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Hi We are Aimee and Ben. We live in New Zealand It’s really cool because…

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HiWe are Aimee and Ben.We live in New ZealandIt’s really cool because…

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You might not know but a kiwi is not a fruit.

Kiwi Fruit ( kiwi)


New Zealander (kiwi)

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In New Zealand animals can be famous too.

Rustus rides motorbikes.

Shrek avoided being caught and shorn for six years.

Opo playedwith people at the beach.

Moko was the friendly dolphin.

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We have cool food

Pavlova an eggySugary dessert Topped with fruit and whipped Cream.

Pineapple LumpsPineapple lolly covered in chocolate

L&P lemon and Paeroa it is a lemon flavoured soda

Jaffas a yum chocolate treat

Hokey Pokey Vanilla ice cream with hokey pokey bits

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WE LIKE FISH AND CHIPSWith Watties sauce

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We have amazing shoes



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Some of New Zealand’s

Natural Beauty

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New Zealand

Likes sport.

The All BlacksOur rugby team.

The Silver FernsOur netball team.

The All WhitesOur soccer team.

The Black CapsOur cricket team.

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This is the Sky Tower, It is the biggest thing inNew Zealand it is 328 metres

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Do you want to go to a place that smells like a fart , come to Rotorua

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We have bugs that light up. They are

really cool though, if you ever have a

chance to see them go.

This is at Waitomo Caves

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Good ByeFrom AimeeAnd Ben

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