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<ul><li><p>Article 1: </p><p>BENEFITS OF CLOUD COMPUTING </p><p>We are in the time when startups are popping out more or less like Marvel is giving birth to new super heroes to and </p><p>bringing comic book characters into our world. These new businesses come and go. But have you ever wondered </p><p>why that happens? Why a business that has utter potential fails in the market? Or what is holding you back from </p><p>implementing your idea to practice; that you think could do wonders? </p><p>Time and money; or the lack of thereof! Time and money are important contributing factors for success in any </p><p>organization. Of course there are other important things too, but we think that these two are the most prominent </p><p>contributing resources. Also, various functions of organizations today are managed by automated systems and data </p><p>is stored into central servers; simply because it provides organizations with more flexibility and ease of access. But </p><p>the problem is that they are still installing daily required applications into individual hard drives of computers, saving </p><p>their data individually and then transferring it to central servers, which again kills time and money. And this is where </p><p>the concept of cloud computing services comes in. </p><p>Cloud computing in simple terms means storing and accessing your applications and data over internet, instead of </p><p>individual computers hard drive. The term cloud does not means the cloud in the sky, but is just a metaphor for </p><p>internet. But why would one opt for cloud computing? We wont be surprised if someone resists to imply cloud </p><p>computing. One needs to know benefits of any new system before switching over. So here we are trying to enlighten </p><p>you with some benefits of moving to the cloud: </p><p> It provides you flexibility. A cloud based computing system provides you with freedom to work from </p><p>anywhere and anytime. With your programs and data saved over the internet, you have a benefit of </p><p>accessing it over any computer with internet connection. Moreover, when your needs increase you can </p><p>easily grow your cloud space by requesting cloud hosting providers. Likewise bandwidth can also fluctuate as </p><p>per requirement. </p><p> It keeps your data safe at the time of disaster. Doesnt matter whether you are a big organization, a medium </p><p>one or a small business, your data is vulnerable to numerous calamities and disasters. In such cases it is </p><p>important to invest into disaster management and recovery. Its easier for some, but for small businesses </p><p>this can cost a lot. But when you use cloud computing services, all your programs and data is secure and safe </p><p>without investing any extra bucks on specialized backup system. </p><p> It saves space and money. The beauty of cloud computing system is that the machines are out of sight, i.e., </p><p>the servers are off your premises. So you dont have to worry about maintaining the systems by yourself, </p><p>that headache completely belong to the cloud computing companies. Also, they make sure to roll out regular </p><p>software and security updates for you. This leaves you with time to focus on more important matters, like </p><p>growing your business. </p><p>To know more about HIPAA compliance, visit </p><p>ABOUT THE AUTHOR </p><p>Tony Rogers is an expert in modern computing and related services who likes to write many interesting articles and </p><p>blogs, helping people to understand the nuances of the industry. He recommends as the best name </p><p>to trust for the most reliable cloud computing services. </p><p></p></li></ul>