4 Susie and Joe/go shopping/on Saturday? ( + )5 you/play football/on Tuesday? ( )6 your dad/study physics/at school? ( + )2 Complete the sentences with the correct verb in the come bring fl y leave do have1 She a new dress last week.2 We breakfast this morning.3 They their homework last weekend.4 Jack a cake to the party.5 The train at ten oclock.6 Jane to school yesterday.7 We to Italy, we drove there.3 Write the questions.1 what/I/do/yesterday? 2 who/you/see/at school today?3 how many/burgers/they/eat?4 why/he/text/you?5 when/they/arrive? 6 how much/milk/she/drink?7 what time/Eddie/wake up/this morning?Vocabulary4 Write the school subjects.5 Complete with the correct form of the verb.1 Im sorry, I your CDs. (forget)2 I you some new shoes. (buy)3 My mum made a great cake but the cat it. (eat)4 I cant fi nd my bag. I think I it in the classroom. (leave)5 Im afraid you cant eat this sandwich. It on the fl oor. (fall)Communication6 Complete the dialogue.Mum Did you 1 Sam a text?You No, Im 2 s , I didnt. Mum Why? What 3 h ? You Im 4 a I lost my 5 m . I left it at Uncle Pats.Mum Dont 6 w . I can do it.60forgot4 m_ _ h _ 5 c _ _ _ i _ _ _ _What did I do yesterday?didnt buy1 F _ _ n _ h 3 h _ _ _ o _ _2 m _ _ i _sendNow you can LKJuse Past simplequestions and short answers (ex 1)negative sentences (ex 2) Wh- questions (ex 3)name school subjects (ex 4)name irregular verbs (ex 5)make excuses and apologies (ex 6)Look again496161Summerhill school 1 Read and answer the questions.1 Whats different about the school?2 Where is it?3 Where do Stefan and Shizu come from?4 Does Shizu live with her family?5 What does she want to do when she leaves Summerhill?6 Where does Stefan come from?7 What does he like doing? 2 Same or different? Where? Culture spotSUMMERHILL FACTFILEA S NeillIm sixteen and I come from Japan. I started Summerhill when I was nine. In Japan, the school rules are very strict and students cant change them. But here at Summerhill, we decide what classes we want to go to. I have a lot of friends. We dont live with our families so our friends are very important. I study drama and we can also study music. I play the piano and sing and I want to be an actor when I leave Summerhill.Founder A S Neill in 1921. Students choose the lessons they want to go to and they decide on the rules with the teachers. Where Leiston, the east of England, two miles from the sea.Type of school Boarding school with some day pupils.Pupils Usually between eighty to ninety, both boys and girls, from age fi ve to eighteen.Nationalities Students come from all over the world. Only about half of the pupils are British.Head teacher Zo Neill Readhead, A S Neills daughter. What does she want to do when she leaves Summerhill?ShizuGrammar5Im twelve and I come from Germany. People often think that we never go to lessons at Summerhill, but it isnt true! We have a timetable and all the school subjects. We start classes at nine and fi nish at three. I love science and languages. There are always a lot of interesting things to do in the afternoons and at weekends. I love sports and often swim. 1sports and often swim.StefanM05_LOOK_SB_L06_GLO_U05.indd 60-61 5/1/11 10:00:10112 Unit 5 School subjects Key words art maths biology music chemistry physics English French geography Spanish history sport IT theatre studies Extra words design metalwork home economics woodworkLook and learn1 Match the key words to the school subjects. Check the extra words in your dictionary.A: What subject is this?B: Its biology.2 Point and say the names of the subjects.3 Talk to a partner. A: Whats your favourite subject?B: Its art.4 Write new words in your notebook.Z02_LOOK_SB_L06_GLO_EM2.indd 1125/1/11 10:08:57Vernon the vampire, ajuda-te a rever o vocabulrio que aprendeste no Picture dictionary.E vais encontrar a verso digital do teu Livro do Aluno, componente udio e exerccios interativos no teu Active 47541 Find ten school subjects. r u o n s o t m g s l g i r t y s p a s y f a l g m r m s s l i s m i h r t e i m c h i i h g g n g c i h y y o s i a t z e e s y h i s t o r y t m r i o o e r e n g l i s h h t e o g d i s m s l s h d s p d l u r c u b i o l o g y p t s g s a f g s s h r d u e a r o e d p r p t t e h i m r n e e c t h e a t r e s t u d i e s h g y n s s y r p e s g s c i s d s c r n f a o i i t h o h u i i h t d c a r t c o g h e r p c r n s r t t o l i a o l g s s l t r h h e y e a d t s s Look again2 Look at the timetable. Write Past simple questions about Emma.1 she / forget / her maths homework? ___________________________________________2 she / do English / at 11.15? ___________________________________________ 3 she / speak to Jane / at break? ___________________________________________4 she / write about King James / in history? ___________________________________________5 she / win / volleyball? ___________________________________________6 she / send text messages / at lunchtime? ___________________________________________7 she / eat a sandwich / at lunchtime? ___________________________________________8 she / start school / at 9.00? ___________________________________________ 9.00 10.00 10.00 11.00 11.00 11.15 11.15 12.15 12.15 13.15 13.15 14.15 page 47Look againLook againLook againLook again513547296810M05_LOOK_WB_L06GLB_U05.indd 54 5/1/11 10:23:49Look at the timetable. Write Past simple questions about Emma. she / forget / her maths homework?___________________________________________ she / do English / at 11.15?___________________________________________ she / speak to Jane / at break? ___________________________________________she / write about King James / in history?___________________________________________ she / win / volleyball?___________________________________________she / send text messages / at lunchtime?___________________________________________ she / eat a sandwich / ___________________________________________she / start school / at 9.00?___________________________________________555 Write questions for the answers. Use What, When and Who.1 _____________________________________________ ? She forgot her maths homework.2 _____________________________________________ ? She sat with Joe in English.3 _____________________________________________ ? She ate an apple at break.4 _____________________________________________ ? She wrote about Henry VIII in history.5 _____________________________________________ ? She played volleyball in sport.6 _____________________________________________ ? She sent text messages at lunchtime.6 Write the conversation in the correct order.Im afraid my book fell in a puddle.Good morning, Mrio.Im sorry, I didnt bring it today. Did you bring your homework?Never mind. Do it now, please.Good morning, Mrs Smith.Why? What happened to it?A: ___________________________________________ B: ___________________________________________A: ___________________________________________ B: ___________________________________________A: ___________________________________________ B: ___________________________________________A: ___________________________________________ B: ___________________________________________page 503 Answer the questions in exercise 2. Write short answers.1 ___________________________________________2 ___________________________________________3 ___________________________________________4 ___________________________________________5 ___________________________________________6 ___________________________________________7 ___________________________________________8 ___________________________________________4 Look at the timetable. Write fi ve sentences about Davids school day.David starts school at __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________page 48Score __ /50page 51Unit 5 Look again09.00 10.0010.30 11.3011.30 12.301.30 2.302.30 3.30artwork 4.19realia timetable + clipart 9.00 10.00 10.30 11.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 2.30 3.30M05_LOOK_WB_L06GLB_U05.indd 55 5/1/11 10:24:0455 Write questions for the answers. When and Who._____________________________________________ ? She forgot her maths homework._____________________________________________ ? She sat with Joe in English._____________________________________________ ? She ate an apple at break._____________________________________________ ? She wrote about Henry VIII in history._____________________________________________ ? She played volleyball in sport._____________________________________________ ? She sent text messages at lunchtime. Write the conversation in the correct order.Im afraid my book fell in a puddle.Good morning, Mrio.Im sorry, I didnt bring it today. Did you bring your homework?Never mind. Do it now, please.Good morning, Mrs Smith.Why? What happened to it?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Vocabulary3 Complete the crossword. Write the school subjects.Unit 5 PresentationWhat did he do?47All about you4 Listen. Complete the timetable with the school subjects.16258 93471011Across 15811Down 1423695 Complete the timetable for you.6 Write about your favourite school day.My favourite day at school is _____________ .I like _____________ because _______________________________________ . The fi rst lesson is _________ at _________ oclock. Then I have __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________MONDAY09.00 10.0010.30 11.3011.30 12.301.30 2.302.30 3.30THURSDAY09.00 10.00FRIDAY10.30 11.3011.30 12.301.30 2.302.30 3.3010TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY7M05_LOOK_WB_L06GLB_U05.indd 47 5/1/11 10:24:29Look! tem tambm um novo Livro de Exerccios digital com atividades interativas, udio e gradebook.SongProjectThe last train to ClarksvilleA timeline51 1 Write a timeline for your life. Put six dates of important events and experiences on it. Why were these dates important? Write your reasons. 2 Design and create a poster of your timeline. Illustrate your poster with drawings or pictures.Take the last train to Clarksville,And Ill meet you at the .You can be there by four thirty,Cause I made your , dont be slow, Oh, no, no, no!Oh, no, no, no!(verse 2)Take the last train to Clarksville,Now I must hang up the .I cant hear you in this noisy railway station,All 4 , Im feeling low, Oh, no, no, no!Oh, no, no, no!And I dont know if Im ever coming 5 .Take the last train to Clarksville (x5) 1 Listen and complete the song with the missing words.station alone home reservation phone 2 Listen again and sing the song.1999 20092004 2005 2006 2008M04_LOOK_SB_L06_GLO_U04.indd 51 5/1/11 10:03:47Os Culture spots exploram as culturas britnica e norte-americana. Songs. Aprender divertido com fantsticas canes!


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