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Find out how some of the most used benefits and services of your New Benefit Boost plan work. View our Benefit Boost Benefit Tutor slideshow and Become A Connected Community of Members.


  • 1. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits!

2. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits! 3. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits! 4. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits!Follow Meto Class! 5. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits! 6. Class In-Session 7. Class In-Session 8. Class In-Session 9. Class In-SessionGet to know your:Member ID CardMember Benefit Guide 10. UBA Member ID Card(Front of Card)Name of Membership PlanName of Group Accident Insurance CompanyYour Member ID CardCat = Catlin Insurance Company, Inc.Member 11. UBA Member ID CardCodes and Phone#s of PopularBenefits(Back of Card)Link to Printable ReferenceSheet with Easy Access toCodes & Numbers for allBenefits & Services.Billing Phone #Benefit ManagementWebsite for Members# for MemberServices for helpwith benefits.Your Member ID Card 12. UBA Member GuidesYour Member Guide is located in the Company Email Receipt. Click on theDownload Benefits Button and Print or Save your guide. You can request anotherguide on our website, Click on Members Forms. 13. Most Common Questions from MembersHow do I file an Accident Claim?How do I file a Critical Illness Claim?What happens when I use CallMD?How do I order my FREE Vitamins?What are some of the other most used benefits? 14. How to File an Accident Claim 15. How to File an Accident ClaimHad an accident? Did you break a bone, fall off a ladder, have a car accident, or have alawn mower accident? (Dont ask - we had one of these!) If you have had a coveredaccident, you can file a claim with the Group Accident Medical Expense and GroupAccidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Provider. There are 4 steps you need totake in order to file an accident claim.1. Seek Medical AttentionGo to the emergency room, doctor, urgentcare center, etc.Present your current health insurancecard to Provider for service pay allcopays and / or out-of-pocket expenses. 16. How to File an Accident Claim2. Fill Out Claim Form Go to - Click on MemberForms. Click on Accident Claim Form and Print it off. Mail or Fax in your Claim Form. 17. How to File an Accident Claim3. Send in your EOBs / Bills Get your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from yourinsurance carrier which shows your out-of-pocketexposure. Send to Accident Claims Unit at theaddress provided in your Member Guide. Get any other related itemized bills / receipts frompayments you made out-of-pocket related to theaccident and mail in to the Accident Claims Unit. 18. How to File an Accident Claim4.Get Paid Once your claim is reviewed and approved, thenyou only get paid what you actually paid out ofpocket minus $100 deductible for that accident,subject to the exclusions and limitations of thecoverage.Policy Form Series AHAG 051 (in LA AHAG AS050) and is underwritten by Catlin Insurance Company, Inc.(3340 Peachtree Rd, NE Suite 2950, Atlanta, GA 30326). 19. How to File a Critical Illness Claim 20. How to File a Critical Illness ClaimDid you get the unfortunate news that you were diagnosed for the first time for Life-Threatening Cancer; or did you have a heart-attack for the first time; or have a stroke?Survival has its costs! This benefit helps you with some of your out-of-pocket expenseslike deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, travel, bills, childcare, etc. in the event of aCovered Critical Illness. With all that you have on your mind, we wanted this process tobe simple. Follow the three easy steps to get your lump-sum benefit amount.1. Get 1st DiagnosisOnce you receive that FIRSTDiagnosis, it is time to file a claim. 21. How to File a Critical Illness Claim2. Fill out a Claim Form Go to our UBA Member website, - click onMember Forms. Mail in Critical Illness Claim formto the address provided on theform. 22. How to File a Critical Illness Claim3.Get Paid Once verified and approved, theGroup Critical Illness InsuranceProvider will send you a lump-sumcheck based on your benefit amountand terms of the Certificate.If your FIRST DIAGNOSIS OCCURS in the first 12 months from youreffective date, you will get 10% of the total benefit amount.If your FIRST DIAGNOSIS OCCURS after the first 12 months fromyour effective date, you will get the full benefit amount.Check Member Guide for Details on Benefit Amounts and Age Limits.Available to Covered Member and Spouse only. See Group Critical IllnessCertificate for terms, details, limitations, definitions and exclusions.Policy Rider Series AHAG 407 and is underwritten by Catlin InsuranceCompany, Inc. (3340 Peachtree Rd, NE Suite 2950, Atlanta, GA 30326). 23. CallMD 24. CallMD 25. CallMDHello.Doc, I dontfeel well! 26. CallMDLets seewhat Ican do tohelp! 27. How To UseCallMD Call the Number on your ID Card Give the nurse your name and informationincluding your health history They will verify your membership and a doctorwill call back to discuss. (usually within the nexthour or so - no more than 3 hours) If it is something they can call a prescription for,they will call in a prescription to your pharmacy.(If allowed in your state - non-DEA controlled substances and non-narcotics only) 28. Here is a quote from someone that used CallMD: I have the UBA Plan for my family of 4. Both my daughter and I got sick on Friday night.I knew about CallMD but had not yet tried it. On Saturday morning, neither of us felt likeeven moving. At that point, I decided I would give it a try, especially since I know the first3 calls were free.First we spoke to a registered nurse. That call took approximately 10 minutes as shewas getting both our medical history. She then stated that she would have a doctor inour state call us back within 3 hours. To my surprise, a doctor called me back 45minutes later. She gave me step-by-step instructions on a few home remedies to makeus feel better and called in a prescription for each of us. I sent my husband to go andpick them up, which only cost $4 each.By Monday, my daughter was at school and I was at work feeling great! Then onMonday evening as I was driving home, I received a call from the nurse I initially spokewith. She just wanted to make sure that we were feeling better and the medication hadbeen helpful. I told her that we were great, but now my husband and son had got it. Sheimmediately offered to have a doctor call back to consult with them.So for a family of 4, sick with the Flu, I only spent $16 to get everyone better! Just thisexperience alone saved me approximately $300 just in doctors office visits! Thank youso much for making the UBA Plan available.Lisa L. - UBA MemberMagnolia, Texas 29. Free Vitamins 30. Free Vitamins 31. Free VitaminsHow to Order Your FREE Vitamins Go to Member Forms Link on 32. Free VitaminsHow to Order Your FREE Vitamins Fill Out Online Order Form Print PDF Order FormEither Fax in or Email (Using Secure Email Upload)RECEIVE YOUR ONE-A-DAY SUPPLY OF VITAMINS -Reorder when needed. 33. Other Popular Benefits& Services 34. Other Popular Benefits& ServicesPrescription Discount CardPet RX Discount CardEmergency Roadside AssistanceGraduate Scholarship Program1800Flowers DiscountsGateway MedicardTravel Assistance Planand much more... 35. Benefit Tutor Graduation DayReview - Things to RememberUtilize Your BenefitsUtilize Our Member Follow us through Social Media Enjoy your benefits & services 36. Better Together SMA Connected Community of 37. Better TogetherA Connected Community of Memberswww.benefitboost.comSM 38. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits!Better TogetherA Connected Community of Memberswww.benefitboost.comSM 39. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits!Better TogetherA Connected Community of Memberswww.benefitboost.comSM 40. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits!Better TogetherA Connected Community of Memberswww.benefitboost.comClassDismissed!SM 41. Benefit TutorGet to know your UBA Benefits!Better TogetherA Connected Community of